مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - artificial seed research

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

[PDF] from nmsu.eduWG Whitford… - Sociobiology, 2009 - usda-ars.nmsu.edu
Workers of colonies of the western harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex occidentalis, were recruited
to patches of artificial seed of the same caloric value but different protein content. Rates of forager
returns with artificial seeds containing five percent protein were nearly twice those of zero ...
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[PDF] from cas.cnB Wang… - acta oecologica, 2008 - Elsevier
Tannins are very common among plant seeds but their effects on the fate of seeds, for
example, via mediation of the feeding preferences of scatter-hoarding rodents, are poorly
understood. In this study, we created a series of artificial 'seeds' that only differed in tannin ...
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M Rahman, A Huda, M Asaduzzaman… - Bangladesh Journal of …, 2009 - journals.sfu.ca
... Encapsulation of Asexual Embryos Towards Production of Artificial Seeds in Eggplant (Solanum
melongena L.). M Rahman, AKMN Huda, M Asaduzzaman, MA Bari. Abstract. Keywords: Somatic
embryo; artificial seed; sodium alginate; germination; eggplant. Bangladesh j. genet ...
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S DING, M ZHANG… - Seed, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
... 1, CHENG Li-hui et al(Agronomic College of Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou,Gansu
730070);Effect of Seed Coat Matrix Ratio on Germination Rate of Pinellia ternate Artificial
Seeds[J];Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences;2009-14. ...
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Z Qin, T Zhao, J Qiu, Y Lin… - Sheng wu gong cheng xue bao …, 2008 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
... 2008 May;24(5):803-9. [Germination and propagartors of artificial seeds of Dendrobium
huoshanense]. [Article in Chinese]. ... The artificial seeds of Dendrobium huoshanese was
produced with Auxiliary buds, Protocorm-like bodies, and adventitious shoots. ...

[PDF] from scielo.clP Cartes, B Hermes Castellanos, D Ríos… - Chilean journal of …, 2009 - SciELO Chile
1 Universidad de Concepción, Facultad de Ciencias Forestales, Casilla 160-C, Concepción,
Chile. * Corresponding author (priscicartes@udec.cl). 2 Universidad Juárez del Estado de
Durango, Instituto de Silvicultura e Industria de la Madera, Boulevard del Guadiana 501 ...
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YJ AN, YH ZHANG… - Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
Restoration of submerged vegetation is the key step of restoration of aquatic ecosystem in eutrophic
lakes. The seed bank was strongly destroyed in many eutrophic lakes of China,it is necessary
to get plenty of seedlings for restoration of submerged vegetation because of the difficulty ...
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MY Vdovitchenko… - Moscow University Biological Sciences …, 2011 - Springer
INTRODUCTION The artificial seed production technique was first used in microclonal propagation
to cultivate somatic embryos placed into an artificial endosperm and con strained by an artificial
seed coat [1]. Today artificial seeds (ASs) represent capsules with a gel envelope, which ...
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H LI, W LI, M ZHANG… - Fisheries Science, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
The difference between wild seeds and artificial seeds of yesso scallop(Patinopecten
yessoensis) in marine raft-cultivation was investigated from February to December of 2007.The
results showed that daily growth of shell height and body weight of wild ...
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LI Jian-min - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
[Objective] To prepare artificial seed of Aralia elata(Miq.) Seem and investigate its germination
capacity under different conditions,so as to discuss the practical application feasibility of it.
[Method] The callus of Aralia elata(Miq.) Seem germ was cultured in MS medium with 2 ...
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YW Kim, YE Choi, JS Yi… - Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 2007 - agris.fao.org
Artificial seeds were produced by encapsulation of somatic embryos of Kalopanax septemlobus
and investigated the effects of alginic acid concentration, size of somatic embryos, additives in
capsules and nursery seedbeds for germination. The most suitable concentration of ...
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M ZHANG… - Seed, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
The tubercle-suspension-system of Pinellia ternata was founded from solid culture to liquid-suspension
culture.The factors that effect germination rate and seedling conversion rate of artificial seeds
of P.ternata,including the materials of synthetic coating,components of synthetic ...
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Y Choi… - Plant Cell Reports, 2002 - Springer
Abstracts In most plants, somatic embryos tend to germi- nate prematurely, a process that is detrimental
to controlled plant production and the conservation of artificial seeds. We investigated the dormancy
characteristics of Siberian ginseng somatic embryos induced simply by a high sucrose ...
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C Li-hui - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
[Objective]The research aimed to study the best seed coat matrix ratio combination of Pinellia
ternate artificial seeds and provide the theoretical basis for development and large-scale application
of Pinellia ternate artificial seeds.[Methods]Using tubercle of tissue culture of Pinellia ...

M Sato, S Takeda… - Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies …, 2009 - Elsevier
How pico- and nanophytoplankton responded to artificial iron infusions was investigated using
flow cytometry during SEEDS II, the second mesoscale in situ iron enrichment experiment in
the western subarctic North Pacific. Two iron infusions on days 0 and 7 caused a ...
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D Hu, Q Wang, X Liu… - Journal of Beijing Forestry …, 2010 - journal.bjfu.edu.cn
Abstract In this study, morphological characteristics of Ulmus pumila seeds during artificial aging
was studied. The seeds were treated at a high temperature of 37℃ and high humidity (100%
relative umidity). U. pumila L. seeds during artificial aging were examined using electron ...
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[PDF] from academicjournals.orgS Ghamari, AM Borghei, H Rabbani… - African Journal of …, 2010 - academicjournals.org
African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 5(5), pp. 389-398, 4 March, 2010 Available online
at http://www.academicjournals.org/AJAR ISSN 1991-637X © 2010 Academic Journals ... Modeling
the terminal velocity of agricultural seeds ... S. Ghamari1*, AM Borghei1, H. Rabbani2, J. ...
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LIUMW Tie-gu, CSW Chun-hu… - Journal of Nuclear …, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
Aging is an ubiquitous phenomema of crop seeds.It caused decline of seed vigor in many
aspects.Seeds of maize inbred line Chang 7-2 and hybrid varieties Zhengdan 958 and Nongda
108 were used to analyze the changes of physioloyical characteristics and seed's vigor of ...
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NH Samarah… - Jordan Journal of Agricultural …, 2010 - journals.ju.edu.jo
Standard germination and vigor tests can be used to predict field emergence of aged barley
seeds. The objective of this experiment was to study the effect of aging on seed quality of barley
and to identify the best seed quality test to predict field performance of aged barley seeds ...
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RM Taha, N Daud, NA Hasbullah… - VI International Symposium …, 2008 - actahort.org
Abstract Somatic embryogenesis of African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) Wendl. from leaf explants
was successfully induced in this study. Leaf explants cultured on Murashige and Skoog medium
(MS) supplemented with 1.4-5.0 mg/L Thidiazuron (TDZ) formed somatic embryos ...
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AV Patel, I Pusch, G Mix-Wagner… - Plant cell reports, 2000 - Springer
Abstract A novel technique for the encapsulation of plant material in calcium alginate hollow
beads was tested. The technique involves suspending plant mate- rial (ie plant cells, tissues,
organs, shoot tips, somatic embryos) in a solution containing carboxymethylcellu- lose ...
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[PDF] from usda.govKT Rajkowski - Journal of Food Safety, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Naturally contaminated seeds have low pathogen levels. Most reports on sanitizing efficacy used
artificially inoculated seeds. There is no standard procedure for artificially inoculating seeds with
bacteria pathogens. This study compared 15 published inoculation procedures as they ...
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[PDF] from ias.ac.inGVS Saiprasad - Resonance, 2001 - Springer
Development ofmicropropagation techniques will ensure abun- dant supply of the desired plant
species. In some crop species seed propagation has not been successful. This is mainly due
to heterozygosity of seed, minute seed size, presence of reduced endosperm and the ...
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W Xiao-li - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
To study the hange of physiological character and seed vigor of 3 block of Medicago ruthenica
during artificial aging course.Ger-mination potential,germination ratio,germination index,vigor
index and Simple vigor index declined along with seeds aging time、Various vigor index ...
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C WU, A QIAO… - Journal of Changjiang Vegetables, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
RAPD was applied to DNA polymorphism analysis of artificial aged and PEG osmoprimed seeds
in Cucumber, and the fingerprints of RAPD were established among genomic DNA damages
of cucumber seeds. Twenty-two priemrs from 92 were suitable for cucumber seeds of ...
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J WANG, S CHEN, B BAI, J TANG… - Journal of Henan …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
The effect of artificial ageing on proteome of maize seeds(Zea mays cv.Zhengdan 958) were
studied by using SDS-PAGE and 2-D gels analysis.Two differentially expressed protein bands
14 and 40 kD in 6 d artificially aged seed were found compared with the control.The 14 ...
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S MA, J LI… - Seed, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
The study focuses on the variation of enzymes activity in the seeds of Pinus flexilis James during
artifical aging.Based on the artificial aging treatment,the initial quantity of APX and PPO in five
provenances was bigger than that of normal seed.But POD、SOD and CAT ...
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Z KONG, Y LIU… - Subtropical Plant Science, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
A study on the physiological and biochemical changes during storing and appropriate artificial
aging conditions of wheat seeds was conducted.Five waxy and non-waxy wheat lines seeds
were established during artificial aging under 50 ℃ and 90% RH for 0,2,4,6 and 8 d, ...
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J HAN, T WANG, W YU, D NI, W YIN… - Shandong Agricultural …, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
The physiological and biochemical variation after seed aging and the effect of magnetic treatment
on seed vigor of Chinese cabbage were studied by artificial aging and artificial magnetic
field.The results indicated the different germination indices and vigor index of the four ...
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S MA, J LI… - Seed, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
The study focuses on the variation of endogenous hormones in the seeds of Pinus flexilis
James. Based on the artificial aging treatment, IAA, ZR, GA3 and ABA changed in five
provenances. During the germination, all the studied hormones increased first and then ...
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G ZHAN, Y LU, W ZHANG… - Guangdong Agricultural …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
The study dealt with effect of artificial aging on germination rate,germination potential and simplified
vigour index of radish seed with different time treatment(1,2,4,6,8,10,14 d).The results showed
that the germination rate、 germination potential and simplified vigour index were reduced ...

张明生… - 种子, 2009 - scholar.ilib.cn
... 首页 > 学术期刊: 种子SEED 半夏人工种子制作技术及其萌发研究Studies on Preparation Technique
and Germination of Pinellia ternata Artificial Seeds. ... 半夏人工种子制作技术及其萌发研究Studies
on Preparation Technique and Germination of Pinellia ternata Artificial Seeds. ...

C GUO, G LIU… - Seed, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
... Effects on Artificial Accelerate Aging Seeds Germination of Caryopteris
mongolicaBunge. GUO Chun-yan,LIU Guo-hou,HE Xiao. 【Key Words】:
【CateGory Index】: S793 【DOI】: CNKI:SUN:ZHZI.0.2009-02-024. ...
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JQ ZHANG, SY TIAN… - Seed, 2007 - en.cnki.com.cn
Seeds of a maize inbred and two hybrid cultivar were used to investingate the seed vigour and
physioloyical characteristics.The results showed:the germination rate、germination energy、vigour
index、activities of POD were reduced gradually along the seed aging;but the ...
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W XiaoLi, L HongYan, L ZhiYong… - Animal Husbandry and …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
As shown by the changes in physiological characteristics and seed vigor of three Medicago ruthenica
samples during artificial aging process, the germination potential, germination rate, germination
index, vigor index and simple vigor index declined with the extension of aging time on the ...

S Bedi, R Kaur, JS Sital… - Seed Science and …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
Bedi, S., Kaur, R., Sital, JS and Kaur, J. (2006), Seed Sci. & Technol., 34, 287-296 ... Artificial
ageing of Brassica seeds of different maturity levels ... S. BEDI1, R. KAUR1, JS SITAL2 AND
J. KAUR1 ... 1 Department of Botany, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141 004, ...
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S Ying, X Cheng… - China Vegetables, 2005 - en.cnki.com.cn
The paper described the plantlet regeneration of Brassica oleracea from its hypocotyl and production
of artificial seed with young shoots. The results showed that the hypocotyl segment from
8-day-old seedlings was the best for inducing adventitious buds and the averaged ...
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安彦杰, 张彦辉… - 水生生物学报, 2009 - scholar.ilib.cn
L. 添加收藏. 沉水植物菹草的人工种子技术STUDY OF ARTIFICIAL SEEDS OF

A Goel, AK Goel… - Journal of plant physiology, 2003 - Elsevier
The present study was carried out to elucidate the mechanism of seed deterioration in two cotton
(Gossypium hirsutum L.) cultivars (HS6 and H1098). The seeds were artificially aged at 40 ±
1 °C and 100 percnt; relative humidity for 4 days. In both cultivars, germinability ...
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V Sharma, KS Verma, DK Khurana… - Short rotation forestry …, 2006 - cabdirect.org
Freshly harvested Chilgoza (Neoza) seeds (100 seeds per test) failed to germinate in 28 days
when placed for germination after cracking the seed coat mechanically in sandy loam filled trays
(average maximum ambient air temperature was more than 30°C). Tetrazolium test at the ...
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D Hosogi, C Yoshinaga, K Nakamura… - Landscape and …, 2006 - Springer
Abstract We examined a method for revegetation of cut-slopes in Tochigi, Japan, using only natural
plant dispersal from the surrounding vegetation. We examined plant establishment in six plots
in a cut-slope in bedrock (inclination: 65°, direction: S45°W) treated with various types of ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAB Oliveira, NLM Alencar, MI Gallão… - Revista Ciência …, 2011 - SciELO Brasil
O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar as alterações citoquímicas em sementes envelhecidas e
osmocondicionadas de sorgo durante a germinação na ausência ou presença de NaCl a 100
mM. O lote inicial de sementes de sorgo cv. IPA-1011 foi subdividido em dois sublotes de ...
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蔡德建, 蒋艳, 杨家林, 彭慧婧, 邹杰… - 广西科学, 2010 - scholar.ilib.cn
... in Sunk Cages in the Shallow Sea. 添加收藏. 大獭蛤人工苗种浅海沉箱式中间培
育试验研究Experiments and Studies on Juvenile Nursery of Artificial Seeds of Lutraria
maxima Jonas Stocked in Sunk Cages in the Shallow Sea. ...

马书燕, 李吉跃… - 种子, 2010 - scholar.ilib.cn
... James During Artificial Aging Course. 添加收藏. 人工老化过程中柔枝松种子内源
激素含量变化的研究Study on the Variation Changes of Endogenous Hormone in
the Seeds of Pinus flexilis James During Artificial Aging Course. ...

[PDF] from journal-pop.orgDT Nhut, TNT Tien, TTN Huong, NH Viet… - … of Ornamental Plants, 2005 - journal-pop.org
Chand S., Singh AK (2004). Plant regeneration from encapsulated nodal segments of Dalbergia
sissoo Roxb., a timber-yielding leguminous tree species. Journal of Plant Physiology, 161:
237-243. Danso KE, Ford-lloyd BV (2003). Encapsulation of nodal cuttings and shoot tips ...
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X Hao, C Xuezhen - Journal of Beijing Agricultural College, 2006 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Journal of Beijing Agricultural College (Jul. 2006). Study on seed vigor of
the artificial aged seeds in soybean. Xie Hao, Chen Xuezhen, qi Jiayue. Record number,
CN2007002408. Alternative Title, 人工加速老化对大豆种子活力的影响. Date of publication, Jul ...
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[HTML] from sinica.edu.twYJ Shiau, AP Sagare, UC Chen… - Botanical Bulletin of …, 2002 - ejournal.sinica.edu.tw
Abstract. Anoectochilus formosanus is an important ethnomedicinal plant of Taiwan. We have
optimized a method for mass propagation of A. formosanus by artificial cross-pollination and
asymbiotic germination of seeds. The success of pollination and fruit set was found to be ...
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P Cartes R, H Castellanos B, D Rios L… - Chilean Journal of …, 2009 - orton.catie.ac.cr
[Encapsulado de embriones somaticos y embriones cigoticos para obtencion de semillas artificiales
de rauli (Nothofagus alpina (Poepp. & Endl.) Oerst.)]. [Encapsulated somatic embryos and zygotic
embryos for obtaining artificial seeds of rauli-beech (Nothofagus alpina (Poepp. & Endl.) ...


LY Zhou, SG Gao, YJ Bi, YK Qiao… - Seeds, 2003
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詹国勇, 卢永奋, 张卫君… - 广东农业科学, 2009 - scholar.ilib.cn
... 人工老化处理时间对萝卜种子活力的影响Effects of artificial aging time treatment on seed
vigour of radish seeds. 添加收藏. 人工老化处理时间对萝卜种子活力的影响Effects of
artificial aging time treatment on seed vigour of radish seeds. ...

E Khor… - Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology, 2005 - Springer
The idea that basic plant materials can be combined with a nutrient filled environment, preserved
and subsequently be capable of revitalizing into a viable living plant connotes endless possibilities
for a world where arable agricultural land is diminishing at an alarming rate annually. The ...
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GL WANG, C CHEN, LM TIAN… - Journal of Beijing …, 2003 - en.cnki.com.cn
The study aimed at production of the Kalanchoe flammea′s artificial seed,including the selection
of embryonic callus, the inducement of embryoid,embedding and sprouting of artificial seed .
During inducing embryonic callus the optimum medium was MS + 2,4-D 2 mg/L + BA 0.2 ...
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M Ashraf, MS Kalati, F Erum - International Journal of Biology and …, 2004 - agris.fao.org
In the present work, wheat seeds (cv. Inqilab) were treated with fullstrength (FS), half strength
(HS) and one-fourth strength (OS) of ASW for 0.5,2, 4, 8 and 24 hours and seeds dried to their
original moisture contents.Pretreated seeds were soaked in water for 411 and the ...
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M Abbas, MM Khan, MJ Iqbal… - Journal of the Korean …, 2004 - agris.fao.org
The effects of environmental treatments to rapidly shorten seed viability in fenugreek (Trigonella
foenum-grraecum L.) were explored. Seed germination capacity, seedling vigor (measured as
radicle length), and seed leachate conductivity were measured in relation to the ageing ...
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HZDXC Zhenghua - Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2001 - en.cnki.com.cn
The outline of the research on microtuber production of virus free potatoes was briefly
reviewed. Developed a new technique for the production of microtuber artificial seeds based
on a jar culture system. Experimental results showed that the production efficiency was in ...
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E Wilhelm, M Endemann, K Hristoforoglu… - International …, 2000 - agris.fao.org
Proceedings of International Congress "Applications of Biotechnology to Forest Genetics":
Vitoria-Gasteiz [Spain], September, 22 to 25, 1999, Diputación Foral de Alava, Vitoria
(España). Dept. de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente.- Vitoria (España): DFA, DAMA, 2000.- ...
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A Fukagawa, T Akimoto… - Bulletin of Fukuoka Fisheries …, 2003 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Bulletin of Fukuoka Fisheries and Marine Technology Research
Center (Mar 2003). Stocking efficiency of the large-sized artificial seeds of red sea urchin
[Pseudocentrotus depressus] in the Chikuzen Region [Japan]. ...

W Guilan… - Journal of Beijing Agricultural College (China); …, 2003 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Journal of Beijing Agricultural College (Oct 2003). Studies
on tissue culture and artificial seeds of kalanchoe bossfeldiana. ...

J Bindng - JOURNAL OF AQUACULTURE, 2000 - en.cnki.com.cn
Spawning inducing, larva nursing, juveniles culture and outdoor spat culture of synonovacula
constricta were conducted by using shrimp hatching facilities. In factory-scale production of
1997, the average yield of juveniles is 76. 26×104/m2(shell ength is 501~920μm). The ...
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AS Oliveora, LM Lima, RA Pereira… - Protein and Peptide …, 2001 - ingentaconnect.com
Key word Index– Prosopis juliflora DC; Cysteine proteinase inhibitors; Callosobruchus
maculatus; cowpea ... Abstract - This work reportes the effects of isolated proteins from algaroba
(Prosopis juliflora DC) seeds fractionated by ammonium sulfate at saturation 0-30%, ...
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X CHEN, X LU… - Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 2001 - en.cnki.com.cn
Seeds of two common cowpea varieties were artificially aged using methods of 58±1℃ hot water
(HW), 50% methanol solution (MS) and 40℃ ,100% RH accelerated aging (AA),
respectively. The germination potential, germination percentage, germination index and ...
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I KINOSHITA - Bulletin of the Forestry and Forest Products Research …, 2002 - sciencelinks.jp
Abstract;Previously, we had found that double layered artificial seeds of Japanese white birch
whose inner layer contained a large quantity of sucrose had germinated in non-sterilized
perlite. However, this type of artificial seed did not germinate on other types of substrates, ...
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[PDF] from fass.orgRN Funston, TW Geary, RP Ansotegui… - The Professional …, 2002 - pas.fass.org
The objective of this study was to evaluate synchronization and pregnancy rates of beef heifers
supplemented with 0.91 kg of whole sunflower seeds for 0, 30, or 60 d before AI. Beef heifers
from four locations (n = 1,014) were assigned by BW to treatment (within location) and ...
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LA Somova, NS Pechurkin, AB Sarangova… - Advances in Space …, 2001 - Elsevier
Effect of the size of rhizospheric bacterial populations on germination of seeds and development
of simple terrestrial “wheat plants - rhizospheric microorganisms - artificial soil” and “wheat plants
- artificial soil” systems has been studied. Experiments demonstrated that within specify ...
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NL Menezes, SM Cícero… - Ciênc. rural, 2005 - bases.bireme.br
... Id: 416199. Autor: Menezes, Nilson Lemos de; Cícero, Silvio Moure; Villela, Francisco Amaral.
Título: Identificação de fissuras em sementes de arroz após a secagem artificial, por meio de
raios-X / X-ray to identification of fissures in rice seeds after artificial drying. Fonte: Ciênc. ...

[HTML] from scielo.brNL Menezes, SM Cícero… - Ciência Rural, 2005 - SciELO Brasil
A unidade vegetal usada como semente de arroz é uma cariópse protegida por glumelas, as
quais impedem a visualização de danos internos. As radiografias de raios-X em sementes de
arroz possibilitam a visualização interna ea identificação de fissuras, sem preparo prévio. ...
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K Sahlen - IUFRO Joint Symposium on Tree Seed Technology, …, 2001 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Seed maturation under artificial conditions for immaturely
collected tree seeds in Burkina Faso [West Africa]. Sahlen, K. (SLU Dept. of Silviculture,
S-90L83 Umea (Sweden) Sawadogo, L. Conference, IUFRO ...

E Sudarmonowati - Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and …, 2000 - csa.com
Regeneration of embryoids derived from anther culture and the production of artificial
seeds in Pometia pinnata. ... Various factors affecting the storage and germination of
encapsulated embryos as artificial seeds, were also investigated. ...

M Devi, J Sharma… - Research on Crops, 2000 - cabdirect.org
Forty-day-old protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of V. coerulea were encapsulated in sodium alginate
and immediately cultured on MS medium. Alginate-encapsulated PLBs were stored at 4°C or
at room temperature for 120 days and then germinated in MS media. Unencapsulated ...

K Ooya - Bulletin of the National Forest Tree Breeding Center, 2000 - cabdirect.org
Trees of Cryptomeria japonica were artificially pollinated outside or in a greenhouse. Pollination
in the greenhouse gave a greater weight of seed/cone and a lower weight/seed than pollination
outside. The greater seed weight with pollination outside was accompanied by a higher ...

S Rosa, EVR Pinho, M Vieira, CD Santos… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2000 - cabdirect.org
The effect of artificial drying after physiological maturity on α-amylase activity, germination and
vigour of maize triple hybrid BR-3060 seeds was studied. The seeds were subjected to 0, 4,
8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 h of drying at 35°C in a small scale drier, resulting in seeds ...

Q AiMin… - Acta Horticulturae Sinica, 2000 - cabdirect.org
Genomic DNA polymorphism of artificially aged seeds of the flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica
chinensis var. utilis), with or without polyethylene glycol (PEG) osmopriming, was analysed using
the RAPD technique. Of the 61 primers, 6 amplified genomic DNA fingerprints on ...
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刘茵 - 生物学教学, 2003 - scholar.ilib.cn
... 人工种子. Artificial plant seeds. ... 植物非体细胞胚与人工种子Plant non-somatic embryo and artificial
seed 作者:詹忠根,张铭,徐程, 期刊-核心期刊种子SEED 2001年第06期. - 人工种子Artificial plant
seeds 作者:刘茵, 期刊-核心期刊生物学教学BIOLOGY TEACHING 2003年第06期. ...

AM KUDRYAVTSEV, AA POMORTSEV… - Sel'skohozâjstvennaâ …, 2002 - cat.inist.fr
... Titre du document / Document title. Use of artificial neurone nets for detection of varietal
quality of spring durum wheat seeds. Auteur(s) / Author(s). KUDRYAVTSEV AM ;
POMORTSEV AA ; RUANET VV ; DADASHEV S. Ya. ; Résumé / Abstract. ...

JC Octaviani, CA Previero, JD Biagi… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2001 - orton.catie.ac.cr
The effects of natural and artificial drying on the physiological quality of certified seed were evaluated
in the coffee cultivars Icatu IAC 2945, Icatu IAC 2944, Icatu IAC 3282, Catuai IAC 62, Catuai IAC
144, Mundo Novo IAC 388-17 and Catucai JBI. The seeds were sun dried on a concrete ...

[HTML] from scielo.brMADDA SILVA… - Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira, 2000 - SciELO Brasil
RESUMO - O teste de envelhecimento artificial, recomendado para avaliar o vigor de lotes de
sementes, apresenta variabilidade em seus resultados; a ação dos fungos é considerada uma
das causas dessa variabilidade. Este trabalho objetivou verificar os efeitos de diferentes ...
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