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AC Jose, EAA Da Silva, AC Davide… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... Ellis, RH, Hong, TD and Roberts, EH (1990). An intermediate category of seed storage behaviour?
I. Coffee. ... Hong, TD, Linington, S. and Ellis, RH (1996). Seed storage behaviour: a compendium.
Rome: International Plant Genetic Resources Institute. ISTA. (1996). ...
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[HTML] from nih.govMA Schmidt, WB Barbazuk, M Sandford… - Plant …, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
The ontogeny of seed structure and the accumulation of seed storage substances is the result
of a determinant genetic program. Using RNA interference, the synthesis of soybean (Glycine
max) glycinin and conglycinin storage proteins has been suppressed. The storage protein ...
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E Orruņo… - Food Chemistry, 2011 - Elsevier
Sesame has been increasingly associated with food allergy. The main seed storage proteins
of sesame (the 2S albumin and the 7S and 11S globulins) were purified and subjected to proteolysis
with pepsin, trypsin and chymotrypsin. The degree of proteolysis obtained was monitored ...

KA Kirkby, JE Pratley, DE Hume… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... Viable endophyte decreased to 12% after 4 months and continued declining to 6%
after 18 months burial. A significant interaction was found between length of seed
storage and the origin (state) from which seed was collected. ...
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MRG Tandang-Silvas… - Annual Review of …, 2011 - annualreviews.org
Seed storage proteins such as soybean globulins have been nutritionally and functionally valuable
in the food industry. Protein structure-function studies are valuable in modifying proteins for enhanced
functionality. Recombinant technology and protein engineering are two of the tools in ...
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comR Foley, LL Gao, A Spriggs, L Soo… - BMC plant …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
Rhonda C Foley (rhonda.foley@csiro.au) Ling-Ling Gao (lingling.gao@csiro.au) Andrew Spriggs
(andrew.spriggs@csiro.au) Lena YC Soo (lena.soo@bio.sydney.edu.au) Danica E Goggin
(danica.goggin@uwa.edu.au) Penelope MC Smith (penny.smith@sydney.edu.au) Craig ...
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C Vickers, PM Gresshoff… - … : our passport to the …, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
... Activity of seed storage proteins and barley and wheat. Vickers, C., Gresshoff, PM and
Xue, G. (2000). Activity of seed storage proteins and barley and wheat. In: , 15th
Australiasian Biotechnology Conference. ABA 2000 Biotechnology ...
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comF Peng… - BMC genomics, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
... Fully formatted PDF and full text (HTML) versions will be made available soon. Gene coexpression
clusters and putative regulatory elements underlying seed storage reserve accumulation in
Arabidopsis ... underlying seed storage reserve accumulation in Arabidopsis ...
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N Maruyama, B Mikami… - Bioscience, Biotechnology, and …, 2011 - J-STAGE
Seed storage proteins are a major component of mature seeds. They are utilized as protein sources
in foods. We designed seed storage proteins containing bioactive peptides based on their
three-dimensional structures. Furthermore, to create crops with enhanced food qualities, ...
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R Schwallier, V Bhoopalan… - Scientia Horticulturae, 2011 - Elsevier
... Available online 2 February 2011. Abstract. The Orchidaceae contains a large number of
threatened species that could benefit from seed banking. However, successful seed storage
requires a greater understanding of the enigmatic seed biology of orchids. ...
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[PDF] from pjbs.orgS Khan, AN Memon, AB Ghanghro… - Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 2011 - pjbs.org
... Corresponding Author: Shaista Khan, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Sindh Jamshoro,
Pakistan 139 Fractionation and Characterization of Seed Storage Proteins from Different Wheat
Varieties Cultivated in Sindh on SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis ...
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S da Rosa, AM Carvalho… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... and the results expressed in percentage. Seedling production After the seed storage
period, coffee seedling production was tested in a nursery under ambient environmental
conditions. Seeds were sown with attached parchments ...
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N Mamo, D Nigusie, M Tigabu, D Teketay… - Journal of Forestry …, 2011 - Springer
... Keywords: germination; African pencil cedar; Ethiopia; seed zones; seed storage
Introduction Juniperus procera Endl. ... Based on seed storage behavior, three categories
have been identified: orthodox, recalcitrant and intermediate. ...

J Kishima, S Harada… - Ecological Engineering, 2011 - Elsevier
Restoration of Zostera japonica is needed. Laboratory culture experiments to know the germination
characteristics might be helpful for implementation of actual restoration. As a part of germination
experiments, we explored suitable water temperature for long-term storage of Z. japonica ...

E Gregová, P Hauptvogel… - Plant Genetic …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
Abstract Variations in seed storage protein patterns were investigated for six accessions of jointed
goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica) populations collected from Slovakia within the framework of the
bilateral Co-operation in Science and Technology between the Slovak Republic and ...
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T Wang, LA Sistrunk, DI Leskovar… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... Conversions of seed storage reserves during early germination events may differentially affect
seed vigour in triploid and diploid watermelon seeds. Introduction ... Therefore, the alterations of
any of seed storage reserves could certainly result in decreased seed vigour. ...
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DE Hume, J Schmid, MP Rolston… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... al., 2003; Simpson, 2009). Seed storage Seed was despatched from the germplasm
centre to be stored at three locations over two periods (2007-08 and 2008-09), both
starting in late spring (November). Storage locations, in ...
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RH Ellis - Seed Science Research, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... up to 49d. Mean seed storage moisture content, deter- mined for samples withdrawn
from hermetic storage at the end of experimental storage, was 14.6% (range
14.2–14.9%). Seed survival curves were fitted to the data by probit ...
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C MAGNI, FA SESSA, G TEDESCHI, A NEGRI… - 2011 - air.unimi.it
Seed protein degradation was originally considered a random process in which the combined
action of various proteolytic enzymes just generates free amino acids. Actually, protein cleavage
at germination was proposed to occur with a finely tuned mechanism involving first the ...

RP Walker, A Battistelli, S Moscatello… - Plant Physiology and …, 2011 - Elsevier
... The maximum abundance of Rubisco in the seed coincided with the deposition of seed storage
proteins. A possible function for Rubisco in cherry seed is discussed. PEPCK was located in the
integuments and appeared when seed storage proteins were being accumulated. ...
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I Demir, BB Kenanoglu, F Hay… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... Watermelon seeds are the most sensitive to seed storage, whilst melon seeds have the greatest
longevity. ... They are produced through transplanting which requires well developed seedlings,
hence the need for effective seed storage to maintain high viability. ...
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RVL Joosen, W Ligterink… - Seed Science …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... squares). In contrast, transcripts related to late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) and
seed storage proteins ('Seed storage proteins') rapidly decline (blue squares). Also
a decline in stress-related transcripts was observed. Most ...
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[PDF] from jcsp.org.pkM NISAR, A GAFOOR, MR KHAN… - Journal of the Chemical …, 2011 - jcsp.org.pk
... protein assays are considered as useful tool for most taxa [3-5]. Sodium dodecyl sulphate
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is widely used due to its reliability and simplicity
in describing the genetic structure of crop germplasm [6]. Seed storage protein profiles ...
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[PDF] from nepjol.infoS Adkins, S Ashmore, P Cameron… - … Orientalis: Journal of …, 2011 - nepjol.info
... The MSBP works to provide scientific information towards a better understanding of the
mechanisms involved in seed development, germination, dormancy, seed storage behaviour
and the nature of desiccation intolerance in non-orthodox species. ...
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[PDF] from pjbs.orgIT Ansari, MA Sahito, AB Ghanghro… - Pakistan Journal of …, 2011 - pjbs.org
... different rice varieties. Key words: SDS-PAGE, seed storage proteins, genetic
diversity INTRODUCTION The food and feed value of most cereals could be improved
by increasing their levels of protein content. The molecular ...
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Z Šramková, E Gregová… - Plant Genetic …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
Abstract The objective of our study was to determine the composition of high-molecular
weight- glutenin subunits (HMW-GS) in 120 cultivars of common wheat (Triticum aestivum
L.). Fourteen alleles and 34 allelic compositions were detected using sodium dodecyl ...
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D Pandey… - Indian Journal of Plant Genetic …, 2011 - indianjournals.com
Using polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis, the water soluble seed proteins could be resolved
in 42 bands distributed in six zones. One hundred and thirteen cultivars were categorized into
28 groups; each group had distinct and different electropherotic banding patterns. ...

JR Stewart… - Native Plants Journal, 2011 - muse.jhu.edu
... Seed Storage. For Chinese fringetree seeds, Chien and others (2004) found a positive
relationship between seed moisture content and seed viability and also the length
of time seeds remain viable. Although ... Seed Storage. Equal ...
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[PDF] from cropj.comA Biabani, LC Boggs, M Katozi… - Australian Journal of Crop …, 2011 - cropj.com
... During seed storage between field seasons, seed stocks can suffer deterioration due to heat,
humidity, and biotic agents. ... Sustainable mechanisms to improve seed storage and reduce the
impact of seed deterioration on yield are needed to improve global food security. ...
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J CAPRARO, A SCARAFONI, C MAGNI… - 2011 - air.unimi.it
Reversible phosphorylation is a major post-translational mechanism by which cells transduce
cellular signals. The functional significance of the seed storage proteins phosphorylation is presently
unknown. It has been suggested that phosphorylation have implications with respect to ...

AD Bower, D Kolotelo… - Western Journal of Applied …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
... High viability of stored seeds indicate that ex situ seed storage should provide a viable means
of conserving genetic resources; however, we recommend that standard protocols for germination
of whitebark pine seeds be modified by extending the cold stratification period. ...

N Gupta, A Kumar Gupta, NK Singh… - Plant Molecular Biology …, 2011 - Springer
... It also contains high protein, with prolamins being the major seed storage proteins. ... The PBF
Dof (prolamin-binding factor DNA binding with one finger only) transcription factor can be
an important regulator for seed storage protein gene expression. ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brJB Fantinatti… - Revista Árvore, 2011 - SciELO Brasil
... [ Links ]. DICKIE, JB et al. Temperature and seed storage longevity. Annals of Botany, v.65,
n.2, p.197-204. 1990. ... [ Links ]. HARRINGTON, JF Practical instructions and advice on seed storage.
Proceedings of the International Seed Testing Association, v.28, n.4, p.989-994, 1963. ...
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X WEI… - Seed, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
The seed storage experiment of Jatropha curcas was carried out by designing six kinds of different
combinations of temperature and seed moisture(temperature: room temperature,4℃,-5℃.seed
moisture:8.7%,4.7%).The physiology and chemistry indexes,germination rate of ...
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M Sugimoto, M Ishii, IC Mori, S Elena… - Advances in Space …, 2011 - Elsevier
... space. Keywords: Barley; International space station; Space radiation; Seed storage;
Outer space. Article Outline. 1. Introduction 2. Materials and methods 2.1. Plant
materials and exposure to outer space 2.2. Plant cultivation 2.3. ...

[PDF] from pakbs.orgI Emre, ZK Shinwari, S Sultan, T Mahmood… - Pak. J. Bot, 2011 - pakbs.org
... The interspecific and intraspecific variations in some taxa of Vicia is explained by SDS-PAGE
method. In this study, nine Vicia L. Taxa, collected from different regions of Turkey have been
studied for the analysis of seed storage protein profiles to examine their relationship. ...
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Y Wakasa, C Tamakoshi, T Ohno… - … of agricultural and …, 2011 - ACS Publications
... hypercholesterolemia. We developed transgenic rice expressing lactostatin as a fusion protein
4 with seed storage protein (SSP) glutelins under the control of three different 5 ... as a fusion protein
with the seed storage protein glutelins under the control of three different 14 ...
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[PDF] from academicjournals.orgKT Win, AZ Oo, KL Nwe… - Journal of Plant …, 2011 - academicjournals.org
1United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and
Technology, 3-5-8 Saiwai-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8509, Japan. 2Laboratory of Plant Genetics
and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and ...
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LJ Hu, GR Li, ZX Zeng, ZJ Chang, C Liu, JP Zhou… - Euphytica, 2011 - Springer
... trichophorum partial amphiploid TE-3, was charac- terized by fluorescence in situ hybridization
(FISH), sequential Giemsa-C banding, genomic in situ hybridization (GISH), seed storage protein
electro- phoresis, molecular marker analysis and disease resistance screening. ...
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SP Ficklin… - Plant Physiology, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... The second highest maize cluster was enriched for seed storage activity (ZmM5C1: <k> = 10.0,
e-score = 3.38), as was the third highest rice cluster (OsM13C1: <k> = 12.9, e-score = 12.22). ...
The enriched functional terms for this cluster include seed storage activities. ...
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AP Dhanapal, M Ciaffi… - Plant Genetic Resources: …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... Plant PDIs have been shown to be involved in the folding and deposition of seed storage
proteins, which makes this enzyme particularly interesting in wheat, as flour quality is strongly
affected by composition and structure of seed storage proteins. ...
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CG Chern, MJ Fan, SC Huang, SM Yu… - Methods in molecular …, 2011 - Springer
... Here we describe how to manipulate a rice mutant population, including conducting phenomics
studies and the subsequent propagation and seed storage. ... Key words: Chemical or
irradiation-induced mutants, Insertional mutants, Phenotype, Rice, Seed handling, Seed storage ...
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H Yamakawa - Journal of Applied Glycoscience, 2011 - J-STAGE
... The expression level of a number of genes related to starch metabolism, seed storage protein
synthesis and heat/stress responses changed in response to high temperature. ... of heat-denatured
forms. 16) Among seed storage proteins, high temperature rendered a decreased ...
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J Hay… - The Plant Journal, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
Page 1. This is an Accepted Article that has been peer-reviewed and approved for publication
in the The Plant Journal, but has yet to undergo copy-editing and proof correction. Please cite
this article as an “Accepted Article”; doi: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04611.x ...
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FC Reyes, T Chung, D Holding, R Jung… - The Plant Cell …, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... A wide range of prevacuolar compartments containing seed storage proteins have
been described. In dicots such as legumes and Arabidopsis, MVBs receive seed
storage proteins and their processing proteases from the Golgi ...
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comF Yin, A Pajak, R Chapman, A Sharpe… - BMC …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
... for dry seed worldwide, both in acreage and yield. Historically, this species has been an important
model for the study of seed storage proteins [1]. In commercial cultivars, the 7S globulin phaseolin
constitutes approximately half of total seed protein. Lectins are ...
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[PDF] from mdpi.comJM Lord… - Toxins, 2011 - mdpi.com
... Ricin and RCA are synthesized in the seeds at the developmental stage when seed storage
proteins ... The biological function of ricin therefore appears to be as a seed storage protein,
presumably with the added advantage that its potent toxicity deters herbivores from ...
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E de Souza Cândido, MFS Pinto, PB Pelegrini… - The FASEB Journal, 2011 - FASEB
... Page 2. proteins can transition between one or more groups depending on their functions (4).
Plant storage proteins can be classified into seed storage proteins (SSPs) and vegetative storage
proteins (VSPs). ... SSP: seed-storage protein; VSP: vegetative storage protein. 2 Vol. ...
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K Suzuki, O Kaminuma, L Yang… - Plant Biotechnology …, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
... Therefore, this region was selected for oral vaccination against allergen- induced airway
inflammation. A DNA fragment coding for Der p 1 (45–145) was synthesized using optimized
codons preferen- tially used in genes encoding rice seed storage proteins (Takaiwa, 2007b). ...
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AR Paolacci, M Ciaffi… - Plant Genetic …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... Consequently, their temporal expression preceded that of seed storage protein genes
and reached a maximum before the more intense synthesis of gluten proteins. For
TaPDIL1-1, TaPDIL4-1 and TaPDIL5-1, it is noteworthy ...
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K Ashida, Y Saito, T Masumura… - Breeding Science, 2011 - J-STAGE
... Introduction Rice (Oryza sativa L.) seed storage proteins accumulate in a special organelle
called the protein body (PB). ... 1987, Tanaka et al. 1980, Yamagata et al. 1982). Humans are
not able to digest rice seed storage proteins completely (Tanaka et al. ...
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[PDF] from biomedcentral.comP Venglat, D Xiang, S Qiu, S Stone… - BMC Plant …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
... The cotyledons play a dual role nutritionally during germination and early seedling growth. They
hold much of the seed storage reserves and become photosynthetic after ... across different tissues.
Seed storage proteins: Much of the proteins in flax seeds are storage proteins ...
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ENC Mills, Y Aleexev… - Nanotechnology in the Agri- …, 2011 - books.google.com
... responsible for almost all food allergies are proteins. Those involved in triggering
celiac disease are confined to the prolamin seed storage proteins of cereals (wheat,
rye, and barley). In contrast, the proteins involved in triggering ...
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C Guzmán, L Caballero… - Plant Genetic …, 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press
... In the last decade, our research group has investigated three important collections of
Spanish hulled wheats, mainly for genetic variation in seed storage proteins (Caballero
et al., 2001, 2004a, b; Pflüger et al., 2001; Alvarez et al., 2006). ...
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[PDF] from interesjournals.orgLJM Raj, SJ Britto, S Prabhu… - 2011 - interesjournals.org
... demonstrated. Hence, it is desirable to increase our knowledge of the genetic
resemblance among the most important genus Crotalaria by employing variations in
seed storage proteins, which are their main common characteristics. ...
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Y ZHANG, P GAO, W SHA, Z JIN… - Seed, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 1, Zhou Xirian Gai Junyi RH Ma (Soybean Research Institute,Nanjing Agricullural University,
CORRELATIONS IN SOYBEAN[J];Soybean Science;1992-03. ...
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WK Wang, CC Liu, TY Chiang, MT Chen… - Plant Molecular Biology …, 2011 - Springer
... FJ883019. The DNA sequence and deduced amino acid sequence of Formosan lily
LTP showed similarities to members of the protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family
from Arabidopsis, rice and other plant species. Formosan ...
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HT Kim, UK Choi, HS Ryu, SJ Lee… - Biochimica et Biophysica …, 2011 - Elsevier
... 1). It is noted that most of the down-accumulated proteins correspond to the seed storage
proteins including -conglycinin and glycinin. ... The early phase of seed germination (2 days)
was characterized by a decreasing abundance of seed storage proteins. ...
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V Ibl… - Protoplasma, 2011 - Springer
... Abstract Seed storage proteins (SSPs) have been studied for more than 250 years because
of their nutritional value and their impact on the use of grain in food processing. ... Keywords Seed
storage protein . Protein trafficking . Vesicle . Endomembrane system . ...
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[PDF] from uv.esJE Keeley, JG Pausas, PW Rundel, WJ Bond… - Trends in plant …, 2011 - Elsevier
... However, they conflate two separate issues: the reproductive strategy of a single post-fire pulse
of seedling recruitment and aerial versus soil seed storage. Sorting out the adaptive value of
serotiny requires consideration of ultimate versus proximal causation. ...
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LP Ju, CC Kuo, YS Chao… - … Journal of Botany, 2011 - Botanical Soc America
... The Forestry Bureau and the Conservation Management Office in Taiwan have
considered C. taitungensis for ex situ conservation strategies such as “seed storage
to allow its reintroduction if the wild population becomes extinct. ...
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[PDF] from banglajol.infoNK Sana, BC Sarkar, MAK Azad… - Journal of Bio- …, 2011 - banglajol.info
... enzymes and nutrients. Objectives: To study the activities of hydrolytic enzymes and
degradation of seed storage substances of brassica (Brassica napus L.) and wheat
(Triticum aestivum L.) seeds during germination. Materials and ...
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R Angelovici, A Fait, AR Fernie… - New Phytologist, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
... The increase in Lys content in these maize mutants is largely a result of the reduction of
Lys-poor seed storage proteins (also known as zeins) and a compensatory increase in the
synthesis of Lys-rich seed pro- teins (Mertz et al., 1964; Lee et al., 1976). ...
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JS Sital, K Kaur, S Sharma… - Indian Journal of …, 2011 - indianjournals.com
... Seed storage protein globulins and sulfur rich amino acid methionine, the protein quality
parameters also increased maximally with T 5 . Higher response due to nitrogen and phosphorus
supplements along with Rhizobium inoculation (T 5 ) showed a combined synergistic effect ...

[PDF] from nsseme.comJ Mrđa, G Jokić, S Prole, V Radić, V Stojšin… - 2011 - nsseme.com
... Regarding the effect of different seed storage periods, highest values of the studied charac- teristic
were recorded shortly after chemical treatment and in seed stored for six months. Key words:
chemical treatment, length of storage, seedling dry matter content, sunflower seed ...
View as HTML

J Bazin, N Langlade, P Vincourt… - The Plant Cell …, 2011 - Am Soc Plant Biol
... 2010). For many species, dormancy can be alleviated after a prolonged period of
seed storage in the dry state, so-called dry after-ripening, which results in a widening
of the environmental conditions that permit germination. ...
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[PDF] from ajol.infoM Ahmed, MA Anjum, MA Rabbani… - African Journal of …, 2011 - ajol.info
... Variation of seed storage proteins has also been analyzed to estimate the center
of genetic diversity and possible dissemination pathway in common bean (Gepts
and Bliss, 1988). Seed storage protein is useful tool for studying ...
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Y Zhu, J Xu… - Energy, 2011 - Elsevier
... large storerooms (40 m × 15 m). 2.2. Humidity monitoring. The humidity levels of
the indoor rubber seed storage units were monitored using three SMARTSENSOR
AR847's (Hong Kong, China). The SMARTSENSOR has a 3 ...

EY Kim, YS Seo… - Journal of Plant Physiology, 2011 - Elsevier
... Abstract. Mobilization of seed storage reserves is essential for seed germination and seedling
establishment. ... During early seedling establishment, the breakdown of seed storage oils is essential
and requires coordinated biochemical pathways in different subcellular locations. ...
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MW Blair, C Astudillo, J Rengifo, SE Beebe… - TAG Theoretical and …, 2011 - Springer
... In addition to the DNA based markers, alleles for one protein marker for the seed
storage protein phaseolin was determined using a total extract of seed pro- teins
run on SDS-PAGE gels as described in Singh et al. (1991b). ...
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