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[PDF] from si.eduJW Dalling… - The American Naturalist, 2009 - JSTOR
... The seed ages reported here greatly extend the measured duration of seed persistence times
for tropical pioneers. These data, however, are consistent with inferred seed per sistence times
calculated as the ratio of seed bank density to average annual seed rain. ...
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[PDF] from ucsc.eduRJ Cole, KD Holl… - Ecological Applications, 2010 - Eco Soc America
Planting native tree seedlings is the predominant restoration strategy for accelerating forest succession
on degraded lands. Planting tree “islands” is less costly and labor intensive than establishing
larger plantations and simulates the nucleation process of succession. Assessing the role ...
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[PDF] from fsd2010.orgC Garcıa, P Jordano, JM Arroyo… - Journal of Ecology, 2009 - fsd2010.org
1Department of Plant Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Georgia, 125 Plant
Miller Sciences, Athens, GA 30602, USA; 2Integrative Ecology Group (IEG), Estacio´n Biolo´gica
de Don˜ana, CSIC, c⁄Americo Vespucio s ⁄n, Isla de La Cartuja, 41092 Sevilla, Spain; and ...
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[PDF] from uic.eduC Martınez-Garza, A Flores-Palacios… - Journal of Tropical …, 2009 - Cambridge Univ Press
Journal of Tropical Ecology (2009) 25:541–550. Copyright © 2009 Cambridge University Press
doi:10.1017/S0266467409990113 Printed in the United Kingdom ... Seed rain in a tropical agricultural
landscape ... Cristina Martınez-Garza ∗,1 , Alejandro Flores-Palacios ∗ , Marines De La ...
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NM Waser, DR Campbell, MV Price… - Oikos, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library. OikosEarly View, Article first published online: 10 JUN 2010. ...
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CR Adams… - The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009 - eco.confex.com
Forest regeneration is limited by, among other factors, dispersal from nearby existing forest species
(seed rain). Understanding seed rain patterns will give insight into mechanisms of regeneration
and inform management strategies where accelerated regeneration is required. Many ...
A Auffret… - … Conference-Geselschaft für Ökologie-Book of …, 2010 - swepub.kb.se
Semi natural grasslands are among Europe's most species rich habitats, but modernagricultural
change has placed them under threat. The potential for restoration mighthowever exist, thanks
to remnant plant populations in abandoned grasslands and smallremnant habitats, and ...
K Teegalapalli, AJ Hiremath… - Journal of Tropical …, 2010 - Cambridge Univ Press
∗ Wildlife Conservation Society-India Programme, Post-graduate Programme in Wildlife Biology
and Conservation, National Centre for Biological Sciences, PO Box 6501, Hebbal,
Bangalore-560 065, India † Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment, K-1 ...
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[PDF] from usu.eduKM Kettenring… - Wetlands, 2011 - Springer
Abstract In prairie wetland restorations, seeds may be limiting plant recolonization but this has
never been quantified in the field. We evaluated the seed rain in restored and natural wetlands
to determine if seed limitation constrains plant recolonization. We were particularly ...
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G Shi, B Bai… - Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2010 - Elsevier
Seed rain and seed bank of a Chinese yew (Taxus chinensis var. mairei) population in Tianmu
Mountain were researched in 2008 and 2009. The seed rain lasted from 16th–23th of October
to 5th–14th of December, and the heaviest seed falling period was from 2nd to18th of ...
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JM Fedriani, T Wiegand… - Ecography, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
The degree to which plant individuals are aggregated or dispersed co-determines how a species
uses resources, how it is used as a resource, and how it reproduces. Quantifying such spatial
patterns, however, presents several methodological issues that can be overcome by ...
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[PDF] from usp.brDC Rother, RR Rodrigues… - Forest Ecology and Management, 2009 - Elsevier
Bamboos often negatively affect tree recruitment, survival, and growth, leading to arrested tree
regeneration in forested habitats. Studies so far have focused on the effects of bamboos on the
performance of seedlings and saplings, but the influence of bamboos on forest dynamics ...
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[PDF] from usask.caJJJ Johnstone, LBL Boby… - … Journal of Forest …, 2009 - NRC Research Press
The availability of viable seed can act as an important constraint on plant regeneration following
disturbance. This study presents data on seed quantity and quality for black spruce ( Picea mariana
(Mill.) BSP), a semiserotinous conifer that dominates large areas of North American ...
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[HTML] from nih.govL Culot, FJJ Muñoz Lazo, MC Huynen… - International journal of …, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Reduced dispersal of large seeds into degraded areas is one of the major factors limiting
rain forest regeneration, as many seed dispersers capable of transporting large seeds avoid
these sites with a limited forest cover. However, the small size of tamarins allows them to ...
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[PDF] from cas.cnHP Zhou… - Journal of Ecology, 2010 - kmb.cas.cn
Key-words: dioecious, Ficus cyrtophylla, gene flow, local selection, pollen dispersal, seed
dispersal, seed rain, spatial genetic structure ... Disentangling the factors that influence spatial
genetic struc- ture (SGS) and their interactions is crucial in order to better understand the ...
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[PDF] from hokudai.ac.jpD Cao, J Li, W Chen, J Li - … Journal of Forest …, 2009 - eprints2008.lib.hokudai.ac.jp
... Instructions for use Title Temporal heterogeneity of Populus euphratica seed rain in Ejina Oasis,
China ... 25, 2008: Accepted; Jan. 23, 2009) * Corresponding author: lijingwen@bjfu.edu.cn Temporal
Heterogeneity of Populus euphratica Seed rain in Ejina Oasis, China ...
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DS Fernandez - The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010 - eco.confex.com
Background/Question/Methods As part of an experiment to test the effects of removal of an invasive
grass species (Megathyrsus maximus) in cacti and other native plants populations in the Eastern
coastal area of Mona Island, we collected seeds and plant parts in tray traps, adjacent to ...
Y Du, X Mi… - Acta Oecologica, 2011 - Elsevier
Treefall gaps have been identified as important sites for plant recruitment. In this study, we compared
seed rain between forest gaps and forest interior using 150 seed traps in the understory and
19 traps in gaps in a 24 ha permanent plot of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ...
XA Jaime-Davila, DS Fernandez… - The 94th ESA Annual …, 2009 - eco.confex.com
Friday, August 7, 2009 PS 88-133: Seed rain and phenology in an invasive species
removal experiment in Mona Island Reserve, Puerto Rico. Xavier A. Jaime-Davila
1 , Denny S. Fernandez 1 , Julissa Rojas 2 , and Elvia Meléndez ...
AM Herrera, RI Carruthers… - Biological Invasions, 2011 - Springer
Abstract Some invasive plants perform better in their area of introduction than in their native
region, and this is often attributed either to phenotypic responses and/or to adaptive evolution
following exposure to new environmental conditions. Genista monspessulana (French ...
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ES Lindquist - The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010 - eco.confex.com
I found differences in the forest structure and composition between the coastal and inland
zones. There were higher adult and sapling densities, canopy height, and species richness in
the inland area relative to the coastal area. Seedling densities did not differ between the ...
[PDF] from wwu.eduJT Michel, JM Helfield… - Northwest Science, 2011 - BioOne
Scheduled to begin in 2011, the removal of two dams on the Elwha River, Washington, will be
one of the largest dam removal and river restoration projects undertaken in the United
States. One challenge associated with this project is to understand how exposure and ...
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MJ Page… - Austral Ecology, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
The abundance and composition of seed rain was measured over 14 months (February 2004
to March 2005) in Currawinya National Park, western Queensland. The experimental design
included four measurement periods, three vegetation communities and two grazing ...
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[HTML] from scielo.sa.crE Ceccon… - Revista de biología tropical, 2009 - scielo.sa.cr
Abstract: In most of the legally protected areas in Mexico local inhabitants use natural
resources, such as fire wood or cattle grazing. These frequent but low-intensity disturbances
have consequences at various levels of the tropical ecosystems and strongly impact ...
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AR Kanarek… - Western North American Naturalist, 2011 - BioOne
The invasive species Bromus tectorum L. is recognized as one of the most ecologically and economically
devastating weeds in the western United States. Although B. tectorum has been studied
extensively, few studies have examined its dispersal and spread. We collected data from ...
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MJ Page… - Ecological Society of Australia …, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
... An Evaluation of Seed Rain as an Indicator of Rangeland Condition. Page, MJ and
Beeton, RJS (2004). An Evaluation of Seed Rain as an Indicator of Rangeland
Condition. In: , ESA Ecology Conference. Ecological Society ...
Y HUANG, X MA, K ZHUANG, M LIU… - Journal of Tropical and …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
To understand the natural regeneration of Cyclobananopsis chungii nature forest,seed rain and
soil seed bank of a C.chungii forest in Minqing C.chungii Forest Nature Reserve were
investigated.The results showed that seed rain continued about two months with an ...
Cited by 2 - Related articles - Cached
W TANG, S MAO, B PAN, S HUANG… - Journal of Fujian …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
Five mature plants of Hopea chinensis population were randomly chosen to study the spatial
distribution pattern of its seed rain and seed germination characteristics in Shiwandashan,Gangxi
Province.(1) The seeds on the ground mainly distributed under the parent tree crown ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - Cached
C Guo-xing - Journal of Fujian College of Forestry, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
The seed rains of Cyclobalanopsis gilva were collected in different habitats such as in forest
of C.gilva,in forest edge of C.gilva,and in mixed forest with C.gilva and Phyllostachys edulis in
Jian′ou County of Fujian Province.The research results indicated that:(1) The seed rain ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brMMG Santos, JM Oliveira, SC Müller… - Acta Botanica …, 2011 - SciELO Brasil
Mecanismos de dispersão de diásporos e recrutamento de plântulas evitam a competição
intra-específica e possibilitam a colonização de novos ambientes. Em áreas de transição entre
florestas e vegetação campestre esses processos não são aleatórios, e sim associados ...
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[PDF] from unam.mxÓM Chaves, KE Stoner, V Arroyo-Rodríguez… - International Journal of …, 2011 - Springer
Page 1. Effectiveness of Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus) as Seed Dispersers
in Continuous and Fragmented Rain Forests in Southern Mexico Óscar M. Chaves &
Kathryn E. Stoner & Víctor Arroyo-Rodríguez &Alejandro Estrada ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 4 versions
[HTML] from scielo.brÉP Campos, MF Vieira, AF Silva, SV Martins… - Acta Botanica …, 2009 - SciELO Brasil
Este estudo objetivou avaliar a composição florística, a densidade ea freqüência de
sementes, em 25 coletores, em um trecho de Floresta Estacional Semidecidual. Além disso,
classificar os táxons quanto à forma de vida, às síndromes de dispersão e, nas arbóreas, ...
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[PDF] from lsu.eduLM Wieland - 2011 - etd.lsu.edu
IN THE BRAZILIAN AMAZON A Thesis ... bat-dispersed genera while there would be more
diverse seed rain in Cecropia, particularly from bird dispersers. ...
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M De la Peña - The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009 - esameetings.allenpress.com
... plant community. To analyze dispersal and establishment limitation in primary and
secondary forest and in pastures, we quantified the seed rain and seedling
recruitment at Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico. Dispersal limitation ...
All 2 versions
张希彪, 王瑞娟… - 生态学报, 2009 - scholar.ilib.cn
... 黄土高原子午岭油松林的种子雨和土壤种子库动态Dynamics of seed rain and soil seed bank
in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. ... 相似文献. - 黄土高原子午岭油松林的种子雨和土壤种子库动态
Dynamics of seed rain and soil seed bank in Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. ...
[HTML] from scielo.brMA Rodrigues, AAS Paoli, JM Barbosa… - Revista Árvore, 2010 - SciELO Brasil
Este estudo foi desenvolvido numa área de restinga localizada no Município de São Vicente
(SP). O trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a chuva de sementes em três condições diferentes
de regeneração. Para tanto, foram selecionadas as seguintes condições: Floresta Alta de ...
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[PDF] from ufrgs.brN Pillatt, N Pillatt, ETH Franco… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2010 - ufrgs.br
ABSTRACT: (Dry artificial perches and the seed rain in a subtropical riparian forest). The recovering
of forest areas is important for the conservation and maintenance of environments deforested
by the agriculture expansion. A low cost alternative of forest restoration is the use of dry ...
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Y Urincho-Pantaleon - The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009 - eco.confex.com
We identified 140 species from 57 families. In 12 months, we recorded 80,799 seeds from which
89 % were from woody species. Thirty five percent of the woody species recorded in the seed
rain were pioneers, from which 24.68 % were species dispersed by animals. More than ...
Y Elizabeth - The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009 - eco.confex.com
Background/Question/Methods Habitat fragmentation is a leading threat to biodiversity
worldwide, resulting in population isolation through the disruption of ecological processes such
as seed dispersal. Corridors are a popular method for mitigating habitat fragmentation ...


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