مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Effects of smoke on seed germination

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

[HTML] from plantphysiol.orgDC Nelson, JA Riseborough, GR Flematti… - Plant …, 2009 - Am Soc Plant Biol
Discovery of the primary seed germination stimulant in smoke, 3-methyl-2H-furo[2,3-c]pyran-2
-one (KAR 1 ), has resulted in identification of a family of structurally related plant growth
regulators, karrikins. KAR 1 acts as a key germination trigger for many species from fire- ...
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ME Light, BV Burger, D Staerk… - Journal of natural …, 2010 - ACS Publications
Smoke plays an intriguing role in promoting the germination of seeds of many species
following a fire. Recently, a bicyclic compound containing a condensed butenolide moiety, 3-
methyl-2 H-furo [2, 3-c] pyran-2-one (1), was reported as a potent germination promoter ...
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SD Dayamba, M Tigabu, L Sawadogo… - Forest Ecology and …, 2008 - Elsevier
Fire-related cues (smoke and heat) contribute largely to changes in vegetation communities
in fire prone habitats. The germination responses of seeds of species from Combretaceae,
Leguminosae and Poaceae to smoke, heat or their interaction were examined. Half of the ...
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[HTML] from oxfordjournals.orgCL Briggs… - Annals of botany, 2008 - Annals Botany Co
Key Results Twenty-three per cent of untreated seeds germinated; heat shock and smoke increased
germination additively up to approx. 80 % for both cues combined. Lucifer Yellow did not penetrate
fully through the seed coat of untreated seeds, whether diffusing inwards or outwards. ...
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MR Abdollahi, B Mehrshad… - Seed Science and …, 2011 - ingentaconnect.com
Abdollahi, MR, Mehrshad, B. and Moosavi, SS (2011), Seed Sci. & Technol., 39, 225-229 ...
Effect of method of seed treatment with plant derived smoke solutions on germination and seedling
growth of milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.) ... MR ABDOLLAHI, B. MEHRSHAD AND SS ...
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S Zuloaga-Aguilar, O Briones… - Acta Oecologica, 2011 - Elsevier
In many fire-prone ecosystems, seed germination is triggered by heat shock, smoke, ash
and charred wood. However, few studies concerning the effect of these fire products on the
germination of tropical and subtropical species exist. We assessed the effect of fire ...
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K Williams, JC Stevens, SR Turner… - The 94th ESA Annual …, 2009 - eco.confex.com
Smoke stimulates seed germination in over 1200 plant species (>80 genera) and is partially
responsible for the abundant germination observed after fire. Previous work has suggested that
seed dormancy alters the effectiveness of smoke in stimulating germination. Beyond that, ...
SR TURNER, DJ MERRITT, MS RENTON… - Austral …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
Germination of freshly collected seeds of three sympatric herbaceous species native to fire-prone
environments in south-western Australia was significantly improved through the application of
novel combinations of dry heat, gibberellic acid, smoke water and dry afterripening. For ...
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[PDF] from redcruzdelsur.clS Gómez-González, A Sierra-Almeida… - Forest Ecology and …, 2008 - Elsevier
Studies performed in the fire-prone Mediterranean-type climate shrublands of Australia,
California, and South Africa have shown that plant-derived smoke enhances seed
germination in many species. Unlike other areas with similar climate, central Chile stands ...
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MT Waters, SM Smith… - Plant signaling & behavior, 2011 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
The Arabidopsis thaliana F-box protein MAX2 has been discovered in four separate genetic
screens, indicating that it has roles in leaf senescence, seedling photosensitivity, shoot
outgrowth, and seed germination. Both strigolactones and karrikins can regulate A. ...
S Tsuyuzaki… - Plant Biology, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
The effects of smoke, heat, darkness and cold stratification on seed germination were examined
for 40 species with various life history attributes. These species establish in early successional
stages on a volcano and are distributed in cool temperate zones of northern Japan. ...
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SD Dayamba, L Sawadogo, M Tigabu… - … , Functional Ecology of …, 2010 - Elsevier
Smoke generated by burning of plant materials has widely been recognized as a
germination cue for some species from both fire prone and fire-free ecosystems. It is an
important factor for the understanding of vegetation dynamics and could have potential ...
Cited by 6 - Related articles - All 6 versions
MI Daws, HW Pritchard… - South African Journal of Botany, 2008 - Elsevier
The main germination active compound in smoke, 3-methyl-2H-furo [2, 3-c] pyran-2-one
(butenolide), has structural similarities with strigolactones that function as germination
stimulants for root parasitic plants such as Orobanche spp. and Striga spp.( ...
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GJ Farley, SW Adkins… - Native Seed Biology, 2011 - espace.library.uq.edu.au
Farley, GJ, Adkins, SW and Mulligan, DR (2005). Water and oxygen uptake in Themeda Triandra
Forssk. Seeds following dormancy breaking with smoke water solution SW Adkins, PJ Ainsley
and et al., Proceedings of the fifth Australian workshop on native seed biology. Native ...
Cached - All 3 versions
HL Lindon… - Castanea, 2008 - BioOne
Studies conducted in many parts of the world over the past 20 yr have shown that smoke can
induce seeds to germinate, especially those of species native to fire-prone habitats. Chemicals
in smoke may signal to the seed that environmental conditions are favorable for its ...
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[HTML] from wssajournals.orgLS Kandari, MG Kulkarni… - Weed Science, 2011 - BioOne
Abstract Solanum viarum, commonly known as tropical soda apple (TSA), is native to Brazil
and Argentina but has become a harmful weed in many countries with tropical climates. This
study was conducted to reassess the seed biology of TSA found in South Africa. Cold ...
SR Abella… - 2009 - digitalcommons.library.unlv.edu
Management of exotic plants that are annuals entails understanding and managing their soil
seed banks. We completed a study of the influences of heat and liquid smoke on red brome
(Bromus rubens) soil seed banks collected from Red Rock Canyon in southern Nevada ...

[CITATION] Smoke-induced seed germination and somatic embryogenesis.

RB Malabadi, GS Mulgund… - Journal of Phytological …, 2009 - Phytological Society
[PDF] from tropecol.comP Raizada… - Trop. Ecol, 2010 - tropecol.com
Abstract: Lantana camara, a native of the New World tropics, has invaded tropical and subtropical
ecosystems across the world. Its growth is stimulated by disturbances such as mild fire,
cutting, pruning, and grazing. We investigated the effects of smoke on seed germination ...
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GR Flematti, EL Ghisalberti, KW Dixon… - Science, 2004 - sciencemag.org
... Published Online 8 July 2004 Science 13 August 2004: Vol. 305 no. 5686 p. 977 DOI:
10.1126/science.1099944. Brevia. A Compound from Smoke That Promotes Seed Germination. ...
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N Jain, V Soos, E Balazs… - Plant Growth Regulation, 2008 - Springer
Abstract A butenolide, 3-methyl-2H-furo [2, 3-c] pyran-2-one, isolated from plant-derived
smoke is responsible for the stimulatory role of smoke or aqueous smoke extracts on seed
germination. The present study aimed at determining the changes induced by the ...
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PB Thomas, EC Morris… - Austral Ecology, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract There is limited understanding of how fire-related cues such as heat shock and smoke
can combine to affect the germination response of seeds from fire-prone vegetation because
combinations of multiple levels of both cues have rarely been investigated. Germination ...
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[PDF] from hindawi.comM Pennacchio, LV Jefferson… - Research Letters in …, 2007 - downloads.hindawi.com
... We conducted four separate seed germination smoke tri- als (Trials 1–4) with A.
thaliana seed. ... The purpose of this trial was to determine the effects of aerosol smoke
on seed in which smoke was continuously acting on the seeds. ...
Cited by 2 - Related articles - View as HTML - All 10 versions
O Reyes… - Annals of Forest Science, 2006 - afs-journal.org
Abstract – This study is centred on Quercus robur, Q. pyrenaica and Q. ilex that have a distribution
area covering all Europe. Fire is a frequent ecological factor in many ecosystems, especially
in those with Mediterranean climates. Our working hypothesis is that fire affects the ...
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LI Yao-long - Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
The paper introduces two types of plant-derived smoke—volatile smoke and aqueous smoke
extracts,emphasizes on the role of plant-derived smoke in promoting the seed germination and
its influencing factors. ... 【Key Words】: Smoke Seed germination Response 【CateGory ...
[PDF] from ekolojidergisi.com.trC TAVSANOGLU - Ekoloji, 2011 - ekolojidergisi.com.tr
Abstract This study investigated the relationship between fire-related cues (heat shock and
smoke) and the germination behaviour of Cistus creticus (Cistaceae) seeds under laboratory
conditions. The seeds were obtained from a long-unburned Pinus brutia Ten. forest ...
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[PDF] from rswa.org.auA Cochrane, L Monks… - Journal of the Royal Society of Western …, 2007 - rswa.org.au
Abstract The seedling emergence method was used to germinate soil samples obtained
from East Yornaning Nature Reserve in the agricultural wheatbelt of Western Australia. Four
treatments (control, aerosol smoke, aqueous smoke and fire) were used to assess ...
View as HTML
N Jain, MG Kulkarni… - Plant growth regulation, 2006 - Springer
Abstract The butenolide, 3-methyl-2H-furo [2, 3-c] pyran-2-one, is an highly active compound
isolated from plant-derived smoke. This compound is known to stimulate seed germination
in a wide range of plants akin to smoke or aqueous extracts of smoke. The present study ...
Cited by 11 - Related articles - All 3 versions

[PDF] from Mackellar - 2011 -
... In recent years research has shown that exposing seed to smoke or smoke solutions results in
increased germination of some, but not all the species tested. ... One of the issues addressed was
whether exposing the seed to smoke would be an effective germination pre-treatment. ...
All 3 versions
J Kępczyński, B Białecka, ME Light… - Plant growth regulation, 2006 - Springer
Abstract Dormant, intact Avena fatua L.(wild oat) seeds germinate poorly at 20° C. Removing
the hulls slightly increased germination. Treatment with smoke solutions increased the
germination of both intact seeds and caryopses. Exogenous GA 3, alone or in the ...
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P Marcello, V Lara - International Journal of Ecology, 2007 - hindawi.com
The role that plant-derived smoke plays in promoting seed germination is well documented, but
little is known about its ability to inhibit seed germination. To better understand this
phenomenon, we tested the effects of eight aerosol smoke treatments on the Columbia-3 ...
Cached - All 2 versions
GH Ma, E Bunn, K Dixon… - In Vitro Cellular & Developmental …, 2006 - Springer
Summary A butenolide (3-methyl-2H-furo [2, 3-c] pyran-2-one, the phyto-active compound
isolated from smoke) was tested for its effect on somatic embryogenesis with an important
species for commercial horticulture, Baloskion tetraphyllum. When somatic embryos of B. ...
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N Zavala - The 94th ESA Annual Meeting, 2009 - eco.confex.com
Seed dormancy is a common trait among plant species that inhabit environments characterized
by periodic disturbance. Dormancy and the cues required for germination allow plants to avoid
unfavorable environmental conditions. In fire-prone ecosystems, many species require ...
PB Thomas, EC Morris… - Austral Ecology, 2003 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract The germination response of seeds from fire-prone vegetation to fire-related cues such
as heat shock and smoke has usually been studied by applying the cues singly. The few studies
that have applied the cues in combination have shown that interactions between the cues ...
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NAC Brown… - South African Journal of Botany, 2004 - nisc.co.za
Abstract: Fynbos is the dominant vegetation of the Cape Floristic Region (CFR), one of world's
richest regions in terms of its biodiversity and a region in which over two-thirds of the plant species
and seven of the plant families are endemics. Many fynbos species from the major ...
Cited by 22 - Related articles - Cached - All 6 versions
ME Light… - South African Journal of Botany (South …, 2004 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, ZA2004000521. Titles, The potential of smoke in seed technology.
Personal Authors, Light, ME,Van Staden, J. (KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg Univ., Scottsville
(South Africa). Plant Growth and Development Research Centre). ...
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[PDF] from vt.eduTM Smith - 2006 - scholar.lib.vt.edu
Page 1. Seed Priming and Smoke Water Effects on Germination and Seed Vigor of Selected
Low-Vigor Forage Legumes Thomas M. Smith ... Page 2. Seed Priming and Smoke Water Effects
on Germination and Seed Vigor of Selected Low-Vigor Forage Legumes Thomas M. Smith ...
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[PDF] from ecologia.itR Crosti… - 2006 - ecologia.it
Mediterranean ecosystem in Italy has a peculiar climate and since historical times the extension
of cultivated lands has heavily transformed most of the original environment. Due to climate,
biogeography and presence of a number of strong environmental constrains, such as fire, ...
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MA Pérez-Fernández… - Journal of Chemical …, 2003 - Springer
The effect of smoke, charred wood, and nitrogenous compounds on germination was tested
on 10 species of the Cistaceae, Poaceae, Fabaceae, and Asteraceae, from fire-prone,
shrubby woodlands in central-western Spain. Dry seeds were exposed to smoke, by ...
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S Razanamandranto, M Tigabu… - Seed Science and …, 2005 - ingentaconnect.com
Razanamandranto, S., Tigabu, M., Sawadogo, L. and Odén, PC (2005), Seed Sci &
Technol., 33, 315-328 ... Seed germination of eight savanna-woodland species from West Africa
in response to different cold smoke treatments ... S. RAZANAMANDRANTO1, M. ...
Cited by 6 - Related articles - BL Direct
NAC Brown, J Van Staden, MI Daws… - South African journal of …, 2003 - cat.inist.fr
De Lange and Boucher(1990) discovered the germination enhancing effect of plant-derived
smoke on seed of fynbos species. This finding has been applied to horticulturally important
fynbos species and to date 301 species have been tested for a response to smoke. ...
Cited by 21 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 7 versions
AJ Willis, R McKay, JA Vranjic… - Ecological …, 2003 - Wiley Online Library
SummaryPimelea spicata R. Br. is a nationally listed endangered Australian shrub threatened
with extinction by habitat fragmentation and environmental weed invasion. Bridal Creeper (Asparagus
asparagoides LW Wight) is the primary weed threat to the largest remaining populations ...
Cited by 21 - Related articles - All 3 versions
S Todorović, Z Giba, S Živković, D Grubišić… - Plant growth …, 2005 - Springer
The germination of Empress tree (Paulownia tomentosa Steud.) seeds is phytochrome-
controlled. Liquid smoke could not induce germination in darkness but red light irradiation of
liquid smoke imbibed seeds induced a high percentage of germination. Maximum ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 3 versions
DP Rokich, KW Dixon… - Restoration …, 2002 - Wiley Online Library
Smoke, canopy-derived mulch, and broadcast seeds were used to maximize the establishment
of Banksia woodland species in sand quarries in Western Australia. Smoke, particularly aerosol
smoke, had a positive effect on total seedling recruitment. Pre-mined (woodland) sites ...
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgA Tieu, KW Dixon, KA Meney… - Annals of …, 2001 - Annals Botany Co
Exposure to high temperatures (40±60 8C) over several days to months (simulating summer
soil conditions) or to extremely high temperatures (80±120 8C) for periods ranging from minutes
to several days (simulating the heat of an extreme fire) promoted germination in five ( ...
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C Boucher… - South African Journal of Botany (South Africa), 2004 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, ZA2004000590. Titles, Determination of the relative activity of
aqueous plant-derived smoke solutions used in seed germination. Personal Authors, Boucher,
C. (Stellenbosch Univ., Matieland (South Africa). Botany Dept.),Meets, M. ...
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ME Light, MJ Gardner, AK Jäger… - Plant growth regulation, 2002 - Springer
The stimulation of seed germination by smoke and aqueous smoke extractshas received
much attention in recent years. However, the mode of action andtheidentity of the active
compound (s) in smoke which promote seed germinationremain unknown. Consequently, ...
Cited by 21 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 4 versions
TJ Wills… - Australian journal of botany, 2002 - CSIRO
... Heat was clearly the most successful treatment for promoting seed germination, followed
by smoked water, then controls, with 55% of species present in the germinable soil seed
bank requiring a heat or smoke stimulus to promote seed germination. ...
Cited by 20 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 4 versions
TR Read, SM Bellairs, DR Mulligan… - Austral Ecology, 2000 - Wiley Online Library
The effects of plant-derived smoke and of heat on the emergence of seedlings from seeds were
assessed. Seeds had been stored in forest topsoil used for mine site rehabilitation. The study
was carried out in a dry sclerophyll, spotted gum (Corymbia maculata), forest community ...
Cited by 56 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 11 versions
CR Bekaardt, PJ Pieterse, JH Coetzee… - 2004 - scholar.sun.ac.za
Guayule seed exhibits poor germination due to natural dormancy that can last from six- to twelve
months after seedset. In an attempt to stimulate seed germination, four guayule seed lines
(AZ101, AZ-3, N565 and 11591) were treated with smoke water as well as gibberellic ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - Cached - BL Direct - All 2 versions
Y Tang, SL Boulter… - Australian journal of botany, 2003 - CSIRO
AXishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mengla, Yunnan
666303, PR China. BEnvironmental Sciences, Rainforest CRC, Griffith University, Nathan, Qld
4111, Australia. CCorresponding author; email: S.Boulter@griffith.edu.au
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[CITATION] A compound from smoke that promotes seed germination. AAAS

GR Flematti, EL Ghisalberti, KW Dixon… - Science Express Brevia. July, 2004
Cited by 1 - Related articles
J van Staden… - South African Journal of Botany, 2004 - nisc.co.za
Abstract: Smoke is an important factor involved in fire and post-fire germination cues. The role
of smoke in stimulating germination was first highlighted in South Africa in a study on Audouinia
capitata, a threatened fynbos species. Further studies on South African fynbos, ...
Cached - All 2 versions
LC Doherty… - Seed Science Research, 2000 - Cambridge Univ Press
A commercial liquid smoke (LS) flavoring product (Reese Hickory brand) in aqueous dilutions
of 4–5% (v/v) broke dormancy (40–100% germination) of both intact and dehulled red rice (Oryza
sativa). To elicit this response in intact grains, the glumes had to be pricked with a ...
Cited by 22 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 11 versions
RK Crowden, CA Gilmour… - Australian Journal of Botany, 2000 - CSIRO
All enquiries and manuscripts should be directed to Australian Journal of Botany CSIRO PUBLISHING
PO Box 1139 (150 Oxford St) Collingwood Telephone: 61 3 9662 7624 Vic. 3066 Facsimile:
61 3 9662 7611 Australia Email: simone.farrer@publish.csiro.au ... Published by CSIRO ...
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[PDF] from affrc.go.jpK Sugimoto, J Lidbetter - JOURNAL- …, 2002 - rms1.agsearch.agropedia.affrc.go.jp
(J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci.) 71 (6) : 770-776. 2002. Effects of Plant- derived Smoke and Heat Treatment
on Seed Germination of an Australian Native Plant, Goodenia scaevolina F. Muell. Kazuhiro
Sugimoto 1 * and Jonathan Lidbetter2 1 Faculty of Horticulture, Minamikyushu University, ...
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RE Noble - The Science of the Total Environment, 2001 - Elsevier
The effect of cigarette smoke was studied on the germination of radish, kale, lettuce,
amaranth, wheat, rice, barley and rye seeds. It was found that such smoke markedly
retarded, in all cases, the rate of germination. Furthermore, cigarette smoke caused a ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles - All 5 versions
A Tieu - 2000 - en.scientificcommons.org
Publikationsansicht. 36088140. The interaction of burial, heat and smoke in the alleviation
of seed dormancy in selected southwestern Australian plant species (2000). Tieu, Anle. Details
der Publikation. Archiv, NDLTD Union Catalog (United States). ...
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KW Dixon, EL Ghisalberti, RD Trengove… - Science, 2004 - dialnet.unirioja.es
... A Compound from Smoke That Promotes Seed Germination. Autores: Kingsley W. Dixon, Emilio
L Ghisalberti, Robert D. Trengove, Gavin R. Flematti; Localización: Science, ISSN 0036-8075,
Vol. 305, Nº 5686, 2004 , pág. 977. Fundación Dialnet. Acceso de usuarios registrados. ...


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