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[PDF] from uwm.eduGA Meyer… - The American midland naturalist, 1998 - BioOne
Coevolutionary models of the interactions between fruiting plants and avian seed dispersers
have been influenced by the assumption that regurgitation and defecation of seeds have diffferent
effects on seed coats, and consequently seed germination. We evaluated how the ...
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LD Kirk, GC Mustakas… - Journal of the American Oil Chemists' …, 1966 - Springer
Abstract An improved crambe meal has been developed by using an ammonia-heat treatment
to give sig- nifieantly better nutritive value and acceptability. The quantity of ammonia permanently
bound as nitrogen in the processed meal was from 0.5 to 1.5% of tile meal weight and ...
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SR Parde, RT Kausal, DS Jayas… - Journal of stored products …, 2002 - Elsevier
... To achieve this target, it is essential to provide sound quality seed to farmers. Soybean seed
processing operations include receipt of raw seed, cleaning and size grading, separation on
a gravity separator, treatment with fungicide, bagging and storage. ...
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[PDF] from qut.edu.auLD Leach… - AMERICAN SOCIETY, 1976 - sugarresearch.library.qut.edu.au
Seed-borne Phoma betae as Influenced by Area of Sugarbeet Production, Seed Processing
and Fungicidal Seed Treatments LD LEACH and JD MACDONALD1 Received for publication
December 19, 1975 Introduction The only important seed-borne pathogen of sugarbeet ...
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AR Kusnadi, RL Evangelista, EE Hood… - Biotechnology and …, 1998 - Wiley Online Library
... promoter was used to direct gus expression. Fourth-generation transgenic seed
was used to investigate the effect of seed processing on the activity and the recovery
of rGUS. Transgenic seed containing rGUS could be stored ...
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[PDF] from uow.edu.auJ Atchison, L Head… - Journal of archaeological science, 2005 - Elsevier
We analyse archaeobotanical remains from three excavated rockshelter sites, Jinmium, Granilpi
and Punipunil, in the Keep River region, northwestern Australia. The record is dominated by
burnt fragmented seed remains from the fruit trees Persoonia falcata and Buchanania ...
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CP Vieira, RD Vieira… - Seed science and technology, 1994 - cat.inist.fr
... Effects of mechanical damage during soybean seed processing on physiological seed quality
and storage potential. ... The effects of mechanical damage during soybean (glycine max(L.) Merrill)
seed processing on physiological seed quality and storage potential were evaluated. ...
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B Simic, S Popovic… - Plant, Soil and Environment-UZPI, 2004 - agris.fao.org
Seed of five corn inbred lines differing in form and type (A: shallow and round form of the dent
type MO-17, Os6-2; B: deep and uniform of the semi-flint type B-73, Os84-28 and Os87-24) were
tested for their quantity and damaged spots (crown, germ, back side and belly side). Seed ...
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E Nielsen - Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 1976 - Springer
INTRODUCTION Extrusion cooking techniques are used in the processing of a wide range of
products for both human and animal consumption. Oilseed proteins and vegetable oils have
an important place in this process for their nutritional and functional properties. High ...
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[CITATION] The Relationship of Plant Morphology and Seed Processing to Utricle Fill and Germination of Fourwing Saltbush (Atriplex Canescens (Pursh) Nutt) Seed

WG Gamrath - 1972 - Montana State University
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[PDF] from usda.govRE Harry-O'kuru, YV Wu, R Evangelista… - … of agricultural and …, 2005 - ACS Publications
Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) is a leguminous plant that infests soybean fields in the southeastern
United States. Its seeds contain a variety of toxic, highly colored compounds, mainly anthraquinones
together with a small amount of fat. These compounds contaminate and lower the quality ...
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[HTML] from google.comTT Chang - Rice seed health: proceedings of the International …, 1988 - books.google.com
Seed processing, storage conditions, and seed viability TT CHANG The availability of viable
rice seed of high quality requires a systems approach to harvesting, processing, drying,
packaging, storing, and monitoring seed germinability. Seed viability can be efficiently ...
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JE Lambert - Seed dispersal and frugivory: Ecology, evolution …, 2002 - books.google.com
... Quan- tifying patterns of seed processing and using the results to design experiments that explore
their consequences for seed fate provide a new approach. Did scatter vs. clump dispersal (Howe,
1989) differentially influence seed fate in our study species? ...
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BR Greg, AG Law, SS VIRD… - 1970 - orton.catie.ac.cr
Seed processing- an industry, a service, and a science. Preparing seed for processing. The
air-screen cleaner. Lenght separations. Gravity or weight separations. Surface texture
separations. Affinity for liquids separations. Shape or roundess separations. Width and ...
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GC Mustakas, LD Kirk, VE Sohns… - Journal of the American Oil …, 1965 - Springer
The sample means ranged from 5.1-5.8, but day-to-day variation was not significant. Sandard
deviations were homogeneous and of ca. the same order as in the past. The pooled standard
deviation for the 10 days was 0.79. This light test may be compared with other stability ...
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Q Xin, M Shuangshan, W Jining… - … UNIVERSITY OF HEBEI, 1998 - en.cnki.com.cn
The processing mechanism of cotton seed with fluffy was analyzed in this paper.And the feasibility
of two times separating, which useing the alternative current, was tested.The experimental results
of using two rattlers were analyzed. The solved technical key was separating cotton seed ...
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[CITATION] Seed processing equipment

GB Welch - 1954 - Mississippi State College, …
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[PDF] from unilorin.edu.ngK Oje - JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY- …, 1993 - unilorin.edu.ng
254 counting the squares within the traced marks. In the case of seeds, the area so obtained
was divided by the magnification factor to give the true surface area. The volume, and
hence, density of each seed, was determined by the water displacement method, as ...
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[PDF] from tropicalgrasslands.asn.auRL Harty - Trop. Grasslands, 1980 - tropicalgrasslands.asn.au
170 Harty—-Seed processing, storage and quality control may also be advantageous for these
species. Unique cleaning equipment has been devised for species such as Stylosartthes
humilis, buffel grass {Cenchrus ciliaris) and Siratro {Macroptilium atropurpureum) ...
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LD Kirk, LT Black… - Journal of the American Oil Chemists' …, 1964 - Springer
ACKNOWLEDGMENT Preparation of the vinyl ether polymers used in this study by Wilma J.
Schneider and EJ ])ufek. Certain evaluation studies by Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ...
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CE Vaughan, BR Gregg, JC Delouche… - 1968 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... 1 / 1 Seleccione referencia / Select reference. Signatura : 631.521/V34. Autor : VAUGHAN, CE
et al. Título : Seed processing and handling. P. imprenta : Mississippi State Univ., 1968. 295 p..
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AR Kermode, SA Fisher, E Polishchuk, C Wandelt… - Planta, 1995 - Springer
... In the pea seed, processing of the parent 50-kDa molecules at either one or both of these
sites yields the smaller polypeptides as indicated. Additional products of 34 kDa and 14 kDa
(a glyco- sylated derivative of the 12-kDa product) are also observed. ...
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BSP Wang - 1973 - digitalcommons.usu.edu
... Journal/Book Title/Conference. Seed problems. International Union of Forest Research
Organizations. Working Party: S2.01.06 "Seed Problems." International Symposium on Seed
Processing. Volume. Vol. I, Paper 17. Publication Date. 1973. Recommended Citation. ...
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[CITATION] Cone collection, seed processing and storage: newest developments

JH Rediske - … . Proceedings, Annual Meeting Western Forest and …, 1967
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M Narain, BPN Singh - Applied Energy, 1988 - Elsevier
The energy profile of a typical seed-processing operation in India was analysed on the basis
of information from one full year of operation. The information base for the analysis comprised
of rated and actual capacities of the plant, operating hours each day, break-down and ...
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P O'Neill - Management of grass seed crops. Grassland research …, 1990 - grassland.org.nz
A common fault in ryegrass harvesting is to. include a large amount of light trash, straw and empty
glumes in the sample. This creates problems when dressing, for although the rubbish can be
removed relatively easily and the weight loss may not be excessive, production from the ...
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CF Krewson, CL Ogg, FJ Oelshlegel… - Journal of the American …, 1965 - Springer
... The data for the original seed samples and three fractions are shown in Table I. The goal was
to obtain material for the commercial seed processing test which contained more than 25% oil
with over 3.6% oxirane oxygen and less than 2% TABLE II Fractionation of Vernonia ...
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[PDF] from academicjournals.orgAF Iyayi, PO Akpaka… - Afr. J. Agri. Res, 2008 - academicjournals.org
African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 3 (7), pp. 505-509, July 2008 Available online at
http://www.academicjournals.org/AJAR ISSN 1991-637X © 2008 Academic Journals ... Rubber
seed processing for value-added latex ... AF Iyayi*, PO Akpaka and U. Ukpeoyibo
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[PDF] from usaid.govRD Smith - FOR GENEBANKS, 1984 - pdf.usaid.gov
Page 47. -42- The Influence of Collecting, Harvesting and Processing on the Viability
of Seed RD SMITH INTRODUCTION An initial survey of the literature reveals many
reports on these topics. Unfortunately, very few of the studies ...
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GS Allen - The Forestry Chronicle, 1958 - pubs.cif-ifc.org
... possible. MATERIALS AND METHODS Beginning in 1953 a number of samplings
were made at several seed processing plants. Although ... dewinging. This, of course,
is common practice in many seed processing plants. Experiment ...
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L Roxburgh - Journal of Tropical Ecology, 2007 - Cambridge Univ Press
... ANOVA on arcsine-square root-transformed percentage germination was first performed, to test
whether there were significant differences between percentage germination in relation to either
deposition substrate (tree or mistletoe branch) or seed processing (regurgitation or ...
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[PDF] from nativeplantnetwork.orgJD Scianna - Native Plants Journal, 2001 - npj.uwpress.org
... SEED PROCESSING We use a 31.5-l (8.3-gal) DybvigTM macerator (Melvin R Dybvig,
Portland, Oregon) to extract seeds from cones. Rocky Mountain juniper cones have a
leathery outer covering and resinous pulp that make cleaning difficult. ...
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[HTML] from google.comEH Toole… - 1960 - books.google.com
... AND PROCESSING. US Dept. AgT. Cir. 874, 10 pp., illus. 1951. 4 Toole, EH relation
of seed processing and of conditions during storage to seed germination. Internatl.
Seed Testing Assoc. Proc. 16: 214—225, illus. 1950. Toole ...
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[PDF] from up.ac.zaAA Nel - 2001 - upetd.up.ac.za
... environment to environment (results not shown). Fine material Ideally, no fine material should
be produced as it constitutes a loss of oil and protein, and creates a handling hazard during
seed processing. The amount of fine material produced ranged from 3.4 ...
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G Bedane - 2007 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
... seed. This included investigation on flowering nature of guayule, determination of
optimum seed maturity, effect of plant population on seed yield and quality and the
development of harvesting and seed processing technology. ...
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K Poulsen… - Technical Note. Danida Forest Seed Centre ( …, 1999 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Technical Note. Danida Forest Seed Centre (Sep 1999). Seed
handling manual: guidelines and logbook for seed processing. ...
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[PDF] from qut.edu.auR Bainer… - American Society - sugarresearch.library.qut.edu.au
... The nearer they approach a sphere in shape, the greater can be their variation in size. Three
methods are available for controlling: the size range of the seed; namely, grading whole seed,
processing whole seed or combina- tions of the two, and pelleting-. ...
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Z Guanglun, Q Xueshe… - Chinese Wild Plant …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
... Cultivation and Management of Fuel Oil Plant Sapium sebiferum (L.) Roxb. and Its
Seed Processing. Zhang Guanglun,Qian Xueshe,Gu Gongping(Nanjing Institute for
the Comprehensive Utilization of Wild Plants,Nanjing 210042 ...
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JC Delouche - 1975 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, FD7500905. Titles, Seed processing and storage. Personal
Authors, Delouche, JC. Conference, International Seed Symposium, Vienna (Austria), 1 Oct 1973.
Publication Date, 1975. AGRIS Subj. Cat. Plant production. Language, En. ...
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C Schaefer, ZV Siva, J Obango… - 1990 - agris.fao.org
... Free keywords, Gfis; Seed collection; Seed processing; Seed storage; Chlorophora excelsa;
Flowering and fruit development; Seed extraction; Germination and storage experiments; Fdc
0 forests, forestry and the utilization of forest products. Language, English. Type, Text. ...
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HW Miller… - Journal of Forestry, 1943 - ingentaconnect.com
Page 1. Processing Cones of Ponderosa Pine to Extract, Dewing, and Clean the Seed Harold
W. Miller and Paul E. Lemmon • ... The work presented clarifies factors which have been estab- lished
as important in the milling phase of seed processing work in general. ...
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[PDF] from docsdrive.comOO Emenalom… - Int. J. Poult. Sci, 2005 - docsdrive.com
... The Brazilian seeds were brought into Nigeria and multiplied in the Teaching and Research
Farm of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. Seed processing: Raw seeds
of M pruriens from Nigeria were ground using 2mm screen. ...
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[PDF] from fsu.eduM Venkatachalam, EK Monaghan… - … of agricultural and …, 2008 - ACS Publications
... R = correlation coefficient. Except for pH 13, Ana o 1 was stable over the tested pH
range (Figure 5B,C). The significance of instability at pH 13 is probably minimal as
pH 13 is seldom encountered in cashew nut seed processing. ...
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EB Lauridsen - 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, DK9721228. Titles, Seed processing: effect on seed quality.
Personal Authors, Lauridsen, EB. Conference, Innovations in Tropical Tree Seed Technology,
Arusha (Tanzania), 7-10 Sep 1995. Publisher, DFSC. Publisher Place, Humlebaek (Denmark ...
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[CITATION] Extraction and processing of true potato seed.

KC Thakur… - Seed Science and Technology, 1990
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LIU Gui-lin - PRATACULTURAL SCIENCE, 1999 - en.cnki.com.cn
... ren1 (1.Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute, Beijing 100096, China; 2.College of Water
Conservancy and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083,
China);Technology Status and Development Suggestions of Herbage Seed Processing Machinery[ ...
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[PDF] from usaid.govBR Gregg - 1967 - pdf.usaid.gov
... State University. Page 3. Quality control in seed processing can be spelled CARE. It
can be effective only when it is based on a well-planned, organized pro cessing facility
which can produce acceptable seed when operated properly. ...
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[PDF] from nsf.ac.lkJNSCS Lanka - thakshana.nsf.ac.lk
... FFA was measured at the time inten-als indicated. Page 5. Rubber Seed Processing Table 4:
Effect of Endogenous Lipases in Immature Rubber Seed Kernel on Development of Free Fatty
Acids Time of incubation FFA (4 (%I ... Page 7. Rubber Seed Processing 149 ...
All 2 versions
CC Rao, NK Dadlani… - Andhra Agricultural Journal, 2003 - agris.fao.org
Results of an experiment conducted at the Division of Seed Science and Technology, Indian
Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi during 1998 - 1999 season indicated that the fermination
and vigour of seeds increased by seed processing in marigold (Tagets ssp). Germination ...
Cached - All 2 versions
D Đokić - Agricultural Engineering, 2009 - agris.fao.org
In this paper is given the analyses of the efficiency during natural alfalfa seed processing of two
different purities (B1, B2), processed on the same equipment that involves gravity table Oliver
- 240. As the relevant parameters that define the effects of alfalfa seed were: clear grain ...
Related articles - Cached - All 2 versions
[PDF] from fs.fed.usC Hoppers, AS Separators, STD Kiln, MPC Dryer… - fs.fed.us
Kilns Kilns are generally of two types: stationary kilns. rotary drum kilns and Rotary drum kilns
are made of a perforated metal drum that rotates on a horizontal axis and includes a heater and
a fan. Cones are placed in the rotating drum with warm air circulat- ing through it. As the ...
All 2 versions
B Drozdz… - order - psjc.icm.edu.pl
Authors: Drozdz B., Wojdalski J. Title: Effect of various factors on water consumption
in oil seed processing plants. ... Keywords: OIL SEED, PROCESSING, WATER
CJ Nel - SA Grain, 2001 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. SA Grain (Apr 2001). Small scale processing of sunflower seed.
Nel, CJ. Record number, ZA2001000348. Alternative Title, Kleinskaal verwerking van
sonneblomsaad. Date of publication, Apr 2001. AGRIS Categories, ...
VN Krasil'nikov… - Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Nauchno- …, 1974 - fstadirect.com
A method is described for quantitative detn. of (i) chlorogenic acid in sunflower seed processing
products (raw seeds, press oil, extraction oil, husks, extracted meal). It involves total extraction
of the phenolic compounds by aqueous solutions of ethanol with subsequent separation ...
EY Sukhonosenko - 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, BY9700121. Titles, [Effect of seed processing with "rhizotorfin"
on the composition of mycobiota of pea rhizosphere]. Personal Authors, Sukhonosenko, E.Yu.
(Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, Kishinev (Republic of Moldova). ...
[PDF] from qut.edu.auCW DOXTATOR - AMERICAN SOCIETY - sugarresearch.library.qut.edu.au
Beet Seed Processing Problems at Rocky Ford, Colorado CW DOXTATOR1 For the past five
years all processed beet seed used in American Crystal Sugar Company factories east of California
has been processed at the Rocky Ford, Colorado, seed processing plant. This plant is ...
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AJG Gastel - [Seed Production Technology], Aleppo (Syria), 15-26 …, 1988 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Seed processing. Gastel, AJG van (ICARDA, Aleppo (Syria)). Record number,
QV9100051. Conference, [Seed Production Technology], Aleppo (Syria), 15-26 Feb 1987.
Publisher, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, Aleppo (Syria ...
[HTML] from google.comEW Belcher - 1978 - books.google.com
and edited by Earl W. Belcher, jr. Eastern Tree Seed Laboratory Bo-x 819 * Macon, Georgia 31202
* * * Except as noted on page 71, the material in this publication is in the public domain ...
Q MENG, J LIU, Q ZHANG… - Shandong Agricultural …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
Compared with the check,the new seed processing technology for Lumianyan hybrid Bt cotton
reduced three times to once for delinting short fiber and realized automatic temperature control
by oil instead of coal.The results showed that the damage percentage of delinting short ...
[PDF] from fs.fed.usCD Fleege - Notes, 2010 - fs.fed.us
Public lands in the Great Basin are experiencing uncharacteristically severe wildfires. For
example, the Murphy Fire in southern Idaho in 2007 burned 243,000 ha (600,000 ac) of native
rangeland. This fire resulted in a significant loss of habitat for the wildlife that rely on ...
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evelopment and evaluation of a guayule seed processing system

GM Bedane, ML Gupta… - Industrial Crops and Products, 2010 - Elsevier
Freshly harvested guayule seed often contains extraneous material and floral attachments. Seed
of higher germination and purity is achievable through effective threshing and separation. The
main objective of this study was to develop and evaluate an effective seed processing ...
All 2 versions
O Gjikia - Kvali, 2000 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Kvali (Feb 2000). Necessity of Seed Processing Increase. Gjikia, O. (Soil
Tenure Scientific-Research Institute) Georgia. Alternative Title, Martsvleulis Tcarmoebis Gadidebis
Autsilebloba. Date of publication, Feb 2000. AGRIS Categories, Crop husbandry. ...

GM Bedane… - … Agricultural Engineering Journal, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
Many useful pasture grasses have light chaffy seeds which usually contain a high percentage
of inert material that causes difficulties in handling, processing, storage, testing and planting.
Specialized equipment is necessary to process chaffy grass seed to a more uniform ...
LF Kabashnikova, AS Klimovich, SS Ling… - Vestsi Akadehmii …, 1998 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Vestsi Akadehmii Navuk Belarusi. Seryya Biyalagichnykh
Navuk (Jan-Mar 1998). Peculiarities of development of spring barley plants at
the seed processing with physiologically active substances. ...


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