مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Breaking potato seed dormancy

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

[PDF] from ucdavis.eduV Alvarado… - Seed Science Research, 2005 - Cambridge Univ Press
As seed dormancy is released within a seed population, both the rate and percentage of
germina- tion increase progressively with increasing dose of a dormancy-breaking treatment
or condition. Popu- lation-based models can account for this behaviour on the basis of ...
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R Bhargava - Biologia plantarum, 1997 - Springer
Abstract Gas chromatographic measurements demonstrated that the content of endogenous
gibberellic acid increased and that of abscisic acid decreased during storage of potato
seeds, suggesting that the dormancy of the seeds is controlled by the balance between ...
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VL D'Antonio… - American Journal of Potato Research, 1988 - Springer
Abstract Seed treatments, methods of extraction and storage temperature were examined for
effects on viability and dormancy of true potato seed. Dormancy of 4x− 2x (S. tuberosum× S.
phureja) hybrids was eliminated after 7 months at room temperature and after 10 months ...
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C Sorce, R Lorenzi… - Potato research, 1997 - Springer
Summary Potato seed tubers may suffer from premature sprouting during storage, thus
limiting their suitability for cultivation. Commonly used sprout suppressant treatments
negatively affect but viability and therefore a reliable method to inhibit bud development ...
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MK Van Ittersum - Potato research, 1992 - Springer
Summary The variation in duration of dormancy within a seed tuber lot was studied over
three years by harvesting individual plants of cvs Diamant and Dsire from field plots and by
storing the tubers at 18C. The variation in dormancy within a tuber lot was large ( ...
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[PDF] from cipotato.orgN Pallais… - International Potato Center program report, 1995 - cipotato.org
TPS dormancy ceased to be a problem in clonal breeding after 1961 when it was found that gibberellic
acid (GA) could easily be applied to promote germination. But in spite of treatment with GA, emergence
of dormant seeds decreases considerably as the temperature approaches 25oC. ...
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MN Shashirekha… - Experimental Agriculture, 1989 - Cambridge Univ Press
CONTROL TUBER PIECE DECAY AND IMPROVE YIELD ... Effect of carbon-disulphide on the
dormancy and sprouting of seed potatoes. Potato Research 15:160-165. ...
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AA Alexopoulos, G Aivalakis… - Postharvest Biology and …, 2009 - Elsevier
Bromoethane breaks the dormancy of potato tubers thus enabling early planting after
harvest. Because of the increasing importance of true potato seed (TPS) for potato
propagation in tropical and subtropical regions, we examined the efficacy of bromoethane ...
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AA Alexopoulos, KA Akoumianakis… - Journal of the …, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
The aim of the present work was to examine the effect of gibberellic acid and inhibitors of gibberellin
biosynthesis, their method and time of application on the dormancy and storage of tubers grown
from true potato seed (TPS). The use of TPS is relatively novel, since the vast majority of ...
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AA Alexopoulos, G Aivalakis… - Postharvest Biology and …, 2008 - Elsevier
Gibberellic acid (GA) was applied to potato tubers cultivated from true seed (TPS) either by
immersion of intact tubers in aqueous solutions, or by the excision of a small area of the
tuber close to the point of detachment from the stolon and immersion of this region only in ...
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[CITATION] Effects of Low Dose gamma Radiation on the Dormancy, Growth and Physiological Activity of Seed Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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LPD Ardieta - PCARRD [Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry …, 1998 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, PH1999850037. Titles, Breaking potato seed dormancy.
Personal Authors, Ardieta, LPD. Publication Date, (Mar-Apr 1998). AGRIS Subj. Cat.
Seed production. AGROVOC Terms, SEED POTATOES ...
DI Karafyllidis, DN Georgakis… - … on Irrigation of …, 1996 - actahort.org
References Bodlaender, KBA and J. Marinus, 1987. Effect of physiological age on growth vigour
of seed potatoes. 3. Effect on plant growth under controlled conditions. Potato Research,
30:423-440. Cho, Lai Jeoung, WM Intani, and MW Martin, 1983. Comparison of methods ...
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In order to study the effect of gibberellic acid on potato mini-tubers, Agria cultivar, newly produced
mini-tubers from healthy and diseases free seedlings were studied at four seed size groups
(18-22, 13-17, 8-12 and less than 8 mm) after treating with 1000 ppm gibberellic acid in ...
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A Mortazavi Bak - Pajouhesh And Sazandegi, 2007 - agris.fao.org
An experiment was conducted to study of possibility of Summer planting potato cultivars and
evaluation of breaking dormancy methods in Kabjavan Village of Isfahan in summer 2003. The
experimental design was a complete randomized block with a factorial experiment ...
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[CITATION] Effect of Gibberellic Acids and Inorganic Salts on Breaking Dormancy and Enhancing Germination of True Potato Seed

P Sathiyamoorthy… - SEED …, 1995 - INDIAN SOCIETY OF STEEL …
BL Direct
K Rykaczewska - order - psjc.icm.edu.pl
Abstract: The aim of the work was to determine the influence of high temperature stress during
growing period under drought and favourable moisture conditions on potato seed tuber ability
to yielding. The three year field experiment was conducted with the seed tubers of two ...
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[PDF] from scielo.brHM Amaral, NP Granja, HS Miranda Filho… - Bragantia - SciELO Brasil
A implantação do teste da pré-cultura é condição necessária para a melho- ria da certificação
da batata-semente no Brasil. Esse teste permite o aprimoramento da determinação da sanidade
do material produzido, principalmente no tocante à porcentagem de plantas ...
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B Aguirre… - Sustrai (Espana), 1994 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, ES9401367. Titles, [Artificial rupture of the dormancy period in
potato seed]. Personal Authors, Aguirre, B.,Ruiz de Arcaute, R. Publication Date, (Ene-Mar 1994).
AGRIS Subj. Cat. Plant physiology - Growth and development;Seed production. ...
O Külen, C Stushnoff, RD Davidson… - American Journal of Potato …, 2011 - Springer
Abstract While greenhouse production of minitubers has markedly improved production of
disease free seed, minituber dormancy can be an issue. This study tested application of
abscisic acid (ABA), ethylene (E), gibberellic acid (GA) and the combination of E+ GA on ...
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PR Dharmatti, BB Madalgeri, RM Hosmani… - Karnataka Journal of …, 1992 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, IN9200398. Titles, Screening of potato genotypes for seed tuber
dormancy. Personal Authors, Dharmatti, PR,Madalgeri, BB,Hosmani, RM,Madalgeri, MB,Hulmani,
NC (Univ. of Agricultural Sicences, Dharwad (India). Dept. of Horticulture). ...
[PDF] from kari.orgMK Menza, SI Shibairo, RO Nyankanga, P Demo… - kari.org
Abstract Potato is the second most important food crop after maize in Kenya. In the
traditional areas of potato production with a bimodal rainfall pattern in the country, poor
sprouting, due to seed tuber dormancy, is a major drawback. There is little time between ...
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HM Coraspe-Leon - 1995 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, BR9507484. Titles, Evaluation of haulm application
of gibberellic acid on the dormancy of seed potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cv. Atlantic.
Personal Authors, Coraspe-Leon, HM. Corporate Authors, ...
M Otroshy… - Research Journal of Seed Science, 2010 - csa.com
A greenhouse experiment was carried out to investigate the effects of different sizes of
normal seed tubers(35-45, 45-55 and 55-65 mm) and various growth regulators(gibberellic
acid: 2. 5 and 5 mg L super (-1); chlormequat: 10 and 100 mg L super (-1); included two ...
H Guo, M Onjo… - Japanese Journal of Tropical …, 2000 - sciencelinks.jp
TOP > J-EAST > List of Journal Titles (J) > Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture(2000) >
Studies on Seed Tuber Production Using Small Tubers, and on the Breaking of Dormancy in
Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). ... Studies on Seed Tuber Production Using Small ...
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G Wenzel - Potato Research, 1994 - Springer
The meeting dealt with two main topics: (a) potatoes for developing countries, and (b) haploids
in potato breeding. Each topic was covered in lectures and a workshop, and by research papers
given predominantly by post-doctoral students. The idea behind this programme was to ...

N Pallais, J Santos-Rojas… - HortScience, 1996 - cat.inist.fr
Sexual potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) seeds require many months of after ripening in dry
storage to completely lose dormancy and germinate readily at> 25 C. We examined the
relationship between storage temperature and seed dormancy, as assessed by the ...
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[PDF] from ufpr.brSMO KOWALSKI, E POSSAMAI, JC POSSAMAI… - Scientia …, 2006 - ojs.c3sl.ufpr.br
O objetivo desta pesquisa foi o de avaliar a eficiência do gás dissulfeto de carbono em diferentes
doses e tempo de aplicação na quebra de dormência de tubérculos de 3 cultivares de
batata-semente, apos 30 dias da colheita. O experimento foi conduzido no Laboratório ...
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CS Park, SY Kim… - Journal of the Korean Society for …, 1997 - agris.fao.org
... Titles, Effect of harvesting time of seed tubers and carbon disulphide (CS2) concentration on
the dormancy breaking of 'Superior' potato tubers. Personal Authors, Park, CS,Kim, SY,Jeong,
JC (Rural Development Administration, Pyoungchang (Korea Republic). ...
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MC Pogi… - Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira (Brazil), 1995 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, BR9604847. Titles, Effects of seed potato maturity, weight and
treatments for breaking dormancy on potato yield (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivar Itarare (IAC
5986). Personal Authors, Pogi, MC,Brinholi, O. Publication Date, (Nov 1995). AGRIS Subj ...


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