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JP Yenish, JD Doll… - Weed Science, 1992 - JSTOR
The effect of different levels of tillage and weed management on population, distribution, and
germination of weed seed was evaluated in three tillage systems at Arlington and Hancock,
WI, in 1989 and 1990. Over 60% of all weed seed in the top 19 cm of soil were found in ...
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[PDF] from udel.eduDR Clements, DL Benott, SD Murphy… - Weed Science, 1996 - JSTOR
Weed seed return and seedbank composition, with particular reference to common
lambsquarters, were studied in four tillage systems established on a site near Fingal,
Ontario. The tillage treatments were moldboard plow, chisel plow, ridge-till, and no-till. The ...
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DA Ball… - Weed Science, 1990 - JSTOR
Research was conducted to evaluate the effects of primary tillage (moldboard plowing and
chisel plowing), secondary tillage (row cultivation), and herbicides on weed species
changes in the soil seed bank in three irrigated row cropping sequences over a 3-yr ...
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F Forcella… - Weed science, 1988 - JSTOR
Weed seed and seedling populations, and weed competition were compared in plots of
continuous corn and corn/soybean rotation under ridge and conventional tillage. After 7 to 8
yr of standard chemical and mechanical weed control, from 1500 to 3000 weed seeds/m² ( ...
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GO Kegode, F Forcella… - Weed Science, 1999 - JSTOR
Approaches to crop production that successfully reduce weed seed production can benefit
farming systems by reducing management inputs and costs. A 5-yr rotation study was
conducted in order to determine the effects that interactions between crop rotation, tillage, ...
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CL Mohler… - Journal of applied ecology, 1995 - JSTOR
1. Effects of tillage (till, no-till), mulch (none, dead Secale cereale), and crop competition
(none, sweet corn) on weed seed production and seed banks are reported. Data are
presented for Amaranthus retroflexus, Chenopodium album, Portulaca oleracea and ...
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D Mulugeta… - Weed science, 1997 - JSTOR
... In the surface layer of soils, conventional tillage incorporates seed more uniformly among various
soil aggre- gate classes than does reduced tillage; weed seed tends to accumulate in the
unaggregated soil fraction in reduced-till- age systems (Pareja et al. 1985). ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgTM Webster, J Cardina… - Weed science, 2003 - BioOne
Abstract Relationships among weed seed rain, soil seedbank, and seedling recruitment in
no-tillage systems were studied from July 1993 to May 1996. Multiple regression analysis
indicated that seedling recruitment of only six of the 25 weed species present was ...
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CL Mohler, JC Frisch… - Soil and Tillage Research, 2006 - Elsevier
Vertical position of weed seeds in the soil column is one of the critical factors governing the
density of emerged seedlings, but data on movement of subsurface seeds and seed
surrogates by tillage are limited. In this experiment ceramic beads were seeded at 0, 4, 8, ...
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MR Carter… - Soil and Tillage Research, 2006 - Elsevier
Tillage systems can influence weed seed viability and the distribution with depth of weed
seeds in soil. To investigate this 'tillage effect', weed seed bank composition was determined
at two soil depths (0–10 and 10–20cm) in three tillage systems [mouldboard plough (MP), ...
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JF Botto, RA Sánchez… - Functional Plant Biology, 2000 - CSIRO
Introduction Light induction of seed germination is mediated by phyto- chromes. These photoreceptors
are a family of chromo- proteins that exist in two photoconvertible forms, red-light absorbing form
of phytochrome (Pr)* and far-red-light absorbing form of phytochrome (Pfr), with ...
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AF Shearin, SC Reberg-Horton… - Environmental entomology, 2007 - BioOne
Abstract Ground beetles are well known as beneficial organisms in agroecosystems,
contributing to the predation of a wide range of animal pests and weed seeds. Tillage has
generally been shown to have a negative effect on ground beetles, but it is not known ...
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[PDF] from alaska.eduJS Conn - Soil and Tillage Research, 2006 - Elsevier
The weed seed bank of a long-term tillage study in subarctic Alaska was studied at the end
of 10 years of continuous spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Tillage treatments were: no-
till, disked once (spring), disked twice (spring and fall), and chisel plow (fall). Soil cores ...
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B Baraibar, PR Westerman… - Journal of Applied …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Agricultural intensification can cause a huge increase in productivity. However, associated costs
in terms of reduced, self-regulation and increased reliance on external inputs for the control of
pests, diseases and weeds are seldom taken into account or acknowledged. A pro-active ...
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[PDF] from siagr.orgG Baldoni, P Catizone… - Italian Journal of Agronomy, 2000 - siagr.org
Page 1. hai. J. Agron., 4, 1, 11-22 Relationship between Seed Bank and Actual Weed Flora as
Influenced by Soil Tillage and Chemical Control G. BALDONI, P. CATIZONE and P. VIGGIANI
Dipartimento di Agronomia, Università di Bologna, Italy Corresponding author: G. Baldonì ...
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[CITATION] SD Murphy, and CJ Swanton. 1996. Tillage effects on weed seed return and seedbank composition

DR Clements… - Weed Sci
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ZY Ashrafi - The 18th World Congress of Soil Science, 2006 - acs.confex.com
Goals of integrated weed management (IWM) include increasing knowledge of seed bank dynamics
and exploring how this information can be used by growers to improve the consistency of their
weed control practices. The study of soil weed seed bank dynamics is a relatively new ...
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[PDF] from eau.eeO Auškalnienė… - eau.ee
Abstract. Field experiments with different soil tillage systems were conducted in 2003–2006 at
the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture. Investigations to evaluate effects of soil tillage regime on
weed seed bank and distribution in the soil layers were made after four years of ...
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[PDF] from ku.ac.thJD Ranjit, R Suwanketnikom, S Chinawong… - KASETSART …, 2007 - rdi.ku.ac.th
Kasetsart J.(Nat. Sci.) 41: 17-33 (2007) Weed Seed Bank Response to Soil Depth, Tillage and
Weed Management in the Mid Hill Ecology Jagat Devi Ranjit1*, Rungsit Suwanketnikom2, Sombat
Chinawong3, Sutevee Suprakarn4, Isara Sooksathan2 and Sunanta Juntakool2 ...
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JA Ivany… - 2006 - acs.confex.com
Tillage systems can influence weed seed viability and the distribution with depth of weed seeds
in soil. Weed seed bank composition was determined at two soil depths (0 to 10 and 10 to 20
cm) in three tillage systems [mouldboard plough (MP), shallow tillage (ST), and direct ...
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A Percze - Novenytermeles (Hungary), 2003 - agris.fao.org
... Abstract, In a long-term tillage experiment set up on rust brown forest soil in Godollo in 1991,
in addition to the effect of tillage on weed growth, correlations between various tillage techniques
and the weed seed content of the soil were also studied in the upper 20 cm soil layer. ...
A Price, R Raper… - Southern Conservation Tillage …, 2007 - ag.auburn.edu
Page 1. Vertical Simulated Weed Seed Movement Following Various Tillage Practices and
Overhead Irrigation Intensities. Price, AJ, RL Raper, and JS Bergtold. ... The objective of this study
was to evaluate vertical movement of simulated weed seed in conservation-tillage ...
View as HTML - All 2 versions
RE Peachey, A Greco… - The 93rd ESA Annual Meeting, 2008 - eco.confex.com
Regulation of weed seed banks and impending weed interference in agroecosystems is typically
accomplished by reducing weed seed inputs, or by stimulating weed seed germination with
tillage. Strategies to enhance seed mortality are frequently overlooked. Seed predation by ...

[PDF] from sggw.waw.plJA Kelton, AJ Price, E Van Santen… - … in Biometry and …, 2011 - agrobiol.sggw.waw.pl
... Page 3. Kelton et al. – Weed seed bank in a tillage and landscape variability study 23 ... (1968).
Page 5. Kelton et al. – Weed seed bank in a tillage and landscape variability study 25 Table 2.
Mean seed density for each treatment within the upper soil core samples (0-7.6-cm). ...
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[PDF] from confex.comKA Spokas, F Forcella, D Peterson, D Archer… - 2005 - acs.confex.com
Knowledge of the vertical distribution of surface residues, chemicals, or seeds following tillage
operations is of paramount importance to a wide variety of soil research areas. We have developed
a 1-D empirical vertical soil tillage particle distribution model with 1 cm grid spacing. Prior ...
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NN Angiras, P Chopra… - Agricultural Science Digest, 2010 - indianjournals.com
... ABSTRACT To study the effect of tillage and weed control methods on weed seed bank and
composition of weed flora in maize (Zea mays L.), a field experiment was conducted at CSK
Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalaya, Palampur during Kharif seasons of 2002 and ...
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[PDF] from caws.org.auK Kashe, B Sindel, P Kristiansen… - caws.org.au
Summary The weed seed bank and above-ground weed flora were studied in a maize cropping
system at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia, using no-till (NT), chisel plough
(CP) and mouldboard plough (MP) tillage systems, in weed-free and weedy conditions. ...
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[PDF] from ku.ac.thK Zewdie, R Suwanketnikom, S Chinawong… - KASETSART …, 2005 - rdi.ku.ac.th
Kasetsart J.(Nat. Sci.) 39: 12-23 (2005) Influence of Tillage, Fertilizer, and Weed Management
on Weed Seed Bank at Various Soil Depth of Wheat Production Field In Ethiopia Kassahun
Zewdie1, Rungsit Suwanketnikom2, Sombat Chinawong3, Chairerk Suwannarat4, ...
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LM Wax - 1996 - ideals.illinois.edu
A tillage experiment established in the fall of 1986 in a Thorp silt loam was used to conduct a
study on how long-term tillage systems affect soil strength, bulk density, soil water
characteristics, weed seed distribution in soil, and shifts in species. The experiment ...

N Jain, JS Mishra, ML Kewat… - Indian Journal of Weed …, 2006 - indianjournals.com
... ISSN : 0253-8040. Effect of Tillage and Herbicides on Weed Seed Bank Dynamics
in Wheat (Triticum aestivum) under Transplanted Rice-Wheat System. Jain Namrata,
Mishra JS 1 , Kewat ML, Jain Vinamarta 2. Department of ...
S Narwal, BM Sindel… - Communications in agricultural …, 2006 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... Australia. snarwal@une.edu.au. An integrated weed management approach requires
alternative management practices to herbicide use such as tillage, crop rotations
and cultural controls to reduce soil weed seed banks. The ...
DL Benoit, A Legere… - Annales ANPP (France), 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, FR9702104. Titles, Effect of tillage and weed control programs
on weed seed banks in a barley - red clover rotation. Personal Authors, Benoit, DL (Agriculture
et Agroalimentaire Canada, Saint Jean sur Richelieu (Canada). ...
[PDF] from agriculturejournals.czM Landová, K Hamouzová… - Plant, Soil and …, 2010 - agriculturejournals.cz
... always destroyed by tillage before they repro- duced. Therefore, none of these weed
beet plants contributed to the soil seed bank. Moreover ... dormant. Dormancy is an impor-
tant feature of weed seed bank dynamics. Sester et al. ...
Related articles - View as HTML - All 5 versions
C DR, B DL, M SD… - 1996 - 万方数据资源系统
... germination, nonsynchronous trading. 土壤温度, moment functions. soil temperature, 语料库.
germination rate, mrc. health education, lng. TILLAGE EFFECTS ON WEED SEED RETURN
AND SEEDBANK COMPOSITION. DOI:, 作者 :, Clements DR. Benoit DL. Murphy SD. Swanton ...
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[PDF] from scielo.clR Peralta Caroca, P Silva Candia… - Chilean journal of …, 2011 - SciELO Chile
We studied the abundance, species composition, and depth distribution of the weed seed bank
under no-tillage (NT) and conventional tillage (CT) at two sites, A and B. Soil samples were taken
at three soil depths (0-2, 2-5, and 5-15 cm). Germinated, dormant, and total seeds were ...
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M Macchia, A Cozzani… - Rivista di Agronomia (Italy), 1996 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Rivista di Agronomia (Apr-Jun 1996). Effects of soil tillage on
weed seed bank structure and dynamics in a biennal winter wheat (Triticum aestivum
L.) - soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) rotation [Tuscany]. ...


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