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Identifying blackberry cultivars by seed structure

[PDF] from oregonstate.eduS Wada, H Nonogaki… - 2010 - scholarsarchive.library.oregonstate. …
The ability to correctly identify cultivars of commercially produced blackberry fruit is important
to the industry. Less desirable cultivars may be mistaken or substituted for more desirable
ones, resulting in mislabeled products and economic losses. But, identifying a blackberry ...
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M Grilli Caiola, D Leonardi… - Plant systematics and evolution, 2010 - Springer
Page 1. ORIGINAL ARTICLE Seed structure in Crocus sativus L. 3, C. cartwrightianus Herb., ...
Keywords Seed structure 4 Crocus sativus 4 C. cartwrightianus 4 C. thomasii 4 C. hadriaticus
4 C. sativus progenitors 4 Crocus seeds at SEM Introduction ...
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W CunXu, L AiMin, Z YongTai… - Acta Agronomica …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
Sinapis alba L. possesses desirable agronomic characters. The backcross progenies of intergeneric
hybrids between S. alba and Brassica napus L. obtained the valuable agronomic traits from
S. alba. Seed structure of some yellow and yellow-like seed lines, which were selected ...

N Singh… - Journal of Plant Development Sciences, 2009 - cabdirect.org
The Bignoniaceae, or Trumpet Creeper Family, is a family of flowering plants has
remain neglected so far. There is very little work on the seed structure. Seed structure
is often neglected by many authors in taxonomic works. ...

CS Weckerle… - Botanical Journal of the …, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
Despite an emphasis on fruit characters in Paullinieae taxonomy, few detailed morphological
and anatomical studies of the gynoecia, fruits and seeds exist. The aims of the present study
were (1) to provide a detailed documentation of gynoecium, fruit and seed structure and ...
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P Perisse, RJ Lovey… - Seed Science and …, 2009 - ingentaconnect.com
... Research Note Germination of Oenothera curtiflora WL Wagner & Hoch (Onagraceae) related
to fruit and seed structure ... Fruit and seed structure was studied using stereoscope and light
microscopy including free-hand transections in sagital and transversal planes. ...
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DYF Mak - 2009 - gradworks.umi.com
... These heuristic algorithms compare short fragments called seeds between the query and database
which greatly speeds up the running time. Recent innovations in seed structure include spaced
seeds (Ma et al., 2002) which are more sensitive than contiguous seeds. ...
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V Panza, V Lainez… - Botanical Journal of the …, 2004 - Wiley Online Library
The Euterpe edulis embryo consists of a prominent single cotyledon, a very short radicle-hypocotyl
axis and an epicotyl. The epicotyl is obliquely angled with respect to the cotyledon; consequently
it corresponds to one of the two categories recognized for palm seeds by DeMason ...
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GE Burrows, JM Virgona… - Australian Journal of Botany, 2009 - CSIRO
Page 1. Effect of boiling water, seed coat structure and provenance on the germination
of Acacia melanoxylon seeds Geoffrey E. BurrowsA,D, James M. VirgonaB and Roger
D. HeadyC AInstitute for Land, Water and Society, Charles ...
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XH Tian, T Nakamura… - Plant production science, 2005 - J-STAGE
Received 9 July 2004. Accepted 24 November 2004. Corresponding author: M. Kokubun
(kokubun@bios.tohoku.ac.jp, fax +81-22-717-8940). This study was supported in part by the
grant (Bio-Design Program) from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. ...
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R Lovey, P Perisse, ML Molinelli… - Seed Science and …, 2007 - ingentaconnect.com
Lovey, R., Perissé, P., Molinelli, ML and Scandaliaris, M. (2007), Seed Sci. & Technol., 35,
560-568 ... Seed structure and dormancy of Nicandra physalodes ... R. LOVEY, P.
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[PDF] from psu.eduJA Moïse, S Han, L Gudynaitę-Savitch… - In Vitro Cellular & …, 2005 - Springer
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[HTML] from oxfordjournals.orgHL Wang… - Annals of Botany, 2005 - Annals Botany Co
... Seed structure in Medicago L. Flora 187: 209–218. ↵ Kulikova O, Gualtieri G, Geurts R, Kim DJ,
Cook D, Huguet T, de Jong JH, Fransz PF, Bisseling T. 2001. Integration of the FISH pachytene
and genetic maps of Medicago truncatula. The Plant Journal 27: 49–58. ...
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[PDF] from Ekici, D Yüzbaçioglu… - International Journal of Botany, 2005 -
Intl. J. Bot, 1 (1): 74-78, 2005 Wodehouse'41. An Olympus B2-2 microscope was used for
examination. For SEM study, dry pollen grains were transferred to stubs and coated with
gold. A Jeol 100 x CXII scanning electron microscope was used for the examination. The ...
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[PDF] from dost.gov.phMLH Villavicensio, NC Altoveros… - … Philippine journal of …, 2007 - philjournalsci.dost.gov.ph
Page 1. Philippine Journal of Science 136 (2): 109-118, December 2007 ISSN 0031 -
7683 Maria Lea H. Villavicensio*, Nestor C Altoveros and Teresita H. Borromeo1 Key
Words: Abelmoschus sp., hardseededness, histochemistry ...
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EMA Steyn, GF Smith… - Bothalia, 2004 - kbd.kew.org
... Steyn EMA, Smith GF, Van Wyk AE. 2004 Functional and taxonomic significance of seed structure
in Salix mucronata (Salicaceae). Bothalia 34. (1): 53-59 (2004) - En Anatomy and morphology.
Geog=5 Systematics: ANGIOSPERMAE (SALICACEAE: SALIX) ( , 200403135). ...
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[HTML] from oxfordjournals.orgJT VAN DONGEN, AMH AMMERLAAN… - Annals of …, 2003 - Annals Botany Co
... 1; Hardham, 1976). The chalazal vein consists of a central xylem strand surrounded
by phloem elements (amphicribral bundle), and encircles about three‐quarters
of the seed. ... Structure of the seed coat during development. ...
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EMA Steyn, AE Van Wyk… - Bothalia, 2005 - kbd.kew.org
... Detailed result. return to summary results page. Steyn EMA, Van Wyk AE, Smith GF. 2005
Ovule and seed structure in Scolopia zeyheri (Scolopieae), with notes on the embryology
of Salicaceae. Bothalia 35. (2): 175-183. En Geog = 4 Illus. ...
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[PDF] from docsdrive.comEÜ Osman Eroi… - International Journal of Botany, 2006 - docsdrive.com
... micrographs. We could not find any paper on the seed surface structure of Gladiolus
species. There are some surveys on seed structure of other Ixioideae such as Crocus
L. (Mathew, 1976; Кerndorff and Pasche, 1994). However ...
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LXFXW Tianlong - Soybean Science, 2004 - en.cnki.com.cn
... other times, but in soybean cultivars, it's the lowest. This maybe indicate their difference
in seed structure. ... soybean cultivars, it's the lowest. This maybe indicate their difference
in seed structure. 【Key Words】: Immature Vegetable ...
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PB Tomlinson… - Canadian journal of botany, 2002 - nrcresearchpress.com
Page 1. Seed cone structure in conifers in relation to development and pollination: a
biological approach P. Barry Tomlinson and Tokushiro Takaso Abstract: Seed production
in conifers involves an extended sequence of developmental ...
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DJL Meyer, MB McDonald… - Flower seeds: biology and …, 2005 - books.google.com
Page 141. 7 Seed Development and Structure in Floral Crops Deborah J. Lionakis
Meyer Seed Laboratory, Plant Pest Diagnostics Center, California Department of
Food and Agriculture, 3294 Meadowview Road, Sacramento ...
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AB Doweld - Plant Systematics and Evolution, 2001 - Springer
Abstract. The fruit and seed anatomy and mor- phology of the two genera Bersama and Melianthus
(Melianthaceae, Sapindales) have been studied in an effort to clarify their systematic
position. On the basis of the differences in pericarp and seed anatomy as well as in other ...
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ZH Miao, JA Fortune… - Australian journal of agricultural …, 2001 - CSIRO
... produced in 1994 (Table 6). Expt 4 Seed structure, seed coat thickness, and chemical
composition of lupins One hundred seed weight and seed coat percentage varied
considerably among species. L. pilosus had the heaviest ...
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[CITATION] Seed and fruit structure: significance in seed conservation operation

JB Dickie… - Seed Conservation: Turning …, 2003 - Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens
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[PDF] from ntu.edu.twS Das… - Taiwania, 2003 - press.ntu.edu.tw
ABSTRACT: Seed morphology and germination patterns of 17 halophytes belonging to 10 families
of Sundarbans, India, were studied in view of their dispersal, rehabilitation and taxonomic
interest. Fruits are mostly one seeded in the investigated taxa, except in Acanthus ...
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MA Plisko - Bot. Zh, 2003 - kbd.kew.org
... Detailed result. return to summary results page. Plisko MA. 2003 Fruit and seed structure of
two species of the genus Cyphia (Cyphiaceae). Bot. Zh. 88. (11): 107-113. (Eng.) Line drawings.
Fruit anatomy, Campanulaceae, Seed anatomy ( , 186106179). ...

SF Ponomarenko, ME Pavlova - Biology Bulletin, 2003 - Springer
Genus Bauhinia L. includes approximately 300 spe- cies (Yakovlev, 1991) that are widespread
in the tropi- cal regions of both hemispheres. Their life forms include trees (evergreen and
deciduous), shrubs, and lianas with simple bilobed leaves and flowers of various color ...
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MA Plisko - Bot. Zh., ross. Akad. Nauk, 2003 - kbd.kew.org
... Plisko MA. 2003 Fruit and seed structure of some Verbenaceae members. Bot. Zh., ross.
Akad. Nauk 88, 5. 57- 63. (Eng.) Line drawings. Citharexylum, Lantana, Verbena.
Verbenaceae Avicenniaceae, Seed anatomy, Fruit anatomy ( , 186105565). ...

S Purohit, M Kumari… - Agricultural Science Digest, 2002 - indianjournals.com
The present investigation was carried out on chick pea (Cicer arietinum) cv. C-235 to study the
effect of different levels of salinity (C, 40, 60, 80 mg. L −1 ) on the seed structure. The width of
seed coat decreased with salinity and the most affected level was of 60 and 80 mg L −1 . ...

MD Idu… - Journal of Plant Biology, 2002 - Springer
... in Thn2 and puckered in ThnS. Their halos also were dissimilar. A Key for Identifying
Some Nigerian Pulses According to Their Seed Structure and Anatomy 1. Maximum
axial length of seed >17.0 mm. 2. Height of hilum 0.5 ...
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OP BYKOVA… - Rastitel'nye resursy, 2002 - cat.inist.fr
Investigation of anatomical structure of fruits and seeds in five Alcea species: A. angulata
(Freyn) Freyn et Sint. ex Iljin, A. flavovirens (Boiss. et Buhse) Iljin, A. sycophylla Iljin et VV
Nikit., A. rhyticarpa (Trautv.) Iljin and A. lenkoranica Iljin and revelation of reasons of ...

GG Oganezova - Botanicheskiĭ Zhurnal, 2000 - cabdirect.org
... information. Buy Instant Access ». Title Fruit and seed structure of some Asparagaceae
sl in connection with the size and phylogeny of the family. Authors Oganezova, GG
Journal Botanicheskiĭ Zhurnal 2000 Vol. 85 No. 8 pp. ...
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RK Maiti, ANG Gzz, P Wesche-Ebeling… - Agricultural …, 2001 - indianjournals.com
Agricultural Reviews Year : 2001, Volume : 22, Issue : 1 Print ISSN : 0253-1496. ... Some recent
contributions in seed structure and chemical composition of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) ...
Postgraduate Division, Biology Faculty, Apartado Postal F-16, San Nicolas de los Garrza, ...
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R Hołubowicz, J Rutkowska… - Folia Horticulturae, 2000 - cabdirect.org
The internal seed structure of Amaranthus caudatus, Celosia argentea var. plumosa, Gomphrena
globosa, Calendula officinalis, Callistephus chinensis, Dahlia pinnata, Rudbeckia hirta, Tagetes
erecta, Zinnia elegans, Cheiranthus cheiri, Iberis amara, Matthiola bicornis [Matthiola ...

GH Oganezova - Bot. Zh, 2000 - kbd.kew.org
Oganezova GH. 2000 Systematic position of the Trilliaceae, Smilacaceae, Herreriaceae,
Tecophilaeaceae, Dioscoreaceae families and the volume and phylogeny of the Asparagales
(based on the seed structure). Bot. Zh. 85. (9): 9-25. (Eng.) Line drawings. Trillium, ...

IS Lisker, AP Dmitriev, AE Tsyplenkov… - Russian Agricultural …, 2000 - cabdirect.org
A procedure for non-destructive analysis of tomato seed germination was developed using the
established distinctions in the photometric parameters of seeds, primarily in the fractions of radiation
reflected from a definite depth on the seeds. A laser spectrophotometer LAFOT with a ...
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[HTML] from scielo.br SILVA, MGF CARMO, FL OLIVARES… - Fitopatologia …, 2002 - SciELO Brasil
Sementes infetadas constituem fonte primária de inóculo para epidemias da mancha bacteriana
do tomate (Lycopersicon esculentum)que sob condições favoráveis podem resultar em rápido
desenvolvimento da doença e severas perdas. O presente trabalho objetivou avaliar a ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brSM CARMELLO-GUERREIRO… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2000 - SciELO Brasil
ABSTRACT - (Pericarp and seed structure of Astronium graveolens Jacq. (Anacardiaceae) with
taxonomic notes). Astronium graveolens is a treelike member of the family Anacardiaceae, spreading
from Mexico to the south center of South America. The fruit is a pseudosamara with a ...
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