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CK Waje, SY Jun, YK Lee, BN Kim, DH Han, C Jo… - Food Control, 2009 - Elsevier
The microbiological quality of fresh sprouts and their seeds and the potential use of electron
beam and gamma irradiation in inactivating inoculated pathogens in both samples were
evaluated. High levels of aerobic bacteria and coliforms were enumerated in sprouts. Red ...
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[PDF] from sipeaa.itM Aguilera, M Querci, S Pastor, G Bellocchi… - Food Analytical …, 2009 - Springer
Abstract The objective of the present study was to assess the applicability of the MON 810 5′
event-specific method validated by the Community Reference Laboratory for Genetically Modified
Food and Feed that is commonly used for quantitative purposes. This 5′ ...
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A Buchholz… - Letters in applied microbiology, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Methods and Results: Alfalfa seeds were inoculated with Salmonella Stanley to achieve c. 5
log CFU g −1 . Seeds were then treated with 1 or 3% peroxyacetic acid or 20 000 ppm calcium
hypochlorite for 15 min in a commercial seed washer that uses air to enhance contact of ...
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[CITATION] Deployment of novel endophytes in the commercial seed trade

JH Bouton - Tall fescue for the twenty-first century. Agron. Monogr, 2009
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[PDF] from um.ac.irM Khajeh-Hosseini, A Lomholt… - Seed Science and …, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
... & Technol., 37, 446-456 Mean germination time in the laboratory estimates the relative
vigour and field performance of commercial seed lots of maize (Zea mays L.) M.
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M Aguilera, M Querci, B Balla, A Prospero… - Food Analytical …, 2008 - Springer
Abstract Maize MON 810 is one of the European Union's (EU) authorized genetically modified
organisms (GMO) for placing on the food and feed market. The total number of MON 810 varieties
registered in the European Common Catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species ...
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[CITATION] Application of parents by selection for basic and commercial seed efficiency in tropical tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta Drury (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). …

RM Reddy, MK Sinha, G Hansda… - J. Entomol, 2009
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[PDF] from oregonstate.eduJ Bouton - Tall fescue for the twenty-first century, 2009 - books.google.com
20 Deployment of Novel Endophytes in the Tall Fescue Commercial Seed Trade Joe Bouton
Forage Improvement Division, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK The novel
endophyte [Neotyphodium coenophialum (Morgan-Jones and Gams) Glenn, Bacon, and ...
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[PDF] from icrisat.orgKN Rai, CT Hash, AK Singh… - 2008 - openaccess.icrisat.org
Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) is a major cereal grown on about 25 million
hectares, primarily for grain production, in the arid and semi-arid tropical (SAT) regions of Africa
and Asia. It is also valued for its stover (dry straw after grain harvest) and green forage. ...
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AC Carciofi, LF Sanfilippo, LD Oliveira… - Proceedings of the …, 2007 - cabdirect.org
... This subscription does not give access to all CABI Full Text products, please read the
CABI Instant Access FAQs for more information. Buy Instant Access ». Title Evaluation
of a commercial seed mixture for parrots: adaptation to the diet. ...

LD Oliveira, AC Carciofi, LF Sanfilippo… - Proceedings of the …, 2007 - cabdirect.org
... This subscription does not give access to all CABI Full Text products, please read the
CABI Instant Access FAQs for more information. Buy Instant Access ». Title Composition
and digestibility of a commercial seed mixture in parrots. ...

RR Walcott, AC Castro… - Seed Science and …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... Over the past decade many polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based seed health assays
have been reported (Schaad and Frederick, 2002; Walcott, 2003), but to date, these have
not been widely adopted by commercial seed testing agencies. ...
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[HTML] from nih.govL Qu, X Wang, Y Chen, R Scalzo… - … : a publication of the …, 2005 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Seed germination patterns were studied in E. purpurea (L.) Moench grouped by seed
source, one group of seven lots from commercially cultivated populations and a second group
of nine lots regenerated from ex situ conserved wild populations. Germination tests were ...
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G Werquin, KJS De Cock… - Journal of animal …, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
In this paper, an overview is given of the composition of 30 commercially available parrot seed
mixtures. As parrots dehull the seeds, the analysis of the total seed mixture tends to differ from
that of the ingested feed. Statistical evaluation and comparison of the dehulled seeds vs. ...
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[CITATION] Commercial seed treatment technology

P Halmer - Seed technology and its biological …, 2000 - Sheffield Academic Press Sheffield, …
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[PDF] from syngentafoundation.orgR Tripp - symposium Sustainable Agriculture in the Sahel, 2003 - syngentafoundation.org
It is a maxim universally agreed upon in agriculture, that nothing must be done too late; and
again, that everything must be done at its proper season; while there is a third precept which
reminds us that opportunities lost can never be regained.
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[PDF] from cmfri.org.inS Kandan - 2009 - eprints.cmfri.org.in

FR Bidinger, AGB Raj, N Abraha… - Experimental …, 2005 - Cambridge Univ Press
International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, ICRISAT Patancheru PO, AP
502034, India, ‡Department of Agricultural Research and Human Resource Development, PO
Box 4627, Asmara, Eritrea, §Agricultural Research Corporation, Wad Medani, Sudan and ...
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A Anwar, PS van der Zouwen, S Ilyas… - Plant …, 2004 - Am Phytopath Society
In 2002, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Smith) Davis, the causal organism
of bacterial canker of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), was isolated from two of six commercial
asymptomatic tomato seed lots produced on Java in Indonesia. C. michiganensis subsp. ...
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LJ Latham… - Australian journal of agricultural research, 2001 - CSIRO
... In tests on seed samples from Western Australia of 30 commercial seed stocks of field pea, 11
of faba bean, and 50 of chickpea, PSbMV was detected in 11, 1, and 1, respectively; CMV in 1,
1, and 3; BYMV in 3, 1, and 0; and AMV in 0, 0, and 1. This appears to be the first record ...
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R Hadas, M Pearlsman, T Gefen, O Lachman… - Phytoparasitica, 2004 - Springer
... A positive ELISA threshold (1.3 times above the non-specific background) was set for seed
samples taken from commercial seed lots by testing the same samples by both ELISA and
a bioassay. KEY WORDS: Bioassay; ELISA; thresholds; Tobamovirus. ...
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B Krautzer, W Graiss, G Peratoner… - Land use systems in …, 2004 - cabdirect.org
In most cases commercial seed mixtures containing varieties of lowland species are used for
resowing at high altitudes. However, in recent years, special seed mixtures containing a high
percentage of site-specific species have become available on the market. Using data of ...
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[PDF] from fcla.eduJR BONINA - 2005 - etd.fcla.edu
... 1975), and seed-coat puncture (Sung 1996). Commercial seed priming was introduced in the
1970s and is currently the most common method used in research and industry (Cantliffe 2000). ...
1975) and seed coat puncture (Sung 1996). Commercial seed priming is currently the ...
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[PDF] from ncsu.eduLMN Forehand - 2005 - repository.lib.ncsu.edu
... germination percentage of each seed species. Results of this study will help growers
more critically evaluate commercial seed mixtures for application in organic insect pest
management. Materials and Methods Commercial Sources. ...
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[HTML] from wur.nlPC Struik, J Nowak… - XXVI International Horticultural …, 2002 - actahort.org
Page 1. 419 Micropropagation Technology in Early Phases of Commercial Seed
Potato Production K. Pruski Department of Plant & Animal Sciences Nova Scotia
Agricultural College, Truro, NS Canada B2N 5E3 PC Struik Plant ...
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PA Crockett, PL Bhalla, CK Lee… - Genome, 2000 - nrcresearchpress.com
... contamination with self-inbred (sib) seeds. The grow-out trial is a com- monly used
method for seed purity analysis by commercial seed enterprises (Ballester and de
Vicente 1998). The trial consists of growing a representative ...
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M Khajeh Hosseini - Twenty seventh International Seed Testing …, 2004 - profdoc.um.ac.ir
... Title : ( A comparative study of the germination characteristics of Wild Flower Seeds in Commercial
Seed Production ). Mohammad Khajeh Hosseini , A. Powell , G. Laverack , Full Text. Abstract.
The demand for, and production of, wild flower seeds has increased in recent years. ...
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G Balmelli - IUFRO Forest Genetics for the Next Millennium, 2000, …, 2000 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Genetic parameter estimates for growth traits in Eucalyptus
grandis: some implications for breeding and commercial seed production. Balmelli,
G. Record number, UY2006005749. Conference, IUFRO Forest ...
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E De Palma, VV Bianco… - V International Congress on …, 2003 - actahort.org
Abstract Usually artichoke is vegetatively propagated. This method often causes
physiological, pathological and economically disadvantages. Some of them can be avoided,
or reduced, by seed propagation. Commercial seed grown artichoke hybrids are recently ...
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[DOC] from arizona.eduRC Bhujel, WA Turner, A Yakupitiyage… - Proceedings of the Fifth …, 2000 - ag.arizona.edu
The trial showed that 25% of the total females used (5,980) did not spawn within the pre-selection
period of 35 days, while some spawned once and others twice. The non-spawner (0-S),
one-time spawner (1-S) and two-time spawner (2-S) groups were compared for their ...
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M Sarwar - Science Technology and Development (Pakistan), 2002 - agris.fao.org
Sugarcane is multiplied vegetatively, a process which is very slow in nature for the seed-increase
of a new variety. Plant Tissue Culture is being used in the world for the seed-increase of a new
varietal release. Among many branches of this technology, meristem/tip/shoot culture is ...

CR Mohanty… - Proceedings of the state level seminar on …, 2002 - cabdirect.org
This paper describes the classification of flowering crops into winter, summer and rainy season
annuals, and provides a list of annuals as potential inbreeders and outbreeders. Emphasis is
given for the technological requirements of the commercial production, harvesting, ...

[CITATION] Pollen Competition in Silver Birch (Betula Pendula Roth): An Evolutionary Perspective and Implications for Commercial Seed Production

HL Pasonen - 2000 - University of Jyväskylä
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ED Guzman, MG Gaspar, SC Cardenas, E Ladia… - 2001 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, PH2002000168. Titles, Technology adaptation and commercial
seed production of PSB Rc 72 (H) in Region 2, [Cagayan Valley] Philippines. Personal Authors,
Guzman, ED (Department of Agriculture, San Mateo, Isabela (Philippines). ...

S Kumar - Potato Journal, 2001 - indianjournals.com
[ij] [ij] [ij]. Users online: 632, Email id Password. Journal Home. Current Issue. Archive.
TOC. Prev Article. Next Article. Registration. Subscribe. Editorial Board. Aims & Scope.
Author Guidelines. News & Events. Subscribe TOC Alerts.

R Karuppaiyan… - Madras Agricultural Journal, 2000 - cabdirect.org
In a study conducted during kharif 1996 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, attempts were made
to produce large quantities of hybrid seeds by hand emasculation (performed between 15.00
and 18.00 h) and pollination method (performed between 6.00 and 9.00 h), with VRI.1 ...

VP Kapoor - Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research, 2000 - cabdirect.org
... fine structure. The results indicate that 'pink' cassia gum possesses useful non-ionic
properties comparable to those of other existing commercial seed gums and it could
be exploited for industrial utilization. KNOWLEDGE FOR ...
BL Direct

PJJ van Vuuren… - ACTA HORTICULTURAE, 2000 - actahort.org
... All experiments were conducted in the facilities at Technikon Pretoria, South Africa.
Hermetically sealed seeds of Verbena were collected during March 1997. All seeds were
from a standard commercial seed lot, representing the variety 'Romance'. ...
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B Anderson, M Tramell, M Phillips… - … /Reports of the …, 2000 - cabdirect.org
... commercial counterparts. Yields were highly variable during the sowing year, with
large differences between seed types. "Experimental" generation seeds tended to
produce higher yields than commercial seed. In fact, differences ...
All 2 versions


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