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[PDF] from usda.govS Goslee, M Sanderson… - 2009 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
Fallowing is widely used in New Zealand and elsewhere to encourage pasture regeneration
(Nie et al., 1999). In the most common form of pasture fallowing, a pasture is left ungrazed during
part or all of the usual grazing season. At the end of the fallowing period, the standing ...
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[CITATION] The Effects of Pasture Fallowing on the Seed Bank and Forage Species Composition

S Goslee, M Sanderson… - American Forage and Grassland Council …, 2009
[PDF] from uniss.itA Franca, G Seddaiu, F Sanna… - Italian Journal of …, 2008 - eprints.uniss.it
Franca, Antonello; Seddaiu, Giovanna; Sanna, Federico; Caredda, Salvatore (2008) The Seed
bank dynamics as a tool for evaluating the pasture improvement efficiency in a Mediterranean
environment. Italian Journal of Agronomy, Vol. 3 (3 Suppl.), p. 371-372. ISSN 1125-4718.
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[CITATION] Tapping into the pasture seed bank

MA Sanderson - Popular Publication, 2006
[PDF] from gtoe.deRW Myster - Ecotropica, 2006 - gtoe.de
INTRODUCTION The conversion of tropical forests for pasture and agri- culture is the main cause
of deforestation in the Neotropics (Uhl et al. 1988, Fearnside 1993), and hence recovery of these
areas after abandonment affects critical tropical social and ecological issues (Borhidi ...
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[PDF] from uu.nlM Hoopen… - … and Conservation of Neotropical Montane Oak …, 2006 - Springer
Past tropical deforestation has given rise to landscape mosaics of old-growth fragments, successional
forest patches, crop fields and pasturelands (Lau- rance et al. 1997; Chap. 16). Differently shaped
and sized patches are separated from each other by a variety of edges. At those edges, ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAM Neto, SH Kunz, SV Martins, KA Silva… - Revista Árvore, 2010 - SciELO Brasil
This study had as its objective to compare the transposition of the soil seed bank of two
successional stages of Seasonal Semideciduous Forest for a Melinis Minutiflora P. Beauv
site, in an abandoned pasture of the Mata do Paraíso Forest Reserve, Viçosa, MG. Ten ...
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[PDF] from uah.esA López-Pintor, T Espigares… - Plant Ecology, 2003 - Springer
Retama sphaerocarpa is a leguminous shrub whose important role in the semi-arid regions
of south-eastern Spain has already been assessed: shrub canopies reduce light intensity,
and thus evapotranspiration; also their extensive radical system take water and nutrients ...
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[PDF] from umm.ac.idA López-Mariño, E Luis-Calabuig, F Fillat… - Agriculture, Ecosystems …, 2000 - Elsevier
The floristic composition of the established vegetation and the soil seed bank in seven
herbaceous communities under different traditional management regimes were compared in
the Valdeón valley (Picos de Europa, Spain), a valley chosen for study because of its high ...
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P Ferrandis, JM Herranz… - Ecoscience, 2001 - csa.com
The impact of fire on the viability of the entire soil seed bank in a Mediterranean pasture
dominated by weeds originating from arable fields, and its recovery in the first post-fire year,
were investigated. Soil samples were excavated separately in 0-2 cm and 2-5 cm deep ...
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JE Malo, B Jiménez… - Ecography, 1995 - Wiley Online Library
The importance of endozoochorous dispersal in seed bank build-up is analyzed in artificial 40
x 40 cm disturbances in a Mediterranean pasture The top 10 cm of soil in the disturbances was
replaced by stcnle soil, and the excrement laid m half of them was removed fortnightly ...
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[HTML] from regional.org.auJ Virgona… - … of the 9th Australian Agronomy Conference …, 1998 - regional.org.au
Can grazing management be used to change the composition of the germinable seedbank to
encourage the recruitment of desirable perennial species? To answer this question various pasture
rest and a hay cut treatments were compared to a set stocked control over three years in a ...
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L Russi, PS Cocks… - Seed Science Research, 1992 - Cambridge Univ Press
Abstract Six pasture legumes, common in Syrian grass- lands, were investigated. Medicago orbicularis
and M. rotata had the largest number of hard seeds, with >90% still hard 5 months after
shedding; Trifolium stellatum had the least with < 30% of hard seeds, T. campestre, M. ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brDSM Silva… - Planta Daninha, 2001 - SciELO Brasil
The objective of this work was to study the soil seed bank of a four-year-old Brachiaria
brizantha pasture soil, and in pasture soils of four, 15 and 20 year-old Brachiaria humidicola,
in northeastern Pará, Brazil, to evaluate the influence of the forage species and pasture ...
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C Alzugaray, MS Vilche, PS Torres… - Revista Pastos ( …, 1999 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Revista Pastos (Jun 1999). The influence of pasture
longevity and tillage systems on the soil seed bank. ...

PDF] Weeds seed bank changes for annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum Gaudin) and other species under a range of farm management practices on the Liverpool …

[PDF] from caws.org.auS Narwal, BM Sindel, RS Jessop… - 15th Australian Weeds …, 2006 - caws.org.au
Summary The soil weed seed bank is recognised as the primary source of weed infestations
on arable land. Knowledge of the weed seed bank dynamics for indi- vidual species would therefore
be helpful in designing an integrated weed management program. Farm man- agement ...
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[PDF] from kacst.edu.saAM Assaeed… - Arid Land Research and Management, 2002 - Taylor & Francis
Knowledge of the dynamics of soil seed bank in rangelands is important in planning for
range management and improvement. A three-year study of soil seed bank was conducted
in an area infested with Rhazya stricta Decne. The object of the study was to evaluate ...
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Studies have shown that more than 250000 plant species growing around the world. Understanding
of how many plant species could give well service to all of human, animals and environmental
needs is not too easy. Plant breeder's successfulness is related to variation within and ...
H Bagheri… - 2002 - agris.fao.org
Agriculture and seed production had a key role in the previous civilization. Nowadays more than
80 percent feed requirements of human societies is depend on plants and their seeds,especially
cereals.As population and feed requirements are increasing ,genetic potential of different ...
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JM Harmon… - Research paper PNW-RP (USA), 1995 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, US9552169. Titles, Seed rain and seed bank of third- and
fifth-order streams on the western slope of the cascade range. Personal Authors, Harmon, JM
(Oregon, State University, Corvallis, OR.),Franklin, JF. Publication Date, Apr 1995. AGRIS Subj ...
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MA ABDULAZIZ… - 2002 - 万方数据资源系统
... 盒报告质量沙漠数据压缩值域重金属. 首页 > NSTL 期刊 > Arid land research and
management. Soil seed bank of a desert range site infested with Rhazya stricta in
Raudhat al-Khafs, Saudi Arabia. DOI:, 10.1080/153249802753365340. ...

[CITATION] Seed rain and seed bank of third-and fifth-order streams on the western slope of the Cascade Range. Res. Pap

JM Harmon… - 1995 - PNW-RP-480. Portland, OR: US …
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[CITATION] Seed rain and seed bank of third-and fifth-order streams on the western slope of the Cascade Range. United States Department of Agriculture Forest …

J Harmon… - Pacific Northwest Research Station. PNW-RP-480, 1995
JM Harmon… - 1995 - osti.gov
The authors compared the composition and density of the on-site vegetation, seed bank, and
seed rain of three geomorphic and successional surfaces along third- and fifth- order streams
on the western slope of the Cascade Range in Oregon. The on-site vegetation generally ...


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