مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - effect of fire on seeds

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

KM Pekas… - The 93rd ESA Annual Meeting, 2008 - eco.confex.com
Degraded Great Basin sagebrush communities are at risk of conversion to cheatgrass-dominated
systems. Restoration of these communities is often attempted without understanding the existing
soil seed pool or the potential impacts of restoration treatments on the seed pool. Within ...
KL Stuble, LK Kirkman… - Biological Invasions, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Invasive ants threaten native communities, in part, through their potential to disrupt
mutualisms, yet invasive species may also facilitate native species. The red imported fire ant
(Solenopsis invicta) is one of the most conspicuous invasive ants in North America and its ...
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[PDF] from fireecology.netJJ Navarra, N Kohfeldt, ES Menges… - Fire Ecology, 2011 - fireecology.net
... We addressed the following questions: 1) Is there an association between time-since-fire and
soil seed density? ... m-2) and time-since-fire for seed bank soil samples taken from Archbold
Biological Station in January and July 1992, August 2008, and January 2009. ...
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[PDF] from nature.comM Shearin, LK Kirkman… - 2010 - precedings.nature.com
B) Are seeds removed by fire ants deposited in their trash piles and/or nests? ... Fire ant carrying
dyed seed into hole ... Questions: A) Which plant species are preferentially removed by fire
ants? ... Elaiosome-bearing species presented to fire ants Top 30 cm of paraffin wax cast ...
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[PDF] from uni-frankfurt.deJ Zimmermann, SI Higgins, V Grimm… - Journal of …, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
Although a few empirical studies have examined demographic processes in perennial
grasslands, most of these studies investigate the impact of only one or two environmental factors
in isolation. Those studies would lead us to expect that seed availability, irrigation and ...
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S Bekessy, A Newton, J Fox, A Lara, A Premoli… - 2011 - researchbank.rmit.edu.au
Species Conservation and Management: Case Studies is a collection of population and metapopulation
models for a wide variety of species. The chapters deal with many complexities of modeling the
life history characteristics of different species in various environments, and address a ...
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L Risberg… - Forest Ecology and Management, 2009 - Elsevier
The seasonal distribution of fires is one fire regime variable which has received little
attention with regard to its effects on plants. For species with a short life-span that recruits
after fire, the seasonal timing of a fire can be expected to be important due to effects on ...
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[PDF] from fs.fed.usJ Beckstead, SE Meyer, LE Street… - Notes, 2010 - fs.fed.us
Introduction The generalist pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda (Brittlebank and Adam) Shoemaker
occurs primarily in cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum L.) seed banks, where it causes high seed mortality
(Beckstead et al. 2007; Meyer et al. 2007). How does fire impact survival of a fungal seed ...
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[PDF] from butler.eduRW Dolan, PF Quintana-Ascencio… - Oecologia, 2008 - Springer
Abstract Disturbances such as fire have the potential to remove genetic variation, but seed
banks may counter this loss by restoring alleles through a reservoir effect. We used allozyme
analysis to characterize genetic change in two populations of the perennial Hypericum ...
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KS Baker, KW Dixon, DJ Merritt… - 10th International …, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
Baker KS, Dixon KW, Merritt DJ, Plummer JA and Steadman KJ (2004). Seed dormancy of two
Australian Gyrostemonaceae fire ephemerals. In: , Ecology, conservation and management of
Mediterranean climate ecosystems : proceedings of the 10th International Conference on ...
[PDF] from uow.edu.auMJ Baeza, VM Santana, RA Bradstock… - Australian Journal of …, 2010 - CSIRO
Abstract. In addition to directfire cues such as heat, smoke and charred wood, the passage offire
leads indirectly to changes in environmental conditions which may be able to break physical
dormancy in hard-coated seeds. After afire, the open canopy and the burnt material lying ...
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[PDF] from uv.esPB Thomas, EC Morris, TD Auld… - Oecologia, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Ambient temperature and water availability regulate seasonal timing of germination.
In fire-prone landscapes, the role of fire-related cues in affecting the range of temperatures
and water potentials (ψs) across which germination can occur is poorly known, especially ...
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ME Shearin, LK Kirkman… - The 95th ESA Annual …, 2010 - eco.confex.com
Invasion of non-native ants potentially disrupts natural relationships of native ants and ant-dispersed
plants. These relationships may be affected directly through seed collection, or indirectly though
impacts on the native ant community. Solenopsis invicta (the red imported fire ant), a ...
PJ Clarke, KJE Knox… - Australian Journal of Botany, 2010 - CSIRO
Abstract. Seed storage in woody fruits on plants has been much studied, whereas trait variation
in seed release has been given scant attention. In non-Mediterranean climates, some species
release seeds immediately afterfire, whereas others retain seeds in open fruits/cones for ...
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SM Emery, J Uwimbabazi… - Forest Ecology and Management, 2011 - Elsevier
Low-intensity fires were important for maintaining the structure of Eastern deciduous forests
(EDFs) for thousands of years before European settlement of North America, though fire
suppression became a standard management practice in the 1930s. More recently, ...
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[HTML] from uq.edu.auMH Corbett - 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
The study of the soil seed bank can shed light on past and present states as well as determining
a vegetation community's future ability to maintain itself through propagation and to respond
to environmental change. It is the role of the seed bank in determining vegetation ...
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[PDF] from nau.eduR Zwolak, DE Pearson, YK Ortega… - Ecology, 2010 - Eco Soc America
In fire-adapted ecosystems, fire is presumed to be the dominant ecological force, and little is
known about how consumer interactions influence forest regeneration. Here, we
investigated seed predation by deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) and its effects on ...
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[PDF] from fs.fed.usJ Beckstead, J Beckstead, L Street… - Rangeland Ecology & …, 2011 - srmjournals.org
Abstract The generalist fungal pathogen Pyrenophora semeniperda occurs primarily in
cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) seed banks, where it causes high mortality. We investigated
the relationship between this pathogen and its cheatgrass host in the context of fire, ...
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SR TURNER, DJ MERRITT, MS RENTON… - Austral …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Germination of freshly collected seeds of three sympatric herbaceous species native to fire-prone
environments in south-western Australia was significantly improved through the application of
novel combinations of dry heat, gibberellic acid, smoke water and dry afterripening. For ...
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BR Wright… - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Questions: The relationship between fire, aridity and seed banks is poorly understood in plant
community ecology. We tested whether there was a close correspondence between the seed
bank and standing vegetation composition with time-since-fire in a desert. We also ...
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MJ Broncano, A Rodrigo… - International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2008 - CSIRO
... the year. We analysed the role of seed predation on the modulation of post-fire
regeneration of P. halepensis. Just after ... et al. 2002), variations in post-fire
regeneration patterns could also be related to seed predation. Data of ...
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[PDF] from ucm.esJA Delgado, JM Serrano, F López… - Plant Ecology, 2008 - Springer
Abstract The germination response of different sized seeds from individuals of a
Mediterranean fire-prone shrub (Cistus ladanifer) was investigated in relation to pre-
germination heating. A control (no heating), a low temperature during a short exposure ...
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TR Robinson, E Ruckman… - The 94th ESA …, 2009 - esameetings.allenpress.com
The timing of prescribed burns is critical to the development of effective invasive species management
programs. The widespread introduction of KR Bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum), an
invasive, non-indigenous, C4 grass, threatens the biodiversity of grasslands and rights-of- ...
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[CITATION] Using heat and smoke treatments to simulate the effects of fire on soil seed banks in four Australian vegetation communities.

MJ Page… - Bushfire 2006 conference, …, 2009 - Royal Society of Queensland Inc.
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C Bladé… - Forest Ecology and Management, 2008 - Elsevier
Pinus halepensis is a widely distributed species in the Mediterranean basin. It is generally
well adapted to regenerate after wildfire, except when fire intervals are too short (≤ 15
years). In these latter situations, direct seeding could be a good alternative for restoring ...
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[PDF] from grinnell.eduJR Logan, IH Luby… - TILLERS, 2009 - grinnell.edu
Tillers 2009, 6, 7-10 © 2009 Grinnell College Fire has positive effects on seed reproduction in
Andropogon gerardii but negative impacts on Ratibida pinnata seed reproduction JR Logan,
IH Luby, and IA McCallum-Cook Biology Department, Grinnell College, Grinnell IA 50112, ...
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[CITATION] Seed predation limits post-fire recruitment in the waratah

AJ Denham - Telopea speciosissima, 2008
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MH Corbett… - 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
... Effect of time-since-fire on the soil seed bank of coastal wallum on North Stradbroke
Island: implications to post-mining rehabilitation. Corbett, MH and Bellairs, SM (2001)
Effect of time-since-fire on the soil seed bank of coastal ...
H Kimura… - Applied Vegetation Science, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
... In burned forests, the severity fire affects the seed bank more than the vegetation (Johnson 1992). ...
The responses of seed density to fire severity varied between the com- mon species; the seeds
of P. mongolica, C. flexuosa and J. leschenaultia were fewer in L, S. alsine var. ...
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[PDF] from ucr.eduJ Prather… - Undergraduate Research Journal, 2009 - ugrj.ucr.edu
43 UCR Undergraduate Research Journal Seed Bank of Exotic and Native Plant Species Of
the Chaparral After a Fire Joseph Prather, Edith B. Allen Contributor: Sara Jo Dickens Department
of Botany and Plant Sciences University of California, Riverside Joseph Prather is a fourth ...
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L Gil, R López, Á García-Mateos… - … Journal of Wildland Fire, 2009 - CSIRO
CSIRO PUBLISHING www.publish.csiro.au/journals/ijwf International Journal of Wildland Fire
2009, 18, 1003–1009 Seed provenance and fire-related reproductive traits of Pinus pinaster
in central Spain ... Tree age Page 3. Seed provenance and fire-related traits in P. pinaster Int. ...
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[PDF] from lu.seTD Auld… - Web Ecology, 2008 - oikos.ekol.lu.se
Fire management is a complex interaction of decisions in- corporating the major elements of
protection of human life and property and the long-term conservation of biodi- versity. The management
of biodiversity in fire-prone areas is dependent upon the understanding of how ...
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AJ Denham - Plant Ecology, 2008 - Springer
Abstract Seed predation may reduce recruitment in populations that are limited by the
availability of seeds rather than microsites. Fires increase the availability of both seeds and
microsites, but in plants that lack a soil-or canopy-stored seed bank, post-fire recruitment ...
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SD Dayamba, P Savadogo, D Zida… - Journal of Forestry …, 2010 - Springer
Abstract Prescribed fire is used in the Sudanian savanna-woodland of West Africa as a
forest management tool. An experiment was carried out to assess the effects of season of
burning, and different vertical probe positions on maximum fire temperature and ...
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HL Lindon… - Castanea, 2008 - BioOne
Studies conducted in many parts of the world over the past 20 yr have shown that smoke can
induce seeds to germinate, especially those of species native to fire-prone habitats. Chemicals
in smoke may signal to the seed that environmental conditions are favorable for its ...
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JL Beyers, MG Narog, TE Paysen… - The 93rd ESA Annual …, 2008 - eco.confex.com
Background/Question/Methods The Santa Ana wind-driven Esperanza fire of 2006 burned through
the North Mountain Experimental Area (NMEA) and vicinity, including all or parts of 10 previous
fires. Multiple images of the fire's progression were taken using Riverside Fire Lab's ...
[PDF] from fireecology.netL Santos, J Capelo… - Fire Ecology, 2010 - fireecology.net
... (2007), and Paula and Pausas (2008). On the one hand, resprouters represent a lineage in which
evolutionary pressure seems to have acted mostly on positive selection of resprout- ing capacity,
whereas post-fire seed survival is largely depressed (Paula and Pausas 2008). ...
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[PDF] from fs.fed.usTM Schuler… - 2010 - nrs.fs.fed.us
THOMAS M. SCHULER, research forester, is currently engaged in research on the ecology and
silviculture of Appalachian hardwood forests and the restoration of central Appalachian spruce
forests at the Northern Research Station's Timber and Watershed Laboratory in Parsons, ...
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IE Måren… - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Results: The total diversity of vegetation and seed bank were 60 and 54 vascular plant taxa,
respectively, with 39 shared species, resulting in 68% similarity overall. Over 24 years, the heathland
community progressed from open newly burned ground via species rich graminoid- and ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles - All 2 versions
[PDF] from lyngheisenteret.noIE Måren¹… - Conservation Evidence, 2009 - lyngheisenteret.no
Variation in plant species composition, abundance of seeds in the soil seed bank and standing
vegetation, over the course of a post-fire succession was investigated in coastal Calluna-heathlands
in Western Norway. Vegetation and seed banks were analysed over a 24-year post-fire ...
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PP Garcillán - Journal of Arid Environments, 2010 - Elsevier
Serotiny refers to seed storage in fruit structures for more than one year within the canopy
until an environmental factor triggers seed release. If the environmental cue signals
improved conditions for seedling establishment, the trait can be adaptive and become ...
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JHJ Huang… - Botany, 2008 - NRC Research Press
Reintroduction of periodic dormant-season fire and overstory thinning are currently being
employed for forest ecosystem management in deciduous forests of eastern North America.
These manipulations usually alter the flux of light and the availability of soil nutrients to the ...
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[PDF] from fs.fed.usPJ Fornwalt - Managementtoday, 2009 - gis.fs.fed.us
Fire Management Today 38 In unburned forests, organic plant litter and live vegetation help stabilize
the soil and promote water infiltration. Much of this plant material is consumed dur- ing severe
wildfires, leaving the bare ground susceptible to elevated postfire water runoff and soil ...
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C Buhk… - 2008 - recolecta.net
To evaluate the role of seed banks for post-fire regeneration in SE Spain, seed bank analyses
were carried out on recently burnt sites and in long-unburnt areas in two climatically different
regions of the province of Murcia, using the seedling emergence method as well as the ...
[PDF] from usda.govTR Cottrell, PF Hessburg… - 2008 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
... An increase in seed production following fire in some rhizomatous monocot species has been
linked to post-fire colonization of burned sites (Lamont and Runciman 1993). ... The purpose of this
study was to determine the impacts of fire severity on seed dispersal after fire. ...
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LT Vermeire… - The 2008 Joint Meeting of the Society …, 2008 - srm.confex.com
Restoring historic fire regimes is often beneficial to rangeland structure and function.
However, understanding of interactions between fire and invasive weeds is limited. We designed
an experiment to determine fire effects on germination of soil surface-deposited seeds of ...
[HTML] from hindawi.comE Mary - International Journal of Forestry Research, 2010 - hindawi.com
Soil temperatures recorded with thermocouples and temperature-sensitive paints were quantified
during Florida sand pine scrub prescribed fires at Ocala National Forest and Archbold Biological
Station in May 1993. Thermocouples and glass petri dishes painted with temperature- ...
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S TODOROVIĆ, D BOŽIĆ… - Plant Species …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
The Empress tree (Paulownia tomentosa Steud.) is a fast growing deciduous tree originating
from East Asia. It is grown as an ornamental plant, but can also be used as industrial wood.
However, in some parts of North America, this species is considered invasive, with high ...
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A Christopher - The 2008 Joint Meeting of the Society for Range …, 2008 - srm.confex.com
The 2008 Joint Meeting of the Society for Range Management and the America Forage and
Grassland Council. Monday, January 28, 2008 8. Effects of Grazing and Fire on SEED Dynamics
and Species COMPOSITION of Cheatgrass Dominated Rangeland. ...
NS Sannikova, SN Sannikov, AP Gritsenyuk… - … Problems of Ecology, 2010 - Springer
Abstract The paper presents the results of the studying of the parameters of post-fire
structure and seed-bearing capacity of tree stands, factors of surface medium (thickness of
burnt duff, projective cover of herb and moss vegetation) as well as number, vitality, and ...
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F Lalnunmawia - Journal of Forestry Research, 2008 - Springer
Abstract A study was conducted to investigate culms density and size, seed size and
production rate in Melocanna baccifera stands disturbed by biotic pressure and fire. Results
revealed that culms density, number and size of seeds produced in the bamboo stands ...
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M Narog - The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010 - eco.confex.com
During October 2006, the deadly Esperanza fire killed 5 people, destroyed multiple structures
and burned over 40,000 acre (16,100 ha) of mountainous chaparral in Eastern Riverside
County, CA. Shortly thereafter, we established a multi-level collaborative study to ...
[HTML] from medwelljournals.comC Tavsanoglu - Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 2010 - medwelljournals.com
Abstract: The dynamics of seed production and fruit parasitism in a fire-following obligate seeder
species, Cistus salviifolius L. were investigated along a post-fire successional gradient in
Marmaris, southwestern Turkey. Four sites of different post-fire age (1, 5, 21 and 45 years) ...
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L Gil Sánchez, S López Rodríguez… - Cuadernos de la …, 2008 - agris.fao.org
El mal estado selvícola con que llegaron las masas forestales a finales del siglo 19 promovió
una gestión centrada en incrementar densidades y en recuperar calveros. La carencia de medios
de los Distritos Forestales permite asumir una introducción de semilla/planta de otras ...
[PDF] from ekolojidergisi.com.trC TAVSANOGLU - Ekoloji, 2011 - ekolojidergisi.com.tr
Abstract This study investigated the relationship between fire-related cues (heat shock and
smoke) and the germination behaviour of Cistus creticus (Cistaceae) seeds under laboratory
conditions. The seeds were obtained from a long-unburned Pinus brutia Ten. forest ...
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Fire is one of the effective ecological factors influencing the growth, development and evolution
of plant communities especially in arid and semi arid areas. Knowledge of the effects of fire on
different components of an ecosystem is important for post-fire vegetation management. ...
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JIA Hai-jiang - Guangdong Agricultural Sciences, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
An experiment was studied on the effect about the different amount of rape seed cake on
flue-cured tobacco growth and the tobacco qualities.The result indicated that the different amount
of rape seed cake in the growth period could all accelerate the tobacco growth and ...
[PDF] from calstate.eduKL Milich - 2010 - humboldt-dspace.calstate.edu
SPECIES By Kate L. Milich A Thesis ... Page 2. iii ABSTRACT CONE SEROTINY AND SEED
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CR Mallek - The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010 - eco.confex.com
Although the strength of serotiny in McNab cypress was high overall, I also found significant variation
in the degree of serotiny among populations. Consistent with studies of other serotinous
species, strength of serotiny was generally higher in populations comprised entirely of ...
[PDF] from uga.eduKL Stuble - 2008 - ugakr.libs.uga.edu
... The limited research on seed dispersal by fire ants suggests that they, too, may serve as a poor
replacement for native ant species with regard to seed dispersal. ... of native seed dispersers.
Through disruption of the seed-dispersal mutualism, fire ants could influence the ...
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[HTML] from scielo.clN TERCERO-BUCARDO… - Rev. chil. hist. nat, 2010 - SciELO Chile
Spatial dispersal pattern could determine the spatial pattern of establishment affecting the
vegetation structure. Our work, analyze dispersion and colonization attribute of the
hemiparasitic plant Misodendrum punctulatum (Misodendraceae). Our hypothesis outline ...
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