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[PDF] from rupress.orgDP Bloch… - The Journal of biophysical and biochemical …, 1960 - jcb.rupress.org
... The male pronucleus, and the maternal chromosomes of the egg, contain a weakly basic
histone which is not stained by the standard fast green test, but which can be demon-
strated using a more sensitive bromphenol blue procedure. ...
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[PDF] from nih.gov
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EC Horn - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of …, 1962 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... Because the results of the alkaline fast green test are a measure of the net charge in a par-
ticular protein species, a positive staining reaction can provide only an indication of high
netpositive charge such as is found in histones and protamines. ...
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C Dick… - Experimental Cell Research, 1968 - Elsevier
... One might therefore expect a positive alkaline fast green test on tissues after fixations
in these acid fixatives, since it has been demonstrated [6] that each one of the 5 fractions
binds fast green at alkaline pH, although to different degrees. ...
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S Matsui - Experimental Cell Research, 1974 - Elsevier
... stained. Of particular interest is that the treat ment of chromosomes with HC1 for more
than 30 min completely abolished the telo meric staining (fig. 2). The acidic fast green
test assigned this to the fact that a longer Fig. 2. Xenopus ...
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H Solheim… - Annales des Sciences forestières, 1991 - afs-journal.org
... The Fast Green test, however, revealed that none of the trees had normal water uptake
and 2 of them were apparently dying, since 80-90% of the sapwood was non-conducting.
Both dy- ing trees had been pruned in May 1989, Page 5. ...
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[PDF] from aaccnet.orgDS Jackson, LW Rooney, OR Kunze… - Cereal Chem, 1988 - aaccnet.org
... Broken kernels were also correlated (P < 0.01) with both dry matter loss and chemical oxygen
demand (r= 0.91, r = 0.92 mild cook; r = 0.98, r = 0.98 harsh cook). The fast-green test also
correlated (P < 0.05) with chemical oxygen demand and dry matter loss. ...
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[CITATION] The proteins of polytene chromosomes

GT Rudkin - The nucleohistones, 1964 - Holden-Day
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[PDF] from affrc.go.jpSVS Chauhan… - Alcohol - rms1.agsearch.agropedia.affrc.go.jp
... is explained briefly as follows. Alkaline Fast Green Test for histones: The sections were placed
for 15 minutes in 15% trichloro acetic acids at 100°C to extract the nucleic acids and washed
in three changes of 70% ethanol. ... Note intense alkaline fast-green test in pollen grains. ...
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G Miller, L Berlowitz… - Chromosoma, 1971 - Springer
... tritiated uridine. The nucleolus tends to persist and stain with thionin in PSS-treated
cells but becomes obscured after long exposures. PSS-treated nuclei do not react
to the alkaline fast green test for histones. Control cells which ...
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HR Ansley - Chromosoma, 1953 - Springer
Page 1. Chromosoma, Bd. 6, S~ 656--695 (1954). From the Department of Zoology,
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AA Strokov, YF Bogdanov… - Chromosoma, 1973 - Springer
... dissolving. The main result of this experiment is that the Fast green test indicates
the histone nature of FM, and the second result is that the staining properties of FM
seem to differ from those of other "somatic" histone fractions. ...
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J Bekendam, HL Kraak… - Seed Research in Horticulture 215, 1985 - actahort.org
... as well. This instrument measures the conductivity per individual seed. The soaking
periods were 16 h for flax seed, 24 and 48 h for both onion and sugar beet seed
and 24 and 72 h for maize seed. Fast green test. To assess ...
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G Walker - Protoplasma, 1970 - Springer
... Page 5. Cell Types in the Digestive Gland of Agriolirnax reticulatus 95 Ethyl DMA B- maleim-
nitrite ide block Sudan Nuclear Light SchmorI's Chrome- Long- black fast green test alum,
Ziehi- B red haemat- Neelson oxylin -- § + + _ _ -- +++ 247 -- _ ...
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[PDF] from usda.govMR Munamava, AS Goggi… - 2004 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
... Locations Inbred IA MO IL NE Fast Green Test % Seeds were submerged in fast green solution
for 15 to 30 s, ... same genotypes produced at different locations germi- test, %; Soak soak test, %;
EC6h electrical conductivity at nated differently. Our findings support earlier reports ...
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[PDF] from rupress.orgMD Cave - The Journal of cell biology, 1966 - jcb.rupress.org
... histones denatured by fixation. That the histone has been removed by the preparation
procedures is indicated by the fact that the cell nuclei give only a very faint alkaline
fast-green test for histone. These observations are in ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brJRP Falco… - Genetics and molecular biology, 1999 - SciELO Brasil
... Table II). Table II - CEC values for sperm chromatin DNA-protein complexes. All the
species responded positively to the alkaline fast green test but were negative when
this test was preceded by deamination. DISCUSSION. The ...
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PJ Rizzo - Biosystems, 1985 - Elsevier
... It is possible that the amount of histone-like protein may be much higher in 0. marina, which
could account for the posi- tive Fast Green test. Ratios of basic protein to DNA would settle
this question, but at present no quantitative data are available. ...
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CH MALLERY - Physiologia Plantarum, 1971 - Wiley Online Library
... To aid in deter- mination of the character of the protein associated with these structures the
Sakaguchi reaction for arginine bound groups (McLeish 1959), the fast green test for basic protein
(Alfert and Geschwind 1953) and the naphthol-yellow-S procedure for protein (Deitch ...
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M Simeonova… - Human Genetics, 1980 - Springer
... The morphologic effects of heparin treatment, the gradual disruption of chromo- somal and
nuclear chromatin, are associated with progressive reduction of histone detection (until
com- pletely negative) by the alkaline fast green test. Introduction ...
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[PDF] from maydica.orgAS Goggi, L Pollak, J Golden, M DeVries… - Maydica, 2007 - maydica.org
... germination test, saturated cold test, accelerated aging test, soak test, and fast green test
for the group of select- ed high-protein white inbreds were significantly (P ≤ 0.05) higher
than the corresponding average values of the yel- low inbred checks. ...
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MLM De Carvalho, AC Van Aelst… - Seed Science …, 1999 - Cambridge Univ Press
... These results are in accordance with those of Peterson et al. (1995), who observed that the fast
green test can discriminate between internal cracks and external cracks that are caused by
mechanical harvesting and processing. Internal cracks characterization by X-ray analysis ...
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B Chernick… - Experimental cell research, 1968 - Elsevier
... But the proteins in question are those surviving fixation with acetic acid which is thought to remove
histone [3, 5]. This extraction cannot be complete because metaphases prepared in the manner
described above stain faintly with the alkaline fast green test for histone [1 ...
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C Qiu - Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 1991 - Springer
... 1 ): Feulgen test for DNA , Enarson's gallocyanin method for nucleic acids, combined with RNase
treatment to identify RNA , Unna-Brachet method for RNA, mercuric-bromophenol blue (HgBpB)
test for proteins in general, bromophenol blue method and fast green test (pH 8) for ...
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[PDF] from usda.govYN De Geus, AS Goggi… - Agronomy for Sustainable …, 2008 - Springer
... standard germination test. Seedlings were evaluated following the standard
germination rules (AOSA, 2005). 2.3.5. Fast green test Samples of 100 seeds were
submerged in fast green solu- tion for 30 seconds. A 0.1% fast green ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 5 versions
[PDF] from usda.govAS Googi, P Caragea, L Pollak, G McAndrews… - 2008 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
... Abbreviations: FG, fast green test; GEM, Germplasm Enhancement of Maize; GDU, growing
degree units; IQI, inbred quality index; PCA, principal component analysis; SC, saturated
cold test; SG, standard germination test; Soak, soak test. Page 2. 338 ...
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M Beverley-Burton… - Canadian Journal of …, 1972 - NRC Research Press
... 347 inclusions. Because the intranuclear inclusions were strongly eosinophilic, as
seen in paraffin sections stained with haematoxylin and eosin, the fast green test
(low pH) for acid protein, as suggested by Chayen et al. (1969 ...
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PJ RIZZO - Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, 1982 - Wiley Online Library
... The negative result for the alkaline fast green test indicates that, as previously shown for three
other dinoflagellates (23), only a small amount of basic protein is present in dinokaryotic nuclei
and, hence, chromatin Page 5. 102 r J. PROTOZOOL., VOL. 29, NO. ...
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The Effect of Corn Seed Sizing Methods on Seed Quality

JC Popp… - asae.frymulti.com
... J. Prod. Agric., 3(4):445-452. ISU, 1992. Fast green test for corn. Seed Testing Laboratory
Publication SL-95. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Seed Testing Laboratory. Moreno-Martinez,
E, ME Vazquez-Badillo, A Rivera, R. Navarrete, and F. Esquivel-Villagrana, 1998. ...
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[PDF] from gwdg.deSN Thanapornpoonpong - gwdg.de
... Membrane deterioration test : It was done by Electrical conductivity (AOSA, 1983) Seed leachates :
It was done by Tetrazolium test (ISTA,1985) Seedling growth rate (SGR) : It was determined by
ISTA, (1985) Seed damage by Fast green test (0.1%) Results and discussion ...
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[PDF] from cmfri.org.inKS Mohamed… - Journal of the Marine Biological …, 1993 - eprints.cmfri.org.in
... Due to the diffuse nature of the chromatin, Feulgen reaction was very weak in these cells.
Spermatocytes and spermatids recorded decreased positive reac- tion to all tests for protein
end groups except the alkaline fast green test for basic proteins. ...
All 2 versions
[PDF] from nih.gov
Free from Publisher
GR Greenberg… - … of Sciences of the United States …, 1962 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Federation Proc., 20, 641 (1961). 6 Fraser, D., and EA Jerrel, J. Biol. Chem., 205, 291 (1953).
7 Lehman, IR, MJ Bessman, ES Simms, and A. Kornberg, J. Biol. Chem., 233, 163 (1958). ...
Cited by 65 - Related articles - All 6 versions
... seed moisture content ieared was around 11%. A fast green test was performed
and no differences were observed be- Elllngs tween the different types of seeds
regarding physical fractures. Prior to the establish- isitive ment ...
[PDF] from up.ac.zaPH Maree - 2008 - upetd.up.ac.za
... 25 Tetrazolium test 26 Fast green test 27 Emergence rate test 27
Ethanol excretion during waterlogged conditions 27 1.3 REFERENCES 30 ... 93 Tetrazolium
test 93 Fast green test 94 Glasshouse experiment 95 Page 7. 7 ...
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[PDF] from abrates.org.brDEAAM NETTO, CS BORBA… - Revista Brasileira de …, 1997 - abrates.org.br
... Mechanical damage was detected by fast green test, and the seed quality was evaluated
by acelerating ageing, cold test, rate of germination and stand establishment. Significant
decrease on germination and vigor results were detected. ...
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