مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Soil seed bank in forest

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

[PDF] from ucalgary.caN Eisenhauer, D Straube, EA Johnson, D Parkinson… - Ecosystems, 2009 - Springer
Abstract The anthropogenic spread of exotic ecosystem engineers profoundly impacts native
ecosystems. Exotic earthworms were shown to alter plant community composition of the
understory of deciduous forests previously devoid of earthworms. We investigated the ...
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[DOC] from kuleuven.beJ Plue, B Van Gils, C Peppler-Lisbach… - Perspectives in Plant …, 2010 - Elsevier
Seed banks are of vital importance for local plant persistence and recruitment, for
maintaining both plant and genetic diversity and for habitat restoration. Yet, seed-bank
dynamics, particularly on the long term and in deciduous forests, remain poorly ...
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[DOC] from kuleuven.beJ Plue, G Goyens, M Van Meirvenne… - Seed Science …, 2010 - Cambridge Univ Press
The forest seed bank has been demonstrated to vary spatially at scales from 2 to 10m. To our
knowledge, the fine-scale spatial structure, ie ,2 m, has not been studied before. This study aims
to make a thorough investigation of fine-scale spatial structure. Soil samples (128) were ...
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[PDF] from kuleuven.beJ Plue, M Hermy, K Verheyen, P Thuillier… - Landscape …, 2008 - Springer
Abstract Past land use is an important factor determining vegetation in temperate deciduous
forests. Little is known about the long-term persistence of these impacts on vegetation but
especially on the seed bank. This study assessed whether soil characteristics remain ...
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H Calster, R Chevalier, B Wyngene… - Applied Vegetation …, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
Applied Vegetation Science 11: 251-260, 2008 doi: 10.3170/2008-7-18405, published online
13 February 2008 © IAVS; Opulus Press Uppsala. ... Abstract Questions: How do changes in
forest management, ie in disturbance type and frequency, influence species diversity, ...
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K Daïnou, A Bauduin, N Bourland, JF Gillet… - Ecological …, 2011 - Elsevier
The soil seed bank is considered as an important component for resilience of climacic
vegetation. Whereas several related studies have been conducted in Asian, American and some
African tropical forests, no investigation has ever been conducted in Central African ...
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[PDF] from unideb.huG Koncz, M Papp, P Török, Z Kotroczó… - Acta Biologica …, 2010 - akademiai.com
We studied the potential role of seed bank in the dynamics of the understorey in a turkey oak-
sessile oak forest (Querceteum petraeae-cerris) in Hungary. We used long-term records of
the herb layer (1973–2006) and the seed bank composition of 2006 to assess the role of ...
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SL Hall, CD Barton… - Restoration Ecology, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Typical reclamation practices in the central Appalachian coal region often use compacted spoils
as a topsoil replacement, and these soils are revegetated with aggressive grasses and
legumes. This restoration approach results in an herbaceous-dominated landscape with ...
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[PDF] from unalmed.edu.coLS Castillo… - Biotropica, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Early forest gap regeneration may be generated by postdisturbance seed rain and by seed, seedling
or bud banks (ie., resprouting). The relative importance of each process may depend on several
factors (eg., fruit/seed production, abundance and behavior of seed dispersers, gap ...
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HP Rusterholz, C Verhoustraeten… - Environmental Management, 2011 - Springer
Abstract Exposed limestone cliffs in central Europe harbor a highly divers flora with many
rare and endangered species. During the past few decades, there has been increasing
recreational use of these cliffs, which has caused local environmental disturbances. ...
SA Shiflett, JC Naumann… - The 94th ESA Annual …, 2009 - eco.confex.com
In order to develop an ecologically based maritime forest restoration plan, relationships between
current community composition and the soil seed bank were investigated in an abandoned agricultural
field on Virginia's Eastern Shore. An adjacent maritime forest, which was quantified in a ...
KE Stark, A Arsenault… - Plant Ecology, 2008 - Springer
Abstract In order to assess the effects of disturbance on soil seed bank spatial structure,
variation in seed bank species composition was analyzed at two spatial scales in mature
(undisturbed) and recently disturbed stands of Interior Douglas-fir forest in south-central ...
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YAK Honu… - Natural Areas Journal, 2008 - BioOne
Abstract Non-native species are often abundant in the vegetation of forest edges,
decreasing in abundance with distance into the forest interior. Regenerative strategies such
as the seed rain and seed bank were expected to exhibit a similar pattern of decrease ...
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[CITATION] Soil seed bank in a North-Hungarian oak forest.

G Koncz, M Papp, P Török… - Természetvédelmi …, 2009 - Magyar Biologiai Tarsasag
JM Li, HL Xu, ZJ Zhang, M Ye… - … sheng tai yan jiu suo zhu …, 2008 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
An investigation was made on the standing vegetation and soil seed bank in desert riparian forest
in lower reaches of Tarim River under effects of river-flooding. The results showed that the standing
vegetation in non-flooded and flooded sites was composed of 14 species in 13 genera of ...
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[PDF] from oregonstate.eduG Snider - 2010 - scholarsarchive.library.oregonstate. …
Gabrielle Snider for the dual degree of Master of Science in Forest Science and Forest Resources
presented on March 17, 2010. Title: Aboveground Vegetation and Viable Seed Bank of a Dry
Mixed-Conifer Forest at a Wildland-Urban Interface in Washington State
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Y HUANG, X MA, K ZHUANG, M LIU… - Journal of Tropical and …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
To understand the natural regeneration of Cyclobananopsis chungii nature forest,seed rain and
soil seed bank of a C.chungii forest in Minqing C.chungii Forest Nature Reserve were
investigated.The results showed that seed rain continued about two months with an ...
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P Baldet, F Colas… - … ., For. Tree Shrub Seed …, 2008 - en.scientificcommons.org
Water activity (aw) measurement is a non destructive, portable and rapid technique to assess
moisture of hygroscopic materials. aw is very close to equilibrium relative humidity (eRH). Both
are reliable indicators of the status of water in compounds like seeds because they are a ...
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[PDF] from unlv.eduSR Abella, JD Springer - 2008 - digitalcommons.library.unlv.edu
This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the School of Environmental & Public
Affairs at University Libraries. It has been accepted for inclusion in Faculty Publications
(SEPA) by an authorized administrator of University Libraries. For more information, ...
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H XU, JM LI, ZJ Zhang, M YE… - Journal of Desert Research, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
Experiments for two years on seed bank germination were conducted in nineteen plots at four
typical transects under different vegetation degradation levels along the lower reaches of Tarim
River in Xinjiang,aiming to study the relation between standing vegetation and soil seed ...
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W MA, J XUE, X BU… - Chinese Journal of Ecology, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
Soil seed bank is an important part of the study of Karst Mountains,especially for the
structure,function,and dynamics of vegetations in Karst region.This paper reviewed the methodologies
and main subjects in the study of soil seed bank in this region.Based on a comprehensive ...
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[HTML] from biomedcentral.comA Alzate-Marin, R Ferreira-Ramos… - BMC …, 2011 - biomedcentral.com
The neotropical tree species Aspidosperma polyneuron and Cariniana estrellensis, known as
peroba-rosa and jequitibá-branco respectively, are characteristic of late secondary semideciduous
Atlantic forest in submontane formation. Their wood is widely used for carpentry and ...
H SHI, Y LI, F ZHANG, J ZHANG… - Journal of West China …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
The soil seed bank of Larix potaninii and Quercus aquifoliodes mixed forest in sub-alpine area
of northwest Yunnan was studied using the method of random sampling.The results showed
that the soil bank of the study forest was consisted of 18 plant species which belonging to ...
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L CHEN, J CHENG, H WAN… - Research of Soil and Water …, 2009 - en.cnki.com.cn
A systematic study was conducted to examine the growth condition of the population,the seed
bank in the litter layer,the composition of soil seed bank in the different position on slope and
its quantitative characteristics,vegetative life-form and the similarity with aboveground ...
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OY Martínez, CA Silvia, S Orozco… - The 93rd ESA Annual …, 2008 - eco.confex.com
Seed rain showed a richness of 35 species for Quercus vegetation type, 23 for Abies and 12
for Pinus stands. Registered abundances were 425, 316 and 180 diaspores respectively during
the rainy season. During the dry season richness as well as abundances registered an ...
F Wei - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
Forest ecosystem is one of the important ecosystems on the earth with lots of ecological
function.As the potential community,forest soil seed bank is origin of the plants in forest
ecosystem.The research on soil seed bank is an important subject in plant ecology.Effects ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAJT Braga, JJ Griffith, HN Paiva… - Revista Árvore, 2008 - SciELO Brasil
Considering its potential use in degraded environments, this study characterized the
composition of a seed bank obtained from an area of typical secondary succession on the
Federal University of Viçosa campus. Inferences were made whether this indicator reflects ...
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[PDF] from cbe-pan.plM WÓDKIEWICZ… - Pol. J. Ecol, 2010 - pol.j.ecol.cbe-pan.pl
ABSTRACT: We studied an old growth de- ciduous forest seed bank to examine how its po- tential
role in regeneration is shaped by natural forest environment. Our research questions were: is
the spatial pattern of seed bank influenced by local variation in elevation, soil moisture ...
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[PDF] from krakow.plM WÓDKIEWICZ… - Acta Soc. Bot. Pol, 2010 - ib-pan.krakow.pl
In spite of several decades of intensive research on seed banks, temperate deciduous forest
seed banks are still incompletely studied. Majority of seed bank literature is concerned with arable
and open communities (Thompson et al. 1997; Jensen 1998; Caballero et al. 2003; ...
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W Yizi - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2008 - en.cnki.com.cn
[Objective] The aim of the research was to discuss the soil seed bank of Drepanostachyum luodianense
community under different forest stands.[Method] Soil was collected from the well-preserved
natural forest and artificial forest of D.luodianense in Karst area for the germination ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAMF Nóbrega, SV Valeri, RC Paula… - Revista Árvore, 2009 - SciELO Brasil
The objective of this study was to evaluate qualitative and quantitatively the seed bank of
two natural forest remainders, one Eucalyptus robusta plantation and three reforestation
areas with native species, located in a riparian area of Mogi-Guaçu River floodplain, in ...
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AMF Nóbrega, SV Valeri, RC Paula… - … árvore-Sociedade de …, 2009 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... Titulo: Banco de sementes de remanescentes naturais e de áreas reflorestadas em uma Várzea
do rio Mogi-Guaçu SP.[Seed bank of natural forest remainders and reforestation areas in a
mogi-guaçu river floodplain, luiz Antônio County, Sao Paulo state, Brazil]. ...
[HTML] from scielo.brBD Rodrigues, SV Martins… - Revista Árvore, 2010 - SciELO Brasil
Este estudo teve por objetivo testar a viabilidade da transposição da serapilheira e do banco
de sementes do solo como metodologia de restauração florestal de áreas degradadas. Amostras
de 1x1 mdeserapilheira e de solo superficial foram coletadas num fragmento de floresta ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAM Neto, SH Kunz, SV Martins, KA Silva… - Revista Árvore, 2010 - SciELO Brasil
This study had as its objective to compare the transposition of the soil seed bank of two
successional stages of Seasonal Semideciduous Forest for a Melinis Minutiflora P. Beauv
site, in an abandoned pasture of the Mata do Paraíso Forest Reserve, Viçosa, MG. Ten ...
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L Ebrecht… - Forstarchiv, 2008 - forstarchiv.de
Kurzfassung: Die Artenzusammensetzung der aktuellen Vegetation wird nach (Boden-)Störungen
unter anderem durch das Reservoir der Bodensamenbank mitbestimmt. Als Störung wird in diesem
Artikel das Befahren von Wäldern auf Rückegassen untersucht. In drei Bestandestypen in ...
李吉玫, 张占江… - 应用生态学报, 2008 - scholar.ilib.cn
... flooding. 添加收藏. 河水漫溢对塔里木河下游荒漠河岸林地表植被与土壤种子库的影响
Characteristics of standing vegetation and soil seed bank in desert riparian forest
in lower reaches of Tarim River under effects of river-flooding. ...


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