مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - forest seed ecology

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

HG Abbott… - Ecology, 1970 - JSTOR
Typical seed caches made in the fall of the year by white-footed mice (Peromyscus
leucopus) and red-backed voles (Clethrionomys gapperi) contained 20-30 pine seeds,
buried beneath the litter of pine needles and in contact with mineral soil. Many caches ...
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E Khurana… - Environmental conservation, 2001 - Cambridge Univ Press
Dry forests are among the most threatened ecosys- tems and have been extensively converted
into grasslands, secondary forest, savanna or agricultural land. Knowledge of seed germination
and seedling establishment is required for the success of efforts on restoration of these ...
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GJ Ray… - Restoration ecology, 1994 - Wiley Online Library
Seed Ecology of Woody Species in a Caribbean Dry Forest Gary J. Ray1 Becky J. Brown2 Abstract
Peak flowering activity among woody species in the tropical dry forests of St. John, US Virgin
Islands, coincided with the brief spring rainy season but con- tinued at moderate levels for ...
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[PDF] from ias.ac.inE Khurana… - Current Science, 2001 - ias.ac.in
Seed and seedling traits vary strongly across the tropical forest biome to cope with the variations
in the distribution and amount of rainfall, light, tem- perature and soil nutrient regimes, and the
intensity of predation and disturbance. Proportion of species producing dormant seeds ...
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A Sinha… - Biotropica, 1992 - JSTOR
Fecundity and seed dispersal of Lophopetalum wightianum. Wight (Celastraceae), a wind
dispersed canopy tree species, were studied in the rain forests of the Western Ghats, India.
The effects of fruit crop size, seed characteristics, tree height, and wind speed on seedfall ...
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JA Powell - 1997 - opensigle.inist.fr
... Title: The ecology of forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis Matschie 1900) in
Banyang-Mbo and Korup forests, Cameroon with particular reference to their role as seed
dispersal agents. Authors: Powell, JA Cambridge Univ. (United Kingdom). Issue Date: 1997. ...
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[PDF] from cas.cnY Yu, JM Baskin, CC Baskin, Y Tang… - Plant Ecology, 2008 - Springer
Abstract We compared various aspects of the seed biology of eight non-pioneer tree species
from a tropical seasonal rain forest in Xishuangbanna, SW China, that differ in time of
dispersal, size and fresh seed moisture content (MC). Seeds were tested for germination ...
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ML Khan… - Indian J. Forest, 1987 - kbd.kew.org
... Detailed result. return to summary results page. Khan ML, Tripathi RS. 1987 Ecology
of forest trees of Meghalaya. Seed germination and survival and growth of Albizia
lebbeck seedlings in nature Indian J. Forest. 10. 38-43. En ...
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MH Bender, JM Baskin… - Plant Ecology, 2003 - Springer
The seed germination of Polymnia canadensis was studied in relation to its wide variation in
life history and its ecology as a mostly facultative biennial, a life cycle type that is rare in
stable forest habitats in eastern North America. The seed dormancy and germination ...
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[PDF] from uky.eduAE Sautu - 2004 - archive.uky.edu
The Panama Canal Watershed (PCW) represents a special opportunity for studies related to
seed dormancy in the tropics with both applied and basic research objectives. There is a clear
need for seed information for nursery planning in restoration projects that involves use of ...
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[PDF] from tropecol.comD Teketay - Tropical Ecology, 2005 - tropecol.com
Abstract: A series of events occur starting from the process of flowering up to the development
of mature forest vegetation in the dry Afromontane forests of Ethiopia. Given time, the mature
forest vegetation undergoes a series of changes, which are prompted by different types of ...
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P De Frenne, BJ Graae, A Kolb, A Shevtsova… - …, 2011 - Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library. EcographyEarly View, Article first published online: 8 JUL 2010. ...
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BA Rowe - 2007 - eco.confex.com
Seed ecology studies are an important resource for understanding the regeneration dynamics
occurring in forest systems. Information gained from this study will assist in developing comprehensive
restoration strategies needed to preserve Hawaii's threatened forests. I examined the ...
MR Guariguata-Urbano - The Association for Tropical Biology & …, 1998 - orton.catie.ac.cr
Center of International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Box 6596, JKPWB, Jakarta, ID E-mail:
mguarigu@catie.ac.cr. ... The Association for Tropical Biology & Annual Meeting of the American
Institute of Biological Sciences. Abstracts, Baltimore, MD, US, August 2-6, 1998, ...
M CORONADO… - Seed biology: advances and …, 2000 - books.google.com
36 Seed Ecology at the Northern Limit of the Tropical Rain Forest in America C.
AND AI BATIS Institute de Ecologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, ...
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MT Xishan… - journal.kib.ac.cn
Dynamics of the seed bank of Cyclobalanopsis glaucoides was studied with random sampling
and burying seeds in C.glaucoides forest on the Xishan Mountain in Kunming.Insects laid their
eggs inside young seeds,When eggs developed into worms,they ate inside seeds and ...

R Dajoz - 1980 - agris.fao.org
... Titles, [Ecology of forest insects [The forest in France, climatic and edaphic factors. Injurious insects;
leaf-dwelling Psocoptera; leaf-eater Lepidoptera; processionary beetles; Tenthredes, Coleoptera
and Diptera; sap suckers: scales and aphids; gall forming insects; fruit and seed ...
[PDF] from ohiolink.eduU CARLSSON-GRANER, T ELMQVIST… - We hereby approve the … - etd.ohiolink.edu
22 Literature Cited ANDERSON, AB, OVERAL, WL & HENDERSON, A. 1988. Pollination ecology
of a forest-dominated palm (Orbignya phalerata Mart.) in northern Brazil. Biotropica 20: 192-
205. BAROT, S. & GIGNOUX, J. 1999. Population structure and life cycle of Borassus ...
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EA Oquias - 1982 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, XB8210810. Titles, Foraging ecology of seed feeding
ants on secondary forest and grassland ecosystems in Mt. Makiling [Los Banos, Laguna,
Philippines]. Personal Authors, Oquias, EA. Corporate ...
VB Colán Colán - 1995 - orton.catie.ac.cr
En Florencia, San Carlos, Costa Rica, se estudió un bosque secundario de 28 años de edad
con el fin de determinar algunos factores que pueden afectar el establecimiento de Cordia
alliodora, Goethalsia meiantha, Rollinia microsepala, Simarouba amara, Vochysia ...
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D Janzen… - orton.catie.ac.cr
... 1 / 1 Seleccione referencia / Select reference. Signatura: CE, 232.3, .J35. Autor: Janzen,
D.; Vasquez-Yanes, C. Título: Tropical forest seed ecology: its relevance in tropical wildland
forest management. P. imprenta: Mexico (Mexico). [1986]. 23 p. ...
K Seiwa, A Watanabe, T Saitoh, H Kanno… - Forest Ecology and …, 2002 - elibrary.ru
[FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 164 (2002) 149-156]. ...
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VB Colán-Colán - orton.catie.ac.cr
Tesis, Mag. Sc, Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza, Turrialba (Costa
Rica). Ecología de frutos y semillas de seis especies maderables en un bosque húmedo tropical
secundario de Costa Rica y posibilidades de conversión del rodal en fuente semillera. ...
[HTML] from uni-wuerzburg.deA Pfrommer - 2009 - opus.bibliothek.uni-wuerzburg.de
Leonia cymosa (Violaceae) ist ein Baum der unteren Waldschicht im Amazonischen
Regenwald. Meine Probenflächen befanden sich in der „Reserva Faunistica Cuyabeno“ im
nord-östlichen Ecuador: Meine Untersuchung hatte das Ziel, die Variation von ...
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KM Region… - journal.kib.ac.cn
This study compared the germination characteristics of 11 woody species from a Karst landscape
in Bijie, Guizhou Province. The results showed that: seeds of Rhus chinensis、Quercus
fabri、Hypericum kouytcheouense、Platycarya strobilacea、Pyracantha fortuneana ...
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