مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - Effect of defoliation on seed production

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

LL Rockwood - Ecology, 1973 - JSTOR
The experiments reported here test the hypothesis that increased foliage losses lead to
decreased reproduction in plants. Six Costa Rican tree species were defoliated by hand
twice during 1970. Subsequent collection of fruit crops during 1971 showed that control ...
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GM Crowley… - Australian Journal of Botany, 2001 - CSIRO
... Effects of defoliation on seed production The results of this study indicate that levels of early wet-
season defoliation of Alloteropsis semialata that are insufficient to affect plant size can substantially
reduce seed production and that the adverse effects of early wet-season grazing ...
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WJ Collins - Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 1978 - CSIRO
... Thus the question of the effect of defoliation on seed production is of obvious relevance. ... Scott
(1971), using six strains, showed that the effect of defoliation on seed production varied markedly
between strains, ranging from a large increase Page 2. WJ Collins ...
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D Cipollini - New Phytologist, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
Without competition, JMT plants produced 37–40% less total seed mass than vector controls
or wild-type plants, and had reduced seed germination. Defoliation reduced height more strongly
in wild-type than in JMT plants, but reduced total seed production equally. In a ...
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KA Archer - Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 1990 - CSIRO
Summary. The effect of length of the flowering period on seed production characteristics of 3
cultivars of subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) was determined by varying the period
of watering post- flowering. The subterranean clover cvv. Nungarin, Seaton Park and ...
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DS Loch… - … Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal …, 1970 - CSIRO
Seed production is of critical importance in Jtylo- santhes humilis (Townsville stylo or TS) : natural
regeneration of the sward is dependent on seed popula- tion, seed forms a high protein diet
for grazing animals during the dry season, and large quantities of com- mercial seed are ...
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K Hempy-Mayer… - Rangeland Ecology & Management, 2008 - srmjournals.org
Abstract Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum L.) is an invasive annual grass that creates near-
homogenous stands in areas throughout the Intermountain sagebrush steppe and
challenges successful native plant restoration in these areas. A clipping experiment ...
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DS Loch, JM Hopkinson… - Australian Journal of Experimental …, 1976 - CSIRO
Summary-The consequences of defoliation on seed production of stylo (Stylosanthes
guyanensis) were examined in field experiments at Walkamin in north Queensland. The practical
aim of defoliation is to present a level uncompacted crop canopy to the harvester without ...
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RW Downes… - Australian journal of agricultural research, 1984 - CSIRO
Abstract Plants of Lupinus angustifolius cv. Unicrop were raised at 27/22 or 21/16"C dayhight
temperatures until flowering. They were then either grown on to maturity at these conditions or
moved to the other regime. Branches were removed as they started to develop and ...
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SV Pasumarty, S Higuchi, T Murata… - Grass and Forage …, 1995 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract A field experiment was conducted to assess the effect of autumn defoliation treatments
on inflores- cence production, potential seed yield and yield components of white clover cv
Makibashiro. Between 10 July and 10 October 1992. white clover swards were subjected ...
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LM Bahnisch - Unpublished Phi) thesis, University of …, 1975 - en.scientificcommons.org
Publikationsansicht. 5850398. Effect of nitrogen supply, defoliation and density on seed
production of Setaria anceps. (1975). Bahnisch, Leonard Morris. Abstract. Spine title: Setaria
anceps seed production.. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Queensland, 1976.. ...
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[PDF] from uidaho.eduJP Muir, RL Reed… - Native Plants Journal, 2005 - npj.uwpress.org
Trailing wild bean (Strophostyles helvula (L.) Ell. [Fabaceae]) yielded up to 1793 g
herbage/plant/y (3.9 lb) and out-pro- duced smooth-seeded wild bean (Strophostyles leiosperma
(Torr. & Gray) Piper) by a factor of 1.8 to 3.4, depending on location and growing ...
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[PDF] from tropicalgrasslands.asn.auMD Hare, P Tatsapong… - Tropical Grasslands, 2007 - tropicalgrasslands.asn.au
Two field trials were conducted during 2003–2004 in north-east Thailand to examine the effects
of timing of closing defoliation on: seed production; forage production before closing to seed;
and yield and quality of stubble at seed harvest of 2 brachiaria hybrid cultivars, Mulato ( ...
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KR Benzel, TK Mosley… - Rangeland Ecology & …, 2009 - srmjournals.org
Abstract Spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe L.), a perennial invasive forb that reproduces
largely by seed, often forms new flowers after prescribed sheep grazing or mowing is
applied during the bolting or flowering stage. It is unknown if these new flowers produce ...
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G Evans - Grass and Forage Science, 1962 - Wiley Online Library
Autumn defoliation of the early perennial ryegrass, S24, expedited or delayed heading and increased
or decreased the number of heads and seed yield, according to the age of the stand, winter conditions
and previous management. Nitrogen applied as late as anthesls significantly increased ...
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[PDF] from tropicalgrasslands.asn.auKF Lowe… - Agricultural Research - tropicalgrasslands.asn.au
40 Lowe and Bowdler—Closure date on seed production LITERATURE Andrew, CS and
Robins, M. F (1969)—The effect of phosphorus on the growth and chemical composition of some
tropical pasture legumes. I. Growth and critical percentages of phosphorus. Australian ...
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JG McIvor… - Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and …, 1973 - CSIRO
Summary-Two experiments were done in pots to assess the effect of defoliation at different times
on the seed yield of capeweed (Arctotheca calendula). Yield components measured were: number
of seedheads per plant, number of seeds per seedhead, number of seeds per plant, and ...
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A Nordestgaard - Tidsskrift for Planteavl (Denmark), 1986 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, DK8621464. Titles, Seed production of white clover: seed rates,
defoliation in spring, fertilization with P and K and variety trials. Personal Authors, Nordestgaard,
A. (Landbrugscentret, Roskilde (Denmark)). Publication Date, (1986). AGRIS Subj. Cat ...
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[PDF] from oregonstate.eduKH Mayer - 2004 - ir.library.oregonstate.edu
Abstract: Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum L.) is a widespread exotic weed in the Intermountain
sagebrush steppe. An annual grass, it is highly prolific and very competitive with native
perennial grass seedlings. A clipping experiment carried out at two cheatgrass-dominated ...
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AH Marshall, PA Hollington… - Grass and Forage …, 1993 - Wiley Online Library
... ai, 1989). Since livestock are not always available on arable farms in the regions
of the UK. most suitable for white clover seed production, cultivar response to
mechanical defoliation could also be important. To optimize white ...
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BH Park, JH Kang, NJ Lee, HC Park… - Journal of the Korean …, 1987 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland Science (Jan 1987).
Seed production studies in Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam. italicum), 3; effects
of autumn and spring defoliation on seed/yield of Italian ryegrass. ...
S Poathong, S Chinvaroj… - 2001 - agris.fao.org
Effect of defoliation times on seed yields and quality of Panicum maximum TD. 58 on Hubkapong
soils were studies at Petchaburi Animal Nutrition Research Center, during May 1997 to September
1999. The randomized complete block design was used with 4 replication. The treatments ...
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[PDF] from udg.co.cuAB Orodho, MJ Trlica… - ict.udg.co.cu
INTRODUCTION Indian ricegrass is a perennial bunch grass which is widely distributed in most
of western United States, southern Canada, and Mexico (Booth et al., 1980). The grass which
grows in early springs is highly palatable and has resisted heavy grazing pressure. It is ...
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KR Benzel, TK Brewer… - The 2008 Joint Meeting of the …, 2008 - srm.confex.com
Spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe L.) is an invasive perennial forb which is one of the most
economically destructive exotic species in the northwestern United States and southwestern
Canada . Spotted knapweed forms large monocultures, which lowers plant diversity, ...
RK Pandey… - The Journal of Agricultural Science, 1981 - Cambridge Univ Press
... The reduction in seed yield due to defoliation was highly due to a reduction in the number of
pods per plant, and also ... However, precise information on the relationship between leaf growth
and seed production is neces- sary if the effects of environmental factors and agronomic ...
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OR Vignolio, GS Cambareri… - Crop and Pasture Science, 2010 - CSIRO
Abstract. Indeterminateflowering, pod dehiscence, and seed shattering are some the most important
factors that limit seed yield in some Lotus species. The objective of this study was to determine
strategies to maximise Lotus tenuis seed yield by evaluating: (i) the effects of row spacing ...
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[PDF] from montana.eduKR Benzel - 2008 - etd.lib.montana.edu
This thesis has been read by each member of the thesis committee and has been found to be
satisfactory regarding content, English usage, format, citation, bibliographic style, and
consistency, and is ready for submission to the Division of Graduate Education.
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CY Ward, JF Pedersen… - Proceedings of the Forage and …, 1984 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Proceedings of the Forage and Grassland Conference (1984). Effect of
defoliation and nitrogen on seed production of 'Au Triumph' tall fescue [Festuca arundinacea]. ...
RA Lane, KH Lin… - … of the Forage and Grassland Conference …, 1990 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, US9151136. Titles, The effect of defoliation interval on the yield
and seed production characteristics of subterranean clover. Personal Authors, Lane, RA (Sam
Houston State University, Huntsville, TX),Lin, KH,Lege, KE. Publication Date, (1990). ...
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[DOC] from dld.go.thK Kiyothong, C Satjipanon… - 2001 - dld.go.th
The result revealed that cutting at 70 days gave the highest seed yield (125.1 kg./rai).Pure germination
seed yield of cutting at 70 days higher than cutting at 90 days, cut ting two times and no cut
(P<0.01) that were 69.4, 49.6, 40.1, and 48.7 kg./rai respectively. Cutting and uncut were ...
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