مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - seed development research

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

O Kirioukhova, AJ Johnston, D Kleen, C Kägi… - …, 2011 - dev.biologists.org
... 10.1242/dev.060384 August 15, 2011 Development 138, 3409-3420. Research
Article. Female gametophytic cell specification and seed development require the
function of the putative Arabidopsis INCENP ortholog WYRD. ...

[HTML] from nih.govA Dave, ML Hernández, Z He… - The Plant Cell …, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
Arabidopsis thaliana COMATOSE (CTS) encodes an ABC transporter involved in peroxisomal
import of substrates for β-oxidation. Various cts alleles and mutants disrupted in steps of peroxisomal
β-oxidation have previously been reported to exhibit a severe block on seed germination. ...
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MT Raissig, C Baroux… - The Plant Cell Online, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
Genomic imprinting results in monoallelic gene expression in a parent-of-origin–dependent
manner. It is achieved by the differential epigenetic marking of parental alleles. Over the past
decade, studies in the model systems Arabidopsis thaliana and maize (Zea mays) have ...
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[HTML] from plos.orgJ Griffiths, JM Barrero, J Taylor, CA Helliwell… - PloS one, 2011 - dx.plos.org
... Current address: Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Introduction
Top. Dormancy is an adaptive trait that is defined by the temporal inability of a seed to germinate
under favourable conditions. Dormancy is initiated during seed development. ...
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C Seiler, VT Harshavardhan, K Rajesh… - Journal of …, 2011 - Soc Experiment Biol
Drought is one of the most severe environmental stress factors limiting crop yield especially when
occurring during anthesis and seed filling. This terminal drought is characterized by an excess
production of the phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) which plays an important role during ...
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P Jolivet, C Boulard, A Bellamy, B Valot… - Journal of Plant …, 2011 - Elsevier
Despite the importance of seed oil bodies (OBs) as enclosed compartments for oil storage, little
is known about lipid and protein accumulation in OBs during seed formation. OBs from rapeseed
(Brassica napus) consist of a triacylglycerol (TAG) core surrounded by a phospholipid ...

[PDF] from biomedcentral.comP Venglat, D Xiang, S Qiu, S Stone… - BMC Plant …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
Prakash Venglat (prakash.venglat@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca) Daoquan Xiang (daoquan.xiang@nrc-cnrc
.gc.ca) Shuqing Qiu (Shuqing.Qiu@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca) Sandra L Stone (sandra.stone@nrc-cnrc.gc
.ca) Chabane Tibiche (chabane.tibiche@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca) Dustin Cram (dustin.cram@nrc- ...
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G Mao, R Wang, Y Guan, Y Liu… - Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2011 - ASBMB
Sulfurtransferases (STRs) catalyze the transfer of a sulfur atom from a donor to a suitable acceptor
molecule. The Arabidopsis thaliana genome encodes 20 putative STR proteins. The biological
functions of most are unclear. We found that STR1 and STR2 play important roles in ...
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EL Walker… - Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 2011 - Elsevier
For human health, transition metal accumulation in edible seeds like cereal grains is of worldwide
importance, since Fe and Zn deficiencies are among the most prevalent human nutritional disorders
in the world. There have been many recent developments in our understanding of the ...
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comC Bonghi, L Trainotti, A Botton, A Tadiello… - BMC Plant …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
... purposes. Seed development, necessary for fruit set [2], is characterized by a fast endosperm
growth that starts immediately after fertilization concurrently with the nucellus re- ... fruit development
and embryogenesis. In fact, at harvest, seed development is still in ...
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CQ Zhang, Y Xu, Y Lu, HX Yu, MH Gu… - Planta, 2011 - Springer
Abstract WRKY proteins are a large super family of transcriptional regulators primarily involved
in various plant physiological programs. In present study, the expression profile and putative
function of the WRKY transcriptional factor, WRKY78, in rice were identified. Real-time RT- ...
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AR Phillips… - Genetics, 2011 - Genetics Soc America
Many higher eukaryotes have evolved strategies for the maternal control of growth and development
of their offspring. In higher plants this is achieved in part by postmeiotic gene activity controlling
the development of the haploid female gametophyte. stunter1 (stt1) is a novel, recessive, ...
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P Agarwal, S Kapoor… - BioEssays, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
Seed development in this paper has been classified into the three landmark stages of cell
division, organ initiation and maturation, based on morphological changes, and the available
literature. The entire process proceeds at the behest of an interplay of various specific ...
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RH Ellis - Seed Science Research, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... The results confirm that appreciable improvement in seed quality occurs during seed development
and also subsequent maturation in japonica rice, but that increase in temperature from 28/208C
to 34/268C during late seed filling onwards has comparatively little effect thereon. ...
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X Li, X Zhang, J Song, H Fan, G Feng… - Plant and soil, 2011 - Springer
Abstract Controlled conditions were used to in- vestigate the relationship between ion distribution
in developing seeds of two Suaeda salsa popula- tions and seed germination and seedling
emergence. Seeds were harvested from S. salsa plants that had been treated with 1 or ...
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[HTML] from nih.govSY Jiang… - International Journal of Biological …, 2011 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Rice pollen and seed development are directly related to grain yield. To further improve rice
yield, it is important for us to functionally annotate the genes controlling pollen/seed development
and to use them for rice breeding. Here we first carried out a genome-wide expression ...
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P Michael, KJ Steadman… - Seed Ecology II …, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
Michael, P., Steadman, KJ and Plummer, JA (2007). Seed Development in Weedy Malva Parviflora
L. (Malvaceae). In: S.Turner, D.Merritt, S.Clarke and et al., Proceedings of the Seed Ecology
II Conference: 2nd International Society for Seed Science Meeting on Seeds and the ...
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JY Huang, ZJ Jie, LJ Wang, XH Yan… - Molecular biology reports, 2011 - Springer
Abstract To screen the genes related to Brassica napus seed development at pattern formation
and maturation stages, the suppression subtractive cDNA libraries of B. napus cultivar Zhongshuang
6 were constructed with its embryos at 10 days after flowering (10 DAF) and 30 days after ...
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K Klubicová, M Danchenko, L Skultety… - Journal of …, 2011 - Elsevier
Molecular characterization of crop plants grown in remediated, formerly radioactive, areas could
establish a framework for future agricultural use of these areas. Recently, we have established
a quantitative reference map for mature flax seed proteins (Linum usitatissimum L.) ...
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S Mandal, P Bose, S Dawar, AP Rajarani… - Journal of …, 2011 - Springer
Abstract In the recent years tremendous progress has been achieved in deconstructing the oil
biosynthetic pathways, majority of which is in Arabidopsis. Glycolysis is funda- mental to this
process as it is the cardinal supplier of precursors for fatty acid metabolism. Recent ...
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P Murugesan, H Haseela… - Indian Journal of …, 2011 - indianjournals.com
A dwarf american oil palm (Elaeis oleifera) germplasm accession planted at Field gene Bank
of Directorate of Oil Palm research, regional Station, Palode, Kerala state was studied for
fruit, seed development and maturity. Seeds extracted during matured fruit development ...

GGJ Jose - 2012 - gradworks.umi.com
Soybean (Glycine max [L] Merr.) seed isoflavones have long been considered a desirable trait
to target in selection programs for their contribution to human health and plant defense
systems. A continuing effort is being made to assess the beneficial or prejudicial aspects ...

ZZZXL Huizhen, LXL Peipei - Journal of the Chinese Cereals and …, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
The crude fat content and protein content in developing seeds for six perilla varieties were
determined,and the fatty acid composition changes for two varieties were analyzed with gas
chromatograph.Results:The accumulation of protein is basically completed in 10~20 d ...
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N Nautiyal, S Yadav… - … in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
... View all references) and are attributed to a decrease in the receptivity of stigma, affecting
fertilization and seed development under Zn deficiency. ... In Cellular and molecular biology of
plant seed development , Edited by: Larkins, BA and Vasil, IK 441–477. ...

[PDF] from usp.brP Brancalion, A Novembre… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... & Technol., 39, 412-424 Seed development, yield and quality of two palm species
growing in ... species. In this work, we studied seed development, yield, and quality of
two palm species in different tropical forest types in SE Brazil. ...
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G Dean, YG Cao, DQ Xiang… - Molecular …, 2011 - mplant.oxfordjournals.org
... Gene expression during seed development has been examined in Arabidopsis (Le et al., 2010)
and gene expression specifically in seed coats has been investigated in other species (Pang
et al., 2004; Gallardo et al., 2007; Pang et al., 2008; Jiang and Deyholos, 2010). ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgDJ Bentivegna… - Invasive Plant Science and Management, 2011 - BioOne
Cutleaf teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus) is an exotic, invasive plant that infests roadsides and other
minimally disturbed areas. Plants in established stands appear to be a mixture of rapidly growing
rosettes and rosettes with developing reproductive structures. Research that is focused ...
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[HTML] from nih.govV Radchuk, D Weier, R Radchuk… - Journal of …, 2011 - Soc Experiment Biol
... Seed-specific βVPE is expressed during later seed development and is essential for processing
of storage proteins in cotyledons (Shimada et al., 2003). The seed-specific δVPE is expressed
in two inner cell layers of the early seed coat of Arabidopsis (Nakaune et al., 2005). ...
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FJ Valtueña, T Rodríguez-Riaño… - Plant …, 2011 - Taylor & Francis
Seed formation involves not only the embryo and endosperm development, but also the formation
of a series of either ephemeral or non-ephemeral structures. In this article, we study several of
those structures in Cytisus multiflorus and Cytisus striatus. The endosperm development ...
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W CHEN, S MA… - Hubei Agricultural Sciences, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
By paraffin wax slice techniques and germination method,effect of habitat on embryo development
degree and relationship of fruit weight,seed number,kernel weight with germination rate had
been studied in Paris polyphylla var.yunnanensis.The results showed that the embryo of ...
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[HTML] from plos.orgX Guan, JJ Lee, M Pang, X Shi, DM Stelly… - PLoS ONE, 2011 - dx.plos.org
PLoS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the
PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies
from all disciplines freely available to the whole world.
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RP Walker, A Battistelli, S Moscatello… - Plant Physiology and …, 2011 - Elsevier
... J. 317 (1996) 653-658. 464 [40] RP Walker, Z.-H. Chen, LI T csi, F. Famiani, PJ Lea, RC Leegood,
465 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase plays a role in interactions of carbon and nitrogen 466
metabolism during grape seed development, Planta 210 (1999) 9-18. ...
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CY Li, WH Li, B Lee, A Laroche… - Canadian Journal of …, 2011 - pubs.aic.ca
... SEM. The results indicated that the pericarp tissue was the major site of starch
deposition during early seed development, as numerous small starch granules were
detected in the ovary wall at 3 DPA (Fig. 1A) and 6 DPA (Fig. ...
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MS Watt, M Bloomberg… - Plant, Cell & …, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
... Don). Seed Science Research 19, 171–182. Bradford KJ (1995) Water relations
in seed germination. In Seed Development and Germination (eds J.Kigel & G.Galili),
pp. 351–396. Marcel Dekker, New York, NY, USA. Bradford ...
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GE Su-jie - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
The change and mechanism of ABA in regulating seed development,dormancy and germination
were reviewed.During the seed development,dormancy and germination process,ABA content
changed,which was affected by various factors,such as some correlated genes,light, ...

[PDF] from notulaebotanicae.roK GHASEMI-GOLEZANI… - Not Bot Hort …, 2011 - notulaebotanicae.ro
... Fig. 1. Changes in 100 seed weight of three winter oilseed rape cultivars at different stages of
seed development Fig. 2. Changes in seed viability of three winter oilseed rape cul- tivars at
different stages of seed development Page 3. Ghasemi-Golezani K. et al. ...
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[PDF] from usask.caH Elsadr - 2011 - library2.usask.ca
... genotypes. By contrast, CT content peaked then leveled off 30 DAF in moderate and high
CT genotypes. A reduction in CT content in the higher CT lines was observed in the final
stages of seed development. Page 5. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ...


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