مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Flower Seed Production

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی


[PDF] from si.eduSJ Wright… - Ecology Letters, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
It has recently been reported that humid tropical forests are changing rapidly in response to global
anthropogenic change and that these forests experience greater tree mortality and even fire
during droughts associated with El Niño events. The former reports are controversial ...
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DM Figueroa-Castro… - Journal of Arid Environments, 2011 - Elsevier
Few studies have determined the importance of orientation on flower reproductive success. Flower
orientation may affect reproduction of Cactaceae; the interception of photosynthetic active radiation
(PAR) differs along the different sides of cacti stems, and translocation of resources ...

JR Conklin… - HortTechnology, 2009 - mendeley.com
Mature specimens of the norway maple (Acer platanoides) and cultivars Columnare, Crimson
King, Emerald Queen, Faasen's Black, Globosum, and Rubrum were evaluated over a 3-year
period to determine flower and seed production and to understand their invasive potential ...

K Kobayashi, S Tsukamoto, A Tanaka, S Niikura… - Breeding Science, 2010 - J-STAGE
For F 1 seed production in Brassicaceae crops, cross-pollination between the two parental
lines is vital and is dependent on the visitation behavior of insect pollinators. In a radish F 1
seed production field using cytoplasmic male sterility system, visitation behaviors of ...
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M Nas - Agriculture (Philippines), 2009 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, PH2009001608. Titles, Maximizing A × R seed yield series:
making your parental lines flower at the same time [hybrid rice seed production in the Philippines].
Personal Authors, Nas, M. Publication Date, (Sep 2009). AGRIS Subj. Cat. Seed production ...

[PDF] from rice.eduJN Holland, JL Bronstein… - Oikos, 2004 - Wiley Online Library
... 3), individual plants with few flowers have disproportionately high pollinator-to-flower ratios and
consequently low seed production and maternal fitness. ... 1982b. Regulation of flower, fruit and
seed production by a monocarpic perennial, Yucca whipplei. J. Ecol. 70: 357–372. ...
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TS Roy, T Nishizawa… - Journal of Agronomy, 2007 - doaj.org
The combined effects of different levels of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers on flowering and
yield components of True Potato Seed (TPS) were investigated using crosses of ♀MF-II and
♂TPS-67. Twelve combinations of 3 N (0, 225 and 300 kg ha -1 , respectively) and 4 K (0, ...
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[PDF] from Munoz, C Celedon-Neghme, LA Cavieres… - Oecologia, 2005 - Springer
... flowers of plants that had received nutrients, as was done here. In that study no effect
of nutrient application on corolla size was de- tected. However, increased flower
production per se had a strong effect on total seed production. ...
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[PDF] from slu.seC Almqvist - Proceedings of the TREEBREDEX conference on …, 2007 - www-genfys.slu.se
... showed that GA4/7 treatment is still a cheap and highly profitable way of increasing the seed
production in P. abies seed orchards. Introduction Flower stimulation using GA4/7 has shown
positive effects in a large number of conifer species (see eg Owens & Blake 1985). ...
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P Sumathi, A Nirmala Kumari - Journal of Research, SKUAST …, 2007 - indianjournals.com
The study was conducted in the parents of the sunflower hybrid KBSH-1 viz., CMS 234 A and
RHA 6D-1 with four treatments, to improve the viability and efficiency of pollen by optimum storing
technique during scarcity of pollen. The results showed that the treatments differed ...

[PDF] from tu-darmstadt.deA Kratochwil, S Fock, D Remy… - Phytocoenologia, 2002 - ingentaconnect.com
Abstract. The impact of cattle grazing on selected characteristic and dominant plant spe- cies
of three sandy grassland communities in northwestern Germany (Spergulo-Cory- nephoretum
typicum, S.-C. cladonietosum and Diantho-Armerietum) is in- vestigated with regard to the ...
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[PDF] from uprm.eduJT Otero… - Caribbean Journal of Science, 2002 - academic.uprm.edu
One of the most interesting symbiotic interactions involves the pollination of the genus Ficus.
The mutu- alism is obligatory for the plants and their agaonid pollinator wasps, and each has
traits that affect the relationship. Ficus species have a syconium inflores- cence, or fig, ...
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FY Kwong - Flower Seeds: Biology and Technology, 2005 - books.google.com
11 Flower Seed Production Francis Y. Kwong PanAmerican Seed Co., 622 Town Road, West
Chicago, IL 60185-2698, USA Commercial flower seed production is an international business
involving highly specialized growers. Compared with the production of agronomic and ...
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KS Kang - Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2000 - NRC Research Press
... 1998). The lack of balance may be related to variation in female and male flower
production among clones, female cone and seed production, pollen production and
viability, or any combination of these factors. The objectives ...
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M Khajeh Hosseini - Twenty seventh International Seed Testing …, 2004 - profdoc.um.ac.ir
... Title : ( A comparative study of the germination characteristics of Wild Flower Seeds in Commercial
Seed Production ). Mohammad Khajeh Hosseini , A. Powell , G. Laverack , Full Text. Abstract.
The demand for, and production of, wild flower seeds has increased in recent years. ...
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K Ohashi, T Yahara - Canadian Journal of Botany, 2000 - NRC Research Press
... This is mainly because ad- ditional flower production directly increases potential
seed production (ie, ovule number). In addition, sometimes it Can. J. Bot. 78:
230–236 (2000) © 2000 NRC Canada 230 Received June 4, 1999. ...
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AL Morgan, PM Adams… - Plant Protection …, 2002 - digital.library.adelaide.edu.au
... Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: http://hdl.handle.net/2440/13291. Type: Journal
article. Title: Using digital image analysis to estimate flower numbers of Cootamundra wattle
(Acacia baileyana F.Muell.) and hence determine seed production and weed potential. ...
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S Phetpradap, L Phetpradap, N Wongnanta… - … Research Report 2001 …, 2002 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Study on flower seed production in highlands
(moonflower, heavenly blue and mina lobata). ...
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TH BOYLE - HortScience, 2005 - cat.inist.fr
Flowers of two cacti[Hatiora gaertneri(Regel) Barthlott'Crimson Giant' and Schlumbergera
truncata(Haworth) Moran'Eva'] were pollinated at different times between anthesis and
senescence to determine the effect of floral age on seed production. Studies were ...
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R Watanabe… - Tohoku Agricultural Research, 2001 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Tohoku Agricultural Research (Dec 2001). Control of soil temperature for
high quality cut flower and seed tuber production of calla lily (Zantedeschia hyd.). ...


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