مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - seed distribution research

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

FR Li, WZ Zhao, LF Kang, JL Liu, ZG Huang… - Acta Oecologica, 2009 - Elsevier
In a natural population of the perennial semi-shrub Artemisia halodendron in a shifting sandy
habitat in the Horqin Desert of eastern Inner Mongolia, six isolated adult A. halodendron individuals
of similar canopy size were chosen as target plants. The density of seeds in the top 5 cm ...
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FR Li, LY Zhao, H Zhang, JL Liu… - Journal of Vegetation …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Methods: The study system used four sites of fixed, semifixed, semishifting and shifting sand
dune grasslands, representing a gradient of habitat degradation. We investigated the density
of germinable seeds deposited in the top 5 cm of soil and in situ seedling emergence ( ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgBS Chauhan, G Gill… - Weed Science, 2006 - JSTOR
... Australia 5371 Several studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of different
tillage systems on the vertical seed distribution, seedling recruitment pattern, and
persistence of the rigid ryegrass seed bank. Experiments were ...
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[PDF] from prgaprogram.orgA Aw-Hassan, A Mazid… - Experimental …, 2008 - Cambridge Univ Press
Expl Agric. (2008), volume 44, pp. 413–431 C 2008 Cambridge University Press
doi:10.1017/S001447970800642X Printed in the United Kingdom THE ROLE OF INFORMAL
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ZG Guo, HUIXIA LIU, YR Wang… - New Zealand journal of …, 2007 - cat.inist.fr
... at podding and regrowth stages; (3) irrigation at flowering and regrowth; (4) irrigation at branching
and regrowth; (5) irrigation at the regrowth stage only, were used to determine the effect of
irrigation times on seed yield, its components, and seed distribution within plant in this ...
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D Karayel… - Soil and Tillage Research, 2007 - Elsevier
For a furrow opener of a seeder, the ability to place seed at a given sowing depth in the soil is
an important factor in evaluating its performance. Furrow openers directly affect sowing depth
and lateral seed scatter of seeds. The aim of this study was to compare the performance ...
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[PDF] from usda.govA Celik, I Ozturk… - Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 2007 - asae.frymulti.com
ABSTRACT. In this study, four different type seeders were evaluated for seed spacing, depth
uniformity, and plant emergence at three forward speeds (3.6, 5.4, and 7.2 km h-1). The planter
types were: no-till planter, precision vacuum planter, universal planter, and ...
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[PDF] from mblwhoilibrary.orgC Neill, MO Bezerra, R McHorney… - Biological Conservation, 2009 - Elsevier
... seed bank composition in ponds with different hydrological regimes that ranged from permanent
ponds to ephemeral ponds, (3) to compare seed bank composition across gradients of shoreline
elevations to understand the effect of water level regime on seed distribution, and (4 ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgDE Refsell… - Weed Technology, 2009 - wssajournals.org
... 1996; Mohler and Callaway 1992). Tillage effects on emergence may be attributed to differences
in seed distribution within the soil profile, soil temperature and moisture, and the amount of crop
residue on the soil surface (Buhler and Daniel 1988; Buhler et al. 1996). ...
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Q Yan, J Zhu, J Zhang, L Yu… - Plant and soil, 2010 - Springer
... Objectives of the study were to evaluate the effects of sizes of experimentally created gaps
on seed distribution in soil, and of seed banks on vegetation recovery at early formation
stage of gaps in temperate secondary forests, Northeast China. ...
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JL Rotundo… - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2004 - Wiley Online Library
- Vertical seed distribution in the soil constrains regeneration of Bromus pictus in a Patagonian
steppe - 515 Journal of Vegetation Science 15: 515-522, 2004 © IAVS; Opulus Press
Uppsala. ... Abstract Question: What is the effect of vertical seed distribution (ie seeds on ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brBA Santos, FPL Melo… - Brazilian Journal of Biology, 2006 - SciELO Brasil
... forest in northeast Brazil. In particular, we examine seed distribution around 10
parental trees and both seedling recruitment and mortality, during an 18 month period
beneath and around parental trees. Moreover, we describe ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgJ Izquierdo, JM Blanco-Moreno, L Chamorro… - Weed …, 2009 - wssajournals.org
... Yearly spatial seed distribution was compared for each species and no temporal stability was
observed over a 3-yr period. ... Descriptive maps of the spatial distribution of the densities of the
main weeds were built with Surfer.1. Spatial Stability of the Weed Seed Distribution ...
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RG Smith, KL Gross… - Agriculture, ecosystems & …, 2005 - Elsevier
A field study was conducted to determine if earthworm activity would affect the abundance and
composition of weed seed banks in annual row-crops. The abundance of weed seeds in
surface-deposited earthworm casts was determined in continuous monocultures and ...
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[HTML] from oxfordjournals.orgCS Sheffield, RF Smith… - Annals of Botany, 2005 - Annals Botany Co
• Background and Aims The gynoecium of the domestic apple, Malus × domestica, has been
assumed to be imperfectly syncarpic, whereby pollination of each stigmatic surface can result
in fertilization within only one of the five carpels. Despite its implied effect on fruit quantity ...
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Y Gutterman, T Gendler… - … : biology, development and …, 2007 - books.google.com
... Gutterman, 2002). From the studies undertaken it has been shown that there is a
correlation between a species' seed dispersal strategy, seed distribution in the seed
bank and seed germination strategy. References Abramsky ...
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[PDF] from Moraghan - Plant and soil, 2004 - Springer
... 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. 287 Accumulation and
within-seed distribution of iron in common bean and soybean JT Moraghan ∗ Department
of Soil Science, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105, USA ...
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SA Reuss, DD Buhler… - Applied Soil Ecology, 2001 - Elsevier
The position of weed seeds within the soil matrix plays an important role in seedling emergence
and seed survival. The relationship of weed seeds with soil aggregates and soil depth was evaluated
in a Waukegon silt loam soil that had been under a long-term, conventional tillage, ...
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[PDF] from nzpps.orgTK James, A Rahman, T Webster… - New Zealand Plant …, 2002 - nzpps.org
ABSTRACT A glasshouse study examined weed seedling emergence in soils collected from
20 sites. Soil was placed in open topped columns of differing heights and the number of seedlings
that emerged were counted. A total of 77 different weed species emerged but most were ...
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[PDF] from bioversityinternational.orgNG Maroya, W Bertenbreiter… - … and food security …, 2007 - bioversityinternational.org
... 136 pp. Muli JM, Omanga PA, Jones RB. 1997. Farmer-to-Farmer Seed Supply: A Case
Study of Pigeon pea Seed Distribution in Kenya. In: Alternate Strategies for Smallholder
Seed Supply. Maroya NG, et Kouboura Alice Djinadou Igue. 2001. ...
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P Laterra, EZ Ortega, O DEL CARMEN… - Austral …, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
... Accordingly, effects of fuel load on the overall probability that a seedling has to emerge
from seed banks, which differ in pattern of seed distribution across the soil profile,
may explain differences in post-fire colonization success. ...
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MU Siladan - 2010 - agris.fao.org
The study was conducted to understand and document the state of the country's seeds
sources, the origins of priority forest trees seeds, the system of seed distribution, dissemination
and diffusion of priority tree plantation in the Philippines. It also tried to characterized and ...
Mechanized planting is the first step in mechanization of different stages of agricultural crops
planting and processing. In order to evaluation different planter parameters for mechanized Canola
planting, this project was conducted. Experimental treatments consisted of: Planting ...
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JM Blanco‐Moreno, L Chamorro… - Weed …, 2004 - Wiley Online Library
... This action could explain the fine-scale banded pattern of L. rigidum in cereal fields.
Although the treatment of straw by the standard and straw chopper combines differed,
the resultant seed distribution showed few differences. Introduction. ...
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T Durand-Gasselin, B Cochard, OP Breeding… - OCL-MONTROUGE-, 2005 - jle.com
Summary : For a tropical plant, the oil palm commodity chain has the peculiarity of possessing
a major seed production sector for reasons that are primarily genetic. This seed sector has numerous
original aspects. Breeders are also propagators and usually also distribute their seeds.Oil ...
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[PDF] from nzpps.orgA Rahman, TK James, J Mellsop… - PROCEEDINGS OF THE …, 2000 - nzpps.org
ABSTRACT The influence of four cultivation treatments viz. ploughing, rotary hoeing, power harrowing
and no soil disturbance, on the distribution of weed seeds in the soil profile was investigated
in a field trial. Weed seeds were counted by dry sieving soil samples collected from 0-5, ...
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[HTML] from google.comPA Omanga… - … seed relief activities: report of the …, 2004 - books.google.com
Relief Services, Kenya Paul Rossiter FAO Kenya Introduction Seed aid is a relatively new ...
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TA Rand - Journal of Ecology, 2000 - Wiley Online Library
... Plants in other systems often display leptokurtic seed shadows with the vast majority of seeds
landing close to the parent plant (Okubo & Levin 1989; Willson 1992), thus patterns of seed
distribution across the landscape are often tightly coupled to patterns of adult plant ...

BM Min - The Korean Journal of Ecology, 2005 - agris.fao.org
To clarify seed distribution in sediment and its burial properties or Suaeda japonica, the vertical
and horizontal distribution of seeds, organic content of sediment, and sediment content delivered
by crabs were studied in mud tidal-flat of Walgot-dong, Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, from ...
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[PDF] from unm.eduQ Guo, JH Brown, TJ Valone… - Ecology, 2000 - Eco Soc America
... Literature Cited. Aguiar, MA, and OE Sala. 1997. Seed distribution constrains the dynamics of
the Patagonian steppe. Ecology 78:93–100. [Abstract]. Brown, JH 1984. On the relationship
between abundance and distribution of species. American Naturalist 124:255–279. ...
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HSMCZ Aiwu… - TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHINESE …, 2000 - en.cnki.com.cn
In connection with the malpractice of the property of the seed distribution by using the photoelectrical
checking and the human measuring, this paper proposed the application of kinetic image processing
to measurement of seeds distribution. The computer image processing system for ...
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B Konstantinović, M Meseldžija… - Zaštita bilja, 2010 - scindeks.nb.rs
Korovi su sve štetne ili nepoželjne biljke, koje u znatnoj meri utiču na smanjenje prinosa gajenih
biljaka. Soja i suncokret su okopavinske kulture, velikog međurednog prostora, koje imaju sličnu
korovsku zajednicu kao i ostale okopavinske vrste. Ovim radom predstavljeni su rezultati ...
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F XING, YH WANG… - Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2004 - en.cnki.com.cn
... counted. Seed distribution pattern of S. chamaejasme was measured by the two
parameters, dispersion index (DI) and mean crowding index (m~*), and tested for
Poisson and Negative Binomial Distribution using χ~2 test. Data ...
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[PDF] from confex.comKA Spokas, F Forcella, D Peterson, D Archer… - 2005 - acs.confex.com
Knowledge of the vertical distribution of surface residues, chemicals, or seeds following tillage
operations is of paramount importance to a wide variety of soil research areas. We have developed
a 1-D empirical vertical soil tillage particle distribution model with 1 cm grid spacing. Prior ...
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K Geluso - 2005 - gradworks.umi.com
Abstract: Thank you for your interest in this graduate work published by ProQuest's UMI Dissertation
Publishing group. This graduate work is no longer available through this web page. If you are
interested in this or other dissertations and theses published by ProQuest, please try ...
[PDF] from unog.chDD Rohrbach, AB Mashingaidze… - … Derived from the, 2003 - ocha-gwapps1.unog.ch
... Despite the frequency of agricultural relief programs, little is know about
their efficacy. Seed distribution is assumed to contribute to an expansion
of cropped area. ... 24 Distribution of Relief Fertilizer ..... 27 ...
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[PDF] from nodak.eduJT Moraghan… - Journal of plant nutrition, 2002 - soilsci.ndsu.nodak.edu
... INTRODUCTION Relatively little is known about genotypic variability in within-seed distribution
of minerals in common bean {Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Such information is of potential importance
since there is evidence that the seed coat and embryo of P. vulgaris differ in ...
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N Üçer - Journal of Adnan Menderes University Agricultural …, 2008 - agris.fao.org
In order to sprout, grow, mature and fruit; a planted seed needs suitable light, humidity, air, temperature
and an optimal seed spacing which can supply nutrients. This implies a need for an equal seed
spacing for each plant therefore it is vital for the seeds to be planted with horizontally ...

Z Zhuo-wen - Journal of Fujian College of Forestry, 2004 - en.cnki.com.cn
With the clone female cones of Chinese fir in Chongyang Seed Orchard we have studied the
female cone morphological items and their seed distributions,the results show that female cone
diameter,female cone length, macrosporophyll number,macrosporophyll width, ...
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[PDF] from ku.dkR Asare… - 2004 - curis.ku.dk
... The report entails methods, findings, discussions and recommendations from the survey.
It aims at illustrating tree seed distribution and disbursement as it exists in this part of
Uganda. Further, it identifies farmers' preferences and problems. ...
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[PDF] from icrisat.orgBR Ntare, AH Mayeux… - 2003 - openaccess.icrisat.org
... of seed production, with the withdrawal of the government at the R1 stage • Ensure implementation
of the main thrusts of the seed policy in the following areas: • The choice of varieties • Organization
and training of managers and farmers and seed distribution • Intensification of ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsZ Ilić, R Filipović-Trajković, M Jablanović… - Selekcija i …, 2003 - scindeks.nb.rs
... protects embryo. Therefore, larger bean seed are more convenient for planting in
cases ofpotentially contam- ination by 1, but probaly by other metals. Key words: lead,
bean, seed, distribution, asolute mass Page 5. "SELEKCIJA ...
[PDF] from ejpau.media.plTW Bralewski… - Electronic Journal of Polish …, 2006 - ejpau.media.pl
Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities is the very first Polish scientific journal published
exclusively on the Internet, founded on January 1, 1998 by the following agricultural universities
and higher schools of agriculture: University of Technology and Agriculture of Bydgoszcz, ...
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[PDF] from kvl.dkI Nathan… - … Workshop on Tree Seed: Matching supply …, 2001 - hwww.sl.kvl.dk
... For these reasons there is a call for new systems to operational- ise effective tree seed
distribution in a range of locations (ICRAF, 2000). ... First, seed distribution will continue without
need for support from donors or government as long as there is a market. ...
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[PDF] from jmecology.comA Pérez-Fernández María, GGJ Manuel… - Journal of …, 2002 - jmecology.com
... The expected seed distribution with the soil seed bank, as predicted by our model, is illu- strated
in Fig. 1. Each of the quadrants should include seeds of the two characteristics defining each
quadrant. ... 3), two distinct differences in seed distribution are conspicuous. ...
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N McDowell - Nature az index, 2002 - nature.com
Jump to main content; Jump to navigation; nature.com homepage; Publications AZ index; Browse
by subject. My account; Submit Manuscript; Register; Subscribe. Full text access provided to
Googlebot Access by Web Services. Search Advanced search. Error: page not found. ...
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L Šumanovac, T Jurić… - Poljoprivreda, 2004 - hrcak.srce.hr
Sažetak In the research the sowing experiment was established at two experimental sites belonging
to “PZ Jankovci” in Vukovarsko-srijemska county. Both the lengthwise and the crosswise seed
distributions were examined as well as the depth distribution. The seed germination was ...
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[CITATION] Striga seed distribution in soils from Machinga and factors affecting soil seed bank

B Thcnvapo, HR Mloza-Banda, VH Kabambe… - FORUM 4: programme …, 2000 - FORUM

[CITATION] Influence of different soil tillage variants on quality of seed distribution quality per surface and depth.

L Šumanovac - Agriculture Scientific and …, 2000 - Sveučilište Josipa Jurja …
All 2 versions
E Notman… - … , Panama City, PA, July 29-Aug …, 2002 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... Resumen: (Abstract only). Vertebrates and invertebrates represent two broad groups of seed
predators that are likely to differ in the types of seeds they attack, as well as the way in which
they respond to factors such as seed distribution and habitat. ...


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