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M Allessio Leck… - Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and …, 2005 - Elsevier

Cyperaceae (sedges) are an important component of many ecosystems. To understand better
their regeneration, we examined seed ecology, including dispersal, seed characteristics, and
germination behavior that relate to seed bank development and persistence. We also ...
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KM Kettenring - 2006 - gradworks.umi.com
Abstract: In the prairie pothole region of the mid-continental US, plant recolonization in most
hydrologically restored wetlands occurs through natural recolonization. Little emphasis has been
placed on accelerating succession through seeding or planting of native species. While ...
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RJ Harrod… - Notes, 2005 - srs.fs.usda.gov
Description: We examined the seed ecology of Iliamna longisepala as an aid to developing a
conservation strategy for this rare endemic forb of northcentral Washington. We conducted
field, greenhouse, and laboratory studies to quantify: (1) densities of buried viable seed ...
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R Cochard… - Plant Ecology, 2005 - Springer
R. Cochard1,* and BR Jackes2 1Geobotanical Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology, 8092 Zu¨rich, Switzerland; 2Department of Tropical Plant Sciences, James Cook
University, Townsville Q4811, Australia; *Author for correspondence (e-mail: ...
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J Corral-Aguirre… - Flora-Morphology, Distribution, …, 2006 - Elsevier
Magnolia dealbata is a deciduous tree species in danger of extinction. Seed ecology data and
successful germination treatments are important for conservation and species reintroduction
programs. This study reports about seed ecology and germination treatments of M. ...
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[PDF] from tau.ac.ilC Golodets, M Sternberg… - Journal of Vegetation …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Results: At the species level, SLA and seed mass were negatively correlated, and plant height
was positively correlated to LCC. SLA, seed mass, and LPC increased with protection from
grazing. At the community level, redundancy analysis revealed one principal gradient of ...
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BS Chauhan… - Advances in Agronomy, 2010 - Elsevier
Weed seed banks reflect past weed populations and management practices and are the source
of weed infestations to come. The factors affecting weed seed germination, however, are often
poorly understood. Depleting the soil seed bank and influencing germination patterns are ...
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[PDF] from vims.eduJJ Campbell - 2005 - vims.edu
VALLISNERIA AMERICANA _____ A Thesis Presented To The Faculty of the School
of Marine Science The College of William and Mary in Virginia ...
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DA Tierney… - Australian journal of botany, 2005 - CSIRO
CSIRO PUBLISHING www.publish.csiro.au/journals/ajb ... Differential seed ecology in the shrubs
Kunzea rupestris, K. capitata and associated hybrids (Myrtaceae): ... David A. TierneyA,B and
Glenda M. WardleA ... AInstitute of Wildlife Research, School of Biological Sciences, ...
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B Stimm, E Beck, S Günter, N Aguirre… - Gradients in a Tropical …, 2008 - Springer
Tropical forests are characterized by a high diversity of tree species together with a low abundance
of individual species. This has far-reaching implications on strate- gies for a sustainable management
and conservation of their genetic resources. Reforestation with native species is ...
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HS CALLAHAN, K DEL FIERRO… - Global Change …, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
The effects of increased anthropogenic inputs of reactive nitrogen (N) have been studied at the
Harvard Forest Chronic N Experiment, where NH 4 NO 3 has been applied experimentally since
1988 to increase atmospheric deposition rates ∼6- and ∼18-fold above ambient. This ...
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[PDF] from inia.esJ Castro, R Zamora, JA Hodar… - Forest Systems, 2008 - revistas.inia.es
... desiccation. These patterns have implications for forest management and stand
regeneration via direct seeding. Key words: abiotic versus biotic factors, Mediterranean
mountains, microsite, Scots pine, seed ecology. Resumen ...
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[HTML] from uq.edu.auWD Vogler - 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
S. pyramidalis is considered a major problem in Australia because it reduces the productivity
of native and introduced pastures, and the profitability of industries dependent on grazing
animals. It has low palatability and is difficult for stock to graze due to the fibrous nature of ...
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[HTML] from amjbot.orgEA Fitch, JL Walck… - American Journal of …, 2007 - Botanical Soc America
... Article. Agroecosystem management for rare species of Paysonia (Brassicaceae):
integrating their seed ecology and life cycle with cropping regimens in a changing
climate 1. Elizabeth A. Fitch, Jeffrey L. Walck 2 and Siti N. Hidayati ...
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NJC Smith, DM Zahid, N Ashwath… - Forest Ecology and …, 2008 - Elsevier
Tropical rainforest seed ecology is diverse reflecting great variation in patterns of
germination. These patterns reflect reproductive strategies designed to optimise the distribution
and successful germination of species. The percentage germination varied widely across ...
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[PDF] from tropecol.comD Teketay - Tropical Ecology, 2005 - tropecol.com
Page 1. TEKETAY 45 Tropical Ecology 46(1): 45-64, 2005 ISSN 0564-3295 © International
Society for Tropical Ecology Seed and regeneration ecology in dry Afromontane forests of
Ethiopia: II. Forest disturbances and succession DEMEL TEKETAY* ...
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P De Frenne, BJ Graae, A Kolb, A Shevtsova… - …, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library. EcographyEarly View, Article first published online: 8 JUL 2010. ...
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[PDF] from dtic.milRJ Orth - 2007 - DTIC Document
... 2006d). Much of the research on the use of seeds in SAV restoration has focused on
a single species, Zostera marina (eelgrass) (Figure 1). As a result, more is known about
the seed ecology of Z. marina than any other seagrass species. ...
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[PDF] from tropecol.comD Teketay - Tropical Ecology, 2005 - tropecol.com
Page 1. TEKETAY 29 Tropical Ecology 46(1): 29-44, 2005 ISSN 0564-3295 © International
Society for Tropical Ecology Seed and regeneration ecology in dry Afromontane forests of
Ethiopia: I. Seed production - population structures DEMEL TEKETAY* ...
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AK Olga - The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010 - eco.confex.com
Munro's globemallow (Sphaeralcea munroana), endemic to the Great Basin, has suffered significant
declines due to a changing climate and invasive species pressure. Despite strong efforts to restore
native plants via seed propagation, few cases have been successful. Establishment ...

R Pendleton, S Meyer… - Notes, 2010 - treesearch.fs.fed.us
Description: Seed Ecology III was held in Salt Lake City, Utah in June 2010, sharing the latest
research on all aspects of seed ecology. Our meeting was organized around the theme "Seeds
and Change." We welcomed contributions in any area of seed ecology. Our agenda also ...
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BA Rowe - 2007 - eco.confex.com
Seed ecology studies are an important resource for understanding the regeneration dynamics
occurring in forest systems. Information gained from this study will assist in developing comprehensive
restoration strategies needed to preserve Hawaii's threatened forests. I examined the ...

RP Rawnsley, AJ Gracie, PA Lane… - Seeds: biology, …, 2007 - books.google.com
41 Seed Ecology of Apiaceae Weeds in Pyrethrum RP RAWNSLEY, 1 AJ GRACIE, 2 PA
LANE, 2 PH BROWN3 AND T. GROOM4 1Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research,
Burnie, Tasmania, Australia; 2School of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania, ...
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GM Goranova… - 2007 - eco.confex.com
Abiotic forces such as salinization and hurricanes threaten the ecology and function of Louisiana
coastal ecosystems. In addition, biotic factors such as invasive species can dramatically alter
these endangered communities. My study examines some abiotic and biotic forces that ...

[PDF] from univ-avignon.frLMM Bidak - ecologia mediterranea, 2006 - ecologia-mediterranea.univ-avignon …
55 ecologia mediterranea, tome 31, fascicule 1, 2005, p. 55-63 Abstract Two species representing
two different life forms of the genus Spergularia have been chosen for the present study: the
short lived perennial S. media (L.) C. Presl with smooth, brownish and win- ged seeds ...
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CA Adams, JM Baskin… - Seed Science Research, 2006 - Cambridge Univ Press
Size-class structure was used to monitor the growth of underdeveloped embryos in two seed
cohorts of Aristolochia macrophylla, A. tomentosa and A. californica and the results are related
briefly to differences in seed dormancy among and within the three species. The ...
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[CITATION] Influence of environmental factors on the seed ecology of Vallisneria americana

JC Jarvis… - Aquatic Botany, 2008

[CITATION] The Re-establishment and Seed Ecology of Triodia Spp. on Mine Sites in Northern Australia

RA Meissner - 2007 - Curtin University of Technology.

L MORAVCOVÁ, Z GUDZINSKAS… - … and management of …, 2007 - books.google.com
Seed Ecology of Heracleum mantegazzianum and H. sosnowskyi, Two Invasive Species with
Different Distributions in Europe LENKA MORAVCOVÁ, 1 ZIGMANTAS GUDZINSKAS, 2 PETR
PYSEK, 1, 3 JAN PERGL1 AND IRENA PERGLOVÁ1 1Institute of Botany of the Academy ...
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HA Snyman - African Journal of Range & Forage Science, 2010 - informaworld.com
... 10220111003718482 African Journal of Range & Forage Science is co-published by
NISC (Pty) Ltd and Taylor & Francis Allelopathic potential, seed ecology and germination
of the encroacher shrub Seriphium plumosum HA Snyman ...
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H Marchante, H Freitas… - American Journal of …, 2010 - Botanical Soc America
Received for publication 4 March 2010. Accepted for publication 24 September 2010. ... • Premise
of the study: Worldwide, invasive plants threaten biodiversity, by disrupting habitats and ecosystem
processes, and cause major economic losses. Invasiveness in plants is frequently ...
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TG O'Connor, CH de Ridder… - African Journal of Range …, 2010 - informaworld.com
... Aspects of the seed ecology of Acacia karroo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa TG
O'Connor1,2*, CH de Ridder2 and FO Hobson2 ... Seed ecology may play a role in the
widespread increase of Acacia karroo in savanna and grassland. ...
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JM Bullock - 2006 - nora.nerc.ac.uk
... Aspects of seed ecology. Bullock, JM. 2006 Aspects of seed ecology. In: Black, M.; Bewley,
JD; Halmer, P., (eds.) The encyclopedia of seeds: science, technology and uses. CABI. Full
text not available from this repository. Item Type: Book Section. ...

P Cuneo, CA Offord… - Australian Journal of Botany, 2010 - CSIRO
ADepartment of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia. BBotanic Gardens
Trust, Sydney, Mount Annan Botanic Garden, Mount Annan, NSW 2567, Australia. CCorresponding
author. Email: peter.cuneo@rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au ... Abstract. Knowledege of the seed ...
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[PDF] from krakow.plM Kucewicz, K Maćkiewicz… - ACTA …, 2010 - ib-pan.krakow.pl
Abstract Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray SF (tiny vetch) is a common and persistent segetal weed. Tiny
vetch seeds and pods reach different stages of maturity during the crop harvest season. Some
seeds that mature before cereal harvest are shed in the field and deposited in the soil ...
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[CITATION] The Comparative Seed Ecology of Desmoschoenus Spiralis (A. Rich.) Hook. f. and Ammophila Arenaria (L.) Link: A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment …

P Pope - 2005 - University of Otago

H Mancini, T Tran, CJ Brien… - 2005 - en.scientificcommons.org
Publikationsansicht. 36456114. Applied seed ecology for rail
corridor restoration [Poster presentation] (2005). ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgGL Kiemnec… - Invasive Plant Science and …, 2009 - wssajournals.org
Sulfur cinquefoil, a perennial invasive weed of many different habitats in the United States, reproduces
and spreads predominately through seed production, making seed bank survival and successful
germination essential steps in the invasive process. To evaluate its potential to invade ...
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GEK Bolfrey-Arku, BS Chauhan… - Weed Science, 2011 - BioOne
... Ann. Appl. Biol.155:61–69. CrossRef. Chauhan, BS and DE Johnson. 2010. The role
of seed ecology in improving weed management strategies in the tropics. Adv.
Agron.105:221–262. CrossRef. Das, V., S. Vats, and V. Rama-Das. 1993. ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgGE Vivian-Smith… - Invasive Plant Science and …, 2010 - wssajournals.org
... pulp reward, making it less likely to be attractive to frugivores. In this study we focused
on quantifying traits associated with dispersal and seed ecology. We acknowledge
this provides a limited perspective of the invasive potential ...
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[PDF] from ias.ac.inAJS Raju… - CURRENT SCIENCE, 2010 - ias.ac.in
... size. Therefore, concrete measures are required for the effective con- servation and
management of C. sphaerica. Keywords: Anemophily, bulbil reproduction, Cycas
sphaerica, leaf and coning phenology, seed ecology. THE ...
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M FENNER… - 2005 - lavoisier.fr
What determines the number and size of the seeds produced by a plant? How often should it
reproduce them? How often should a plant produce them? Why and how are seeds
dispersed, and what are the implications for the diversity and composition of vegetation? ...
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LMM BIDAK - Ecologia mediterranea, 2005 - cat.inist.fr
Deux espèces du genre Spergularia représentant deux types biologiques différents ont été choisies
dans cette étude : S. media (L.) C. Presl est une espèce pérenne éphémère qui possède des
graines brunâtres, lisses et ailées, et S. bocconii (Scheele) Graebner, espèce annuelle ...


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