مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - seed dispersal by wind

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

JM Bullock… - Oecologia, 2000 - Springer
Abstract The size and shape of the tail of the seed dispersal curve is important in 
determining the spatial dynamics of plants, but is difficult to quantify. We devised an 
experimental protocol to measure long-distance dispersal which involved measuring ...
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[PDF] from ihmc.usR Nathan, UN Safriel… - Ecology, 2001 - Eco Soc America
We present a temporally and spatially explicit mechanistic model of tree seed dispersal by 
wind, incorporating full stochasticity based on natural variation. The model simulates the 
dispersal of each individual seed by integrating the temporal effects of climatic conditions ...
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[PDF] from ihmc.usMB Soons, GW Heil, R Nathan… - Ecology, 2004 - Eco Soc America
Long-distance seed dispersal is an important topic in ecology, but notoriously difficult to 
quantify. Previous modeling approaches have failed to simulate long-distance dispersal
and it has remained unclear which mechanisms determine long-distance dispersal and ...
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[PDF] from ruu.nlGG Katul, A Porporato, R Nathan, M Siqueira… - American …, 2005 - biol.ruu.nl
1. Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Science, Box 90328, Duke University, 
Durham, North Carolina 27708; 2. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Pratt 
School of Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27708; 3. Department of ... 
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MC Andersen - American Journal of Botany, 1993 - JSTOR
I made measurements of morphology and settling velocity on seeds of 19 species of wind-
dispersed Asteraceae. From the morphological measurements I calculated Reynolds 
numbers and approximate plume loadings for the species. Diaspore settling velocity ...
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SB Vander Wall - Oikos, 2003 - Wiley Online Library
Seeds and nuts dispersed by scatter-hoarding animals are relatively large compared to propagules 
dispersed by other means. Possible selective forces in the evolution of large seed size include 
the selectivity of foraging animals and the ways that food-storing animals treat seeds and ... 
Cited by 60 - Related articles - All 8 versions

[PDF] from ihmc.usR Nathan, HS Horn, J Chave… - Seed dispersal and …, 2002 - books.google.com
5 Mechanistic Models for Tree Seed Dispersal by Wind in Dense Forests and Open Landscapes 
Ran Nathan, Henry S. Horn, Jerome Chave and Simon A. Levin Department of Ecology and 
Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544-1003, USA Introduction ... 
Cited by 53 - Related articles - All 7 versions

[PDF] from ru.nlE Jongejans… - Oikos, 1999 - JSTOR
Wind can be regarded as the most important vector for seed dispersal in open grassland 
vegetation. Experimental estimates of seed dispersal distances in this environment are 
complex because of low arrival probabilities at large distances. Therefore, a proper ...
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[PDF] from Ingle - Oecologia, 2003 - Springer
In the moist Neotropics, vertebrate frugivores have a much greater role in the dispersal of 
forest and successional woody plants than wind, and bats rather than birds play the 
dominant role in dispersing early successional species. I investigated whether these ...
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[PDF] from uni-regensburg.deO Tackenberg, P Poschlod… - Plant biol (Stuttg), 2003 - thieme-connect.com
Long-distance dispersal of seeds (LDD) surely affects most ecological and evolutionary processes 
related to plant species. Hence, numerous attempts to quantify LDD have been made and, especially 
for wind dispersal, several simulation models have been developed. However, the ... 
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[PDF] from uwyo.eduCW Benkman - Oikos, 1995 - JSTOR
Pine seed mass is isometrically related to samara shape among smaller seeded pines (< 
165 mg), but not when larger seeds are included (putative bird-dispersed pines excluded). 
Among the largest pine seeds samara length declines with increases in seed mass. ...
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[PDF] from ru.nlE Jongejans… - Plant Ecology, 2001 - Springer
This report presents data from experiments on seed dispersal by wind for ten species of the 
family Apiaceae. Seed shadows were obtained in the field under natural conditions, using 
wind speeds between four and ten m/s. The flight of individual seeds was followed by eye, ...
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[HTML] from pnas.orgR Nathan… - … of the National Academy of Sciences …, 2005 - National Acad Sciences
Seed terminal velocity and release height are recognized as key biotic determinants of 
long-distance dispersal (LDD) of seeds by wind. Yet, potential determinants at the ecosystem 
level, such as seasonal dynamics in foliage density characterizing many deciduous ... 
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D Van Dorp, WPM Van den Hoek… - Canadian Journal of …, 1996 - NRC Research Press
The dispersal capacity of six perennial grassland species with different seed aerodynamic 
attributes was assessed in a wind tunnel. The selected species have difficulty in recolonizing 
restored ecosystems because of a poor dispersal of seeds. The variation in dispersal ...
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JVM Bittencourt… - Heredity, 2007 - nature.com
Paternity analysis based on eight microsatellite loci was used to investigate pollen and seed 
dispersal patterns of the dioecious wind-pollinated tree, Araucaria angustifolia. The study sites 
were a 5.4 ha isolated forest fragment and a small tree group situated 1.7 km away, ... 
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[PDF] from goethe-universitaet.deFM Schurr, WJ Bond, GF Midgley… - Journal of …, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
*Correspondence: *Present address and correspondence: FM Schurr, Plant Ecology and Nature 
Conservation, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, University of Potsdam, Maulbeerallee 2, 
14469 Potsdam, Germany (fax + 49 331 9771948; e-mail frank.schurr@ufz.de). 
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DM Sharpe… - Ecological Modelling, 1982 - Elsevier
A numerical model of seed dispersal by wind is presented which integrates the effects of wind 
speeds and directions during seed dispersal season, height of seed release, seed terminal velocities 
and effects of wind speed/atmospheric humidity on seed release rates. A histogram of ... 
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[PDF] from ru.nlP Schippers… - Ecological Modelling, 2005 - Elsevier
The effect of the seed abscission process on the dispersal distance of seeds has never been 
studied explicitly and is often ignored in studies that aim to estimate the seed shadows of 
species. To examine the importance of the abscission process for the seed shadow we ...
Cited by 29 - Related articles - All 7 versions

DF Greene… - Oikos, 1993 - JSTOR
Is there necessarily a trade-off between seed size (mass) and dispersal capacity for wind-
dispersed diaspores? Within three families (Pinaceae, Aceraceae, and Leguminosae) with 
asymmetric samaras, shape is maintained (isometry) despite size change. Consequently, ...
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[PDF] from evergreen.eduCK Augspurger… - American Journal of Botany, 1983 - JSTOR
The tropical tree, Lonchocarpus pentaphyllus (Poir.) DC.(Leguminosae-Papilionoideae), 
matures indehiscent wind-dispersed fruits containing 0-4 seeds. Most fruits are one-seeded 
(82%) while less than 2% are three-seeded. An increase in seed number per fruit ...
Cited by 76 - Related articles - All 4 versions

A Sinha… - Biotropica, 1992 - JSTOR
Fecundity and seed dispersal of Lophopetalum wightianum. Wight (Celastraceae), a wind 
dispersed canopy tree species, were studied in the rain forests of the Western Ghats, India. 
The effects of fruit crop size, seed characteristics, tree height, and wind speed on seedfall ...
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P Redbo‐Torstensson… - Ecography, 1995 - Wiley Online Library
The panems of repositioning by wind and water following their initial dispersal from the parent 
plant, of winged and unwmged seeds of the heteromorphic halophyte Spergulana salina were 
lnvesugated expenmentally in both dense vegetation and bare ground under field ... 
Cited by 20 - Related articles - All 4 versions

DF Greene - Ecology, 2005 - Eco Soc America
It has become clear that long-distance seed dispersal plays a crucial role in plant 
metapopulation persistence and response to rapid climate change. Recent studies of the 
role of convective vs. shear-generated updrafts in prompting long-distance dispersal using ...
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[PDF] from miami.eduMB Soons… - Journal of Ecology, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
In plants, long-distance dispersal (LDD) is a widespread phenomenon of great importance, especially 
in spatial dynamics such as in metapopulations, invasions and migration. Much has become 
known about the mechanisms underlying LDD by wind, but selective release ... 
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[HTML] from pnas.orgSJ Wright, A Trakhtenbrot, G Bohrer… - Proceedings of the …, 2008 - National Acad Sciences
Traits associated with seed dispersal vary tremendously among sympatric wind-dispersed 
plants. We used two contrasting tropical tree species, seed traps, micrometeorology, and a mechanistic 
model to evaluate how variation in four key traits affects seed dispersal by wind. The ... 
Cited by 18 - Related articles - All 12 versions

A Telenius… - Oecologia, 1989 - Springer
The seeds of the halophyte Spergularia marina differ both within and between individuals in 
that they either possess or lack a membranaceous border. This paper presents a 
morphological study of the length, weight and area of the seed types, and their dispersal ...
Cited by 29 - Related articles - All 5 versions

RK Vickery Jr, DR Phillips… - American Midland Naturalist, 1986 - JSTOR
Dispersal of monkey flower (Mimulus guttatus Fischer ex DC) seeds by wind was studied by 
placing flats of sterilized soil in rows up-canyon from clumps of monkey flowers in the Red 
Butte Canyon Natural Area, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Seeds were abundantly dispersed over ...
Cited by 14 - Related articles - All 2 versions

KN Ganeshaiah… - Oikos, 1991 - JSTOR
Seed size optimization theories are generally based on the assumption that seedling fitness 
increases at a decreasing rate with seed size. But often, offspring fitness is also influenced 
by other components such as dispersal efficiency, especially in wind, water and animal ...
Cited by 46 - Related articles - All 4 versions

SBV Wall - Ecology, 2008 - Eco Soc America
Selective pressures that influence the form of seed dispersal syndromes are poorly 
understood. Morphology of plant propagules is often used to infer the means of dispersal
but morphology can be misleading. Several species of pines, for example, have winged ...
Cited by 15 - Related articles - All 5 versions

[PDF] from ohio-state.eduG Bohrer, GG Katul, R Nathan, RL Walko… - Journal of …, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
Understanding seed dispersal by wind and, in particular, long-distance dispersal (LDD) is needed 
for management of plant populations and communities, especially in response to changes in 
climate, land use and natural habitats. Numerical models designed to explore complex, ... 
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E Salisbury - Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, …, 1976 - JSTOR
Evidence is provided that reveals a striking parallelism between the average output of 
propagules, of twenty-five species, distributed by wind and two chief factors which determine 
their degree of scattering, thus supporting the hypothesis of a marked relation between the ...
Cited by 21 - Related articles - All 4 versions

SJ Wright, A Trakhtenbrot, G Bohrer… - Proceedings of the …, 2008 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Movement Ecology Special Feature: Understanding strategies for seed dispersal by
wind under contrasting atmospheric conditions. ... Abstract. Traits associated with seed
dispersal vary tremendously among sympatric wind-dispersed plants. ... 
Cited by 6 - Related articles

BB Casper - Oikos, 1988 - JSTOR
Post-dispersal predation on seeds of the semi-desert herbaceous perennial Cryptantha 
flava A. Nels.(Boraginaceae) was examined as a function of both seed density and 
microhabitat, under a shrub or in the open. The dispersal unit of this species consists of a ...
Cited by 12 - Related articles - All 3 versions

R Nathan, HS Horn, J Chave… - CABI, Wallingford, 2002s


[PDF] from ugr.esL Gómez‐Aparicio - Ecography, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Seed dispersal can severely limit the quantity of plant recruits and their spatial distribution. 
However, our understanding of the role of dispersal in regeneration dynamics is limited by the 
lack of knowledge of seed deposition patterns in space and time. In this paper, we ... 
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[CITATION] Spatiotemporal dynamics of seed dispersal by wind in Aleppo pine

R Nathan - 1999 - Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Cited by 5 - Related articles

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[PDF] from wvu.eduMA Kaproth… - Forest Science, 2008 - ingentaconnect.com
Abstract: In mesic forest environments, seeds of wind-dispersed plant species may frequently 
be deposited in aqueous environments (eg, lakes and rivers). The consequences of deposition 
in an aqueous medium depend on whether seed viability is maintained. If seeds survive ... 
Cited by 5 - Related articles - All 3 versions

Effectiveness of the seed wing of Pinus flexilis in wind dispersal

RM Lanner - Western North American Naturalist, 1985 - ojs.lib.byu.edu
Limber pine (Pinus flexilis James) seeds are usually wingless but occasionally have short, stubby 
wings. To determine the effectiveness of these wings in slowing seed descent, rates of fall were 
determined before and after wing removal. A similar experiment was conducted with ... 
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Mechanistic models of plant seed dispersal by wind in heterogeneous landscapes
A Trakhtenbrot, GG Katul… - AGU Fall Meeting …, 2010 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Seed dispersal, and especially long-distance dispersal (LDD), is a key process in plant population 
survival, colonization, and gene flow. Its importance is amplified by the man-induced habitat 
fragmentation, climate change and invasions of exotic species. Mechanistic seed ...

[PDF] from Wodiczko, LK Lysakowski - 2004 -
Page 1. AGENTS OF SEED DISPERSAL Animal- Zoochary/ Wind-Anemonochory by Lukasz Kamil
Lysakowski ... LIBRARIES RCHiiVE ..... Is _ A, J o .o I Page 2. AGENTS OF SEED DISPERSAL Animal-
Zoochary / Wind -Anemonochory by Lukasz Kamil Lysakowski ... 
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H Ochi, H Koyama… - Japanese Journal of Forest …, 2009 - agris.fao.org
Japanese wing nut (Pterocarya rhoifolia) produces wind dispersed seeds. In this study, we examined 
the effect of seed size variation on dispersal behavior under the field condition. Weight of each 
seed was positively correlated with square root of wing loading which was also positively ... 

R Nathan, GG Katul, G Bohrer, A Kuparinen… - Theoretical Ecology - Springer
Abstract Over the past century, various mechanistic models have been developed to 
estimate the magnitude of seed dispersal by wind, and to elucidate the relative importance 
of physical and biological factors affecting this passive transport process. The conceptual ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 2 versions

[PDF] from geocities.wsKS MURALI - Seedling - geocities.ws
Abstract Patterns of seed density and seedling survival were investigated in a wind-dispersed 
tree species Bombax malabarica in BRT sanctuary, southern India. Seed density showed a typical 
leptokurtic distribution where the seed density decreases with the distance away from the ... 
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RS Wittkuhn - Ecological Management & Restoration, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... Wind-aided seed dispersal of Perennial Veld Grass (Ehrharta calycina): Implications for restoration
in weedy urban bushland remnants. Roy S. Wittkuhn. Article first published online: 21 JUL 2010.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1442-8903.2010.00536.x. © 2010 Ecological Society of Australia. ...

BL Direct
The dispersal of seed is important for the reproductive success. While some the fruit of some species are carried by wind, others are dependent on birds. Two odd …

D by Birds - consecol.org
S. rautanenii fruit are comparatively bulky, and have in the past been distributed by Kudu and 
elephant (Bainbridge 1965). However, the presence of both species has declined significantly 
in the communal areas of Namibia, and will therefore not be able to contribute much in ... 
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E Vinther - Dansk Dendrologisk Aarsskrift (Denmark), 1982 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, XE8321854. Titles, Seed fall from Alnus glutinosa: a pioneer
tree [dispersal agents, wind, water, yearly production, fertility, Filipendula ulnaria meadow,
Denmark]. Personal Authors, Vinther, E. (Fyns Amtskommune, Odense (Denmark)). ... 

JW Kadereit… - Flora, 1988 - cat.inist.fr
... Titre du document / Document title. A wind tunnel experiment on seed dispersal in Papaver L.
sects. Argemonidium SPACH and Rhoeadium SPACH (Papaveraceae). Auteur(s) / Author(s).
KADEREIT JW (1) ; LEINS P. ; Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s). ... 
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JM Bullock… - 2000 - 万方数据资源系统
... 数据压缩, vague set. s盒, distance measures. 集合种群, fuzzy set. 森林生态, 施事引入. Long
distance seed dispersal by wind: measuring and modelling the tail ofthe curve. DOI:,
10.1007/PL00008876. 作者 :, Bullock JM.;Clarke RT. 期刊 :, Oecologia SCI. 年,卷(期) :, 2000, ...

JT Dauer - 2004 - en.scientificcommons.org
Publikationsansicht. 34956709. Long - distance wind dispersal of horseweed Conyza canadensis
L. seed / (2004). Dauer, Joseph Thomas. Abstract. Thesis (MS)--Pennsylvania State University,
2004.. Library holds archival microfiches negative and service copy. ... 


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