مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Effects of ozone on seed

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

AM Townsend… - Atmospheric Environment (1967), 1974 - Elsevier
Significant variation in tolerance to ozone (75 pphm) was expressed among red maple
seedling progenies from four seed sources. Differences in seedling response occurred in
extent of injury but not in type of injury. Seedlings from an Alabama source showed the ...
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[PDF] from usda.govKO Burkey, FL Booker, WA Pursley… - 2007 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
Rising concentrations of atmospheric CO2 are predicted to increase biomass production and
yield of many C3 crops (Ainsworth and Long, 2005; Jablonski et al., 2002; Kimball et al.,
2002). It is expected, however, that the magnitude of these potential gains from CO2 ...
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HE Heggestad - J. Air Pollut. Control Assoc.;(United States), 1988 - osti.gov
The National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) determined that soybeans were more
sensitive to ozone than other major agricultural crops, including corn, wheat, and cotton. The
estimated production losses for soybeans at ambient levels of ozone ranged from 7.9 to ...
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CD REID… - Global Change Biology, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
Tropospheric O 3 reduces growth and yield of many crop species, whereas CO 2 ameliorates
the negative effects of O 3 . Thus, in a combined elevated CO 2 and O 3 atmosphere, seed yield
is at least restored to that of charcoal-filtered (CF) air at ambient CO 2 . The CO 2 ...
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M Agrawal… - Science & Culture, 1983 - csa.com
Effect of ozone and sulphurdioxide pollutants on seed characters of rice plants. M
Agrawal, DN Rao Science & Culture 49:66, 177-178, 1983. The present study deals
with the effects of Q and SO sub(2) pollutants, singly as well ...
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AS Heagle, JE Miller… - Crop Science, 1998 - cat.inist.fr
Ozone in the troposphere can cause plant stress, whereas elevated CO 2  generally
causes positive responses. Little is known of how these gases interact to affect plant
response. Interactive effects on yield and seed quality of soybean[Glycine max(L.) Merr.] ...
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[PDF] from chimia.itF Ciccarese, N Sasanelli, A Ciccarese… - IOA Conference and …, 2007 - chimia.it
Seed contamination by fungi may be dangerous either in the case in which seed is used in sowing
either when it is stored as human or animal food. Several plant diseases in horticultural crops
derive from infected seed that represents a carrier of perpetuation of pathogens ...
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E Lynch, M Grootveld, J Holmes… - 32nd Annual Meeting …, 2003 - iadr.confex.com
Methods: Aliquots (40.0 ml.) of commercially-available grapeseed, olive and sunflower seed
oils (GO, OO and SO respectively) were divided into two equivalent portions (20 ml.). The first
was treated with Ozone (O 3 ) generated by the HealOzone unit (CurOzone USA) for 10 ...
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E Brennan, I Leone, B Greenhalgh… - J. Air Pollut. Control Assoc.;( …, 1987 - osti.gov
A field test was conducted to determine if ozone pollution adversely affected the chlorophyll content
and seed yield of soybean. Eight soybean cultivars were grown to maturity in test plots in central
New Jersey; one-half of the plots was treated with an antioxidant (ethylene-diurea) to ...
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AI Mohamed, HL Bhardwaj, M Rangappa… - Plant Foods for Human …, 1995 - Springer
Ozone sensitivity, nutritional quality, seed characteristics, and growth habit of beans
(Phaseolus vulgaris L.) were evaluated in two seperate experiments. In the first experiment
the data showed a significant variation among 34 bean accessions for ozone sensitivity ...
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AMYM BETZELBERGER… - Plant, Cell & …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Crops losses to tropospheric ozone (O 3 ) in the United States are estimated to cost $1–3 billion
annually. This challenge is expected to increase as O 3 concentrations ([O 3 ]) rise over the next
half century. This study tested the hypothesis that there is cultivar variation in the ...
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[CITATION] Effects of ozone during soybean seed development on seed vigor

KA Gerlach - 1995 - Eastern Illinois University
DH Kim - Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2010 - agris.fao.org
Individual differences of ozone (O₃) resistance for seed production, seed germination and seedling
development were examined in this study. Five in each healthy and damaged trees of Pinus
thunbergii growing in air polluted area for 12 years were chosen based on visible foliar ...
V Boontapanya, O Rugchati… - … (Thailand), 17-20 Mar …, 2009 - agris.fao.org
Effects of different ozone concentrations on soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cv. Srisumrong
1 was investigated during 2007-2008 since seeding through maturing stage at Phitsanulok
Province. Open-top chamber system was set to control the ozone level at three different ...
[PDF] from usda.govCD REID… - 2008 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
Tropospheric O3 reduces growth and yield of many crop species, whereas CO2 amelio- rates
the negative effects of O3. Thus, in a combined elevated CO2 and O3 atmosphere, seed yield
is at least restored to that of charcoal-filtered (CF) air at ambient CO2. The CO2- induced ...
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N Niyomkam, S Vearasilp, S Thanapornpoonpong… - tropentag.de
... Ozone Application for Controlling Seed-Borne Pathogen and Insect in Rice cv. Khao Dawk Mali
105 ... Abstract The purpose of ozone application was to determine and evaluate the efficiency of
ozone to control seed-borne fungi and insect in rice seed cv. Khao Dawk Mali 105. ...
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N Sudhakar, D Nagendra-Prasad, N Mohan, B Hill… - AJPS, 2011 - scirp.org
The study was made on the role of ozone (O 3 ) gas treatment on seeds of Lycopersicon esculentum
cv. PKM1 (tomato) to release dormancy in advance. The experimental conditions followed a
complete factorial design with 3 independent factors, ie A faster start of germination in T 2 ...
[PDF] from ceh.ac.ukCCW Scheepers, F Hayes, RJ Strasser… - icpvegetation.ceh.ac.uk
Introduction • Atmospheric pollution emerged as a problem in southern Africa over the last few
decades, due to a drastic increase in commercial energy consumption, which has risen by
145% since 1973 (McCormick, 1997). • The continuous rise of tropospheric ozone (O3) is ...
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A Willson… - Proceedings- 82 nd A & WMA Annual Meeting, …, 1989 - csa.com
Ozone adversely affects many plant species and can decrease the growth of trees at
ambient concentrations sometimes recorded in Britain. Ambient ozone concentrations in
rural areas of Britain assume importance only during April through to September when the ...
[PDF] from scirp.orgN Sudhakar, D Nagendra-Prasad, N Mohan… - American Journal of …, 2011 - scirp.org
American Journal of Plant Sciences, 2011, 2, 443-448 doi:10.4236/ajps.2011.23051 Published
Online September 2011 (http://www.SciRP.org/journal/ajps) ... Assessing Influence of Ozone
in Tomato Seed ... N. Sudhakar1*, D. Nagendra-Prasad2, N. Mohan2, Bradford Hill3, M. ...
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N Prozherina, E Nakvasina… - AMBIO: A Journal of the Human …, 2009 - BioOne
Abstract The impact of elevated ozone concentrations on early ontogenetic stages of pine
(Pinus sylvestris) and spruce (Picea abies, Picea obovata, P. abies× P. obovata) seedlings
originating from different provenances in Russia were studied in the open-field ozone ...
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T YONEKURA, K OSHIMA, M HATTORI… - Journal of Japan Society …, 2000 - sciencelinks.jp
TOP > J-EAST > List of Journal Titles (J) > Journal of Japan Society for Atmospheric
Environment(2000) > Effects of Ozone and Soil Water Stress, Singly and in Combination, on
Growth, Yield, Seed Quality and Germination Rate of Soybean Plants.

C Bosac, VJ Black, JA Roberts… - Journal of plant physiology, 1998 - cat.inist.fr
The effects of a single 6-h exposure of the inflorescences of Brassica napus cvs. Libravo and
Tapidor to 100 nL L-1  ozone on seed yield, yield parameters, seed quality and seedling
vigour were examined using purpose-designed chambers that enabled the inflorescences ...
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C Jakobsson - Vaextskyddsrapporter. Jordbruk (Sweden), 1987 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, SE8720378. Titles, Effects of ozone and/or Verticillium dahliae
on oil seed rape [thousand grain weight]. Personal Authors, Jakobsson, C. (Sveriges
Lantbruksuniv., Uppsala (Sweden). Inst. foer Vaext- och Skogsskydd). Conference, 28. ...


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