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مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

S Bekessy, A Newton, J Fox, A Lara, A Premoli… - 2011 - researchbank.rmit.edu.au
Species Conservation and Management: Case Studies is a collection of population and metapopulation
models for a wide variety of species. The chapters deal with many complexities of modeling the
life history characteristics of different species in various environments, and address a ...
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[PDF] from fs.fed.usTJ Turner, DF Tomback, B Van Anderson… - Notes, 2011 - fs.fed.us
Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) are well known for using conifer seeds as their principal
nutriment source. Seeds are primarily harvested from whitebark (Pinus albicaulis), piñon (P.
edulis), limber (P. flexilis), southwestern white (P. strobiformis), Jeffrey (P. jeffreyi), and ...
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[PDF] from oregonstate.eduTB Silberstein… - 2010 - cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu
... This publication covers these two topics relating to seed moisture: 1. The Role of Seed
Moisture in Grass Seed Harvest Systems. ... Figure 1. Field of tall fescue at swathing.
1. The Role of Seed Moisture in Grass Seed Harvest Systems ...
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L ZhongFu, M BenTian, C RuiXiang… - Guizhou Agricultural …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
The condition of seed-filling and abscission of Lolium multiflorum cv. Guicao 1 was studied during
30 days after its flowering from 2003 to 2005. Results showed that the relationship between
1000-seed weight, abscission rate and days after flowering accords with the logistic ...

[HTML] from oxfordjournals.orgGL Hoyle, KJ Steadman, MI Daws… - Annals of botany, 2008 - Annals Botany Co
... Seed harvest and storage. As seeds reached maturity, capsules changed from green to brown
and then dried and cracked open around the circumference. ... The seed harvest period ranged
from a total of 8–11 weeks in duration depending on the seed's maturation environment. ...
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R HUANP, F Fang, F Zhuang, H Kang… - Acta horticulturae, 2010 - actahort.org
... for seed production of bitter gourd in spring season. Moreover, seed harvest should
be scheduled in the early harvest stage to achieve large seed size. INTRODUCTION
Production of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) is ...
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[PDF] from soils.orgY Wang, C Mu, Y Hou… - Crop Sci, 2008 - soils.org
... High-quality seed is essential for establishing a good stand and producing high yield in any
cultivated crop. However, obtaining quality seed is the major problem in seed harvest. ...
2:176–177. Miyajima, D. 1997. Zinnia seed harvest time affects germination and plant growth. ...
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[PDF] from docsdrive.comI Demir, AM Ashirov… - Research Journal of Seed Science, 2010 - docsdrive.com
... under glasshouse. MATERIALS AMD METHODS Plant Husbandry and Seed Harvest
Plants were grown between February and July 2005 in spring and between August
2005 and February 2006 in autumn season. Seeds of ...
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[PDF] from usda.govBL Burson, CR Tischler… - 2009 - ddr.nal.usda.gov
... Since we were interested in determining the germination potential of recently harvested
seed, per- centage germination was determined within 1 or 2 wk fol- lowing seed harvest,
rather than waiting until seed were available from all entries. ...
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Z Shen - Seed, 2007 - en.cnki.com.cn
The tasseling peak of Setaria sphacelata cv.Narok was from the last ten days of July to the middle
ten days of August in Kunming city,but the tasseling duration is quite long.Most spikes started
flowering after 0-3 days of tasseling.The flowering peak was the 10 th to 15 th of flowering ...
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[PDF] from tubitak.gov.trA Simić, S Vučković, R Maletić… - Turk. J. Agric. …, 2009 - journals.tubitak.gov.tr
... Tetraflorum were harvested in the first production year after establishment. Italian
ryegrass was planted (20, 40, and 60 cm row spacing) each autumn (first to third
decade of October) prior to the preceding summer seed harvest. ...
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[PDF] from banglajol.infoA Khatun, MAH Bhuiyan… - Bangladesh Journal of …, 2010 - banglajol.info
... (Mahesha et al., 2001b). Early harvested seeds will be imma- ture and poorly development and
as such are poor storers compared to seed harvest at physiological maturity (Singh and Lachanna,
1995). At physiological maturity, seed shall have maximum viabil- ity and vigour. ...
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C SUN, Z DAI, Y PAN, Y PAN… - Acta Botanica Boreali …, 2011 - en.cnki.com.cn
Using the seeds of 'Dongsheng' cabbage as material,we investigated the percentage of shriveled
seed,thousand seed weight,germination and physiological and biochemical changes under
different harvest dates and drying temperatures and the seed moisture content under different ...

A Cristaudo, F Gresta, F Luciani… - Weed research, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
... DAH, days in storage after seed harvest. image. Experiment 1: Effect of constant temperatures
in continuous darkness on seed germination. ... 10, 10°C; 30, 30°C; L, in light; D, in dark; DAH,
days in storage after seed harvest. Vertical bars indicate SE. ...
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D LEE, VN OWENS, A BOE… - GCB Bioenergy, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
... 1). Harvest timing treatments included (i) anthesis (summer), (ii) biomass/seed production with
seed harvest at maturity and autumn biomass harvest to a stubble height of 10–15 cm (autumn),
and (iii) biomass/seed production with seed harvest at maturity and biomass harvest ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsĐ Karagić, S Katić, A Mikić, M Vujaković, D Milić… - Genetika, 2010 - doiserbia.nb.rs
... AS -0.38** 0.60** GAS ns ns, *, ** insignificant and significant at the 0.05 and 0.01 levels of
probability, respectively The increase of mechanical impact of seed harvest resulted in an almost
linear increase in the portion of atypical seedlings only in treatment G3. ...
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P Wang, DW Zhou… - Seed Science and …, 2006 - ingentaconnect.com
... Thus the criteria for indicating the correct time for seed harvest have interested many researchers,
using colour change of capsule (Miyajima, 1997), maturity stage (Lawrence, 1960), seed moisture
content (Garcia-Diaz and Steiner, 2000), growing degree-days (Berdahl and ...
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CAO Wen-liang, X Ceng-lin, FU Ai-bin… - Journal of Hunan …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... The starch content reduced after aging treatment,especially the seed harvest after 14 d; CAT
activity of the harvested seed in 13─17 d reduced most quickly; MDA content of the harvested
seed in 11─17 d had little difference,but that of the harvested seed was much higher in 8 ...
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O Alan… - Seed Science and Technology, 2008 - ingentaconnect.com
... crops (Gurusamy, 1999). The quality of seed produced depends on various factors
such as soil, climate, cultural practices and, more importantly, on seed harvest time
to obtain maximum seed quality (Delouche, 1980). In case ...
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G Kees - Native Plants Journal, 2006 - npj.uwpress.org
... Search NPJ Submit. Advanced ». Institution: Google Indexer. User Name Password
Sign In. Modifications Improve Seed Harvest with the Woodward Flail-Vac Seed
Stripper. Gary Kees. Abstract. Replacing the standard brush on ...
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[PDF] from tropicalgrasslands.asn.auC Phaikaew, P Pholsen, S Tudsri… - Tropical …, 2001 - tropicalgrasslands.asn.au
... Identifying suitable methods and timing of seed harvest are critical for optimising seed
yields of tropical grasses (Kowithayakorn and Phaikaew ... The intensive methods of seed
harvest (“Cover”, “Under” and “Shake”) were less vari- able. ...
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GM Bedane, ML Gupta… - Industrial Crops and Products, 2006 - Elsevier
... For grasses, the timing of seed harvest based on moisture content indicated that maximum seed
viability was achieved when moisture content was 46–65% (Hopkinson and Clifford, 1993). ...
Growing degree-days are commonly used for predicting optimum seed harvest maturity. ...
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[PDF] from hriresearch.orgJG Norcini, JH Aldrich… - Journal of Environmental …, 2006 - hriresearch.org
... Containers were hand weeded as necessary. Seed harvest. ... Moreover, the July–October seed
harvest for the two species were similar in that some plants did not produce the targeted number
of mature heads for evaluating seed ripening uniformity even after 13–14 weeks. ...
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P Martiniello - Grass and Forage Science, 1999 - Wiley Online Library
... The main agricultural practices adopted, including sowing rates, date of forage harvest, clover
seed harvest in pure stand and plant regrowth and weather condi- tions, during the years of
evaluation are reported in Table 1 and Figure 1. The experimental treatments comprised ...
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[PDF] from cornell.eduA DiTommaso, DC Brainard… - Canadian journal of …, 2005 - nrcresearchpress.com
... For personal use only. Page 3. field and a forest understory; (2) seed harvest date; and (3) seed
cold storage duration (0 and 18 weeks) on seed weight, germinability, degree of polyembryony,
and seedling vigour in V. rossicum from central New York State, USA. ...
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S Hongzhi… - Journal of Northeast Forestry University, 2004 - en.cnki.com.cn
Based on the investigation data for nearly ten years from the sample plots located in Honghuaerji
Forestry Bureau, the mechanism of cone production of Scotch pine in the sandy area was
analyzed. The criterion of full year, poor year and normal year of cone production was ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsM Pavlov, L Đukanović, M Milićević… - Časopis za procesnu …, 2006 - scindeks.nb.rs
... harvest to drying. The present study actually presents the effect of the duration of the
period from harvest to drying on seed quality. Key words: seed harvest, seed quality,
harvest organisation, harvest time. UVOD Jedan od najznacajnijih ...
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgAJ Sanhewe… - Journal of Experimental Botany, 1996 - Soc Experiment Biol
... 1). The fre- quency distribution of seed deaths in time (a of equation 1) did not differ significantly
among the samples harvested on different dates (/>>0.05); ie seed harvest date did not affect
the estimate of a, the common estimate being 21.3 d. Seed harvest date affected ...
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CJ Delpratt - Seeds: biology, development and ecology, 2007 - books.google.com
Page 60. 4 The Influence of Harvest Method on Seed Yield, Seed Size and
Germination Capacity of Bulbine bulbosa (R. Br.) Haw.(Liliaceae) CJ DELPRATT
Department of Resource Management, The University of Melbourne ...
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[PDF] from soils.orgCA Garcia-Diaz… - Crop Sci, 2000 - soils.org
... Shat- (Winch et al., 1985). A delay in the seed harvest time tered seed loss at harvest time
was the sum of shattered seeds ... and initial seed shattering had begun (Garcia-Diaz and losses
due to shattering before the time of seed harvest Steiner, 1999). ...
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[PDF] from tropicalgrasslands.asn.auMD Hare, K Wongpichet… - Tropical …, 1999 - tropicalgrasslands.asn.au
Hand knocking mature Paspalum atratum cv. Ubon seed from seed heads into bags every day
produced 230 kg/ha seed, more than twice the amount produced by threshing or sweating seed
heads. Heating seed at 40°C for either 72 or 240 hours significantly increased seed ...
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BJ Lee - Korean Journal of Crop Science, 2008 - agris.fao.org
... 1,000-seed weight increased according to seed harvest time from 25 DAF to 40 DAF when it
was 3.10 g. The germination ratios of seeds harvested at 4 times were not significantly different
when the seeds stored until August 1. In case of long period of CMV seeds stored, the ...
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[CITATION] Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Pinyon Pine in Northern New Mexico: Effects of the Pine Seed Harvest on Tree Regeneration and Biodiversity

CJ Sciarretta - 2006 - Antioch University New England

J Zdravković - Simpozijum iz selekcije i semenarstva Društva …, 2010 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Possibility of one-phase seed harvest of red beet (Beta vulgaris var. rubra ...

[PDF] from hriresearch.orgJG Norcini, JH Aldrich… - J. Environ. Hort, 2004 - hriresearch.org
... Overhead irrigation (pH 7.8) was applied at the rate of 9 mm (0.4 in) per day. Containers were
hand weeded as necessary. Seed harvest. Plants began flowering in early May. Seed were
harvested from the first eight mature seed heads on each plant from June 4 to 21. ...
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JJ Soroka… - Canadian journal of plant science, 2005 - pubs.aic.ca
... Reproductive tillers were categorized into those appearing normal with fertile seed heads
or those expressing silvertop. Just prior to seed harvest in mid-July of both years, the number
of healthy seed heads and those with sil- Can. J. Plant Sci. ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsN Đurić, S Obradović, M Martić… - … radova Instituta PKB …, 2008 - scindeks.nb.rs
Izvod: Osnovni preduslov za postizanje visokih i stabilnih prinosa pšenice (pa tako i PKB sorti
pšenice) je upotreba sortnog i kvalitetnog semena za setvu, uz primenu odgova- rajuće tj. optimalne
tehnologije gajenja. Činjenica je da i danas velika upotreba nekvalitet- nog i ...
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[CITATION] Effect of season of grass establishment, Harvest time, seed rate and row spacing on seed yield and quality of perennial grass species

T Berhanu, T Abate, B Mechalu… - ESAP …, 2005 - Ethiopian Society of Animal …
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A HAMIDI - SEED AND PLANT, 2005 - sid.ir
... and normal seedling number. These results suggest that the suitable seed harvest time
for hybrid maize SC704 was after seed physiological maturiy when seeds reached 30%
moisture contents. Keyword: MAIZE, SINGLE CROSS704 ...
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[PDF] from foragebeef.caNA Fairey… - Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 2001 - pubs.aic.ca
... rubra), Safari and Tomahawk tall fescue (F. arundinacea Schreber), and Midnight Kentucky
bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.). The PHM treatments were: straw removal after seed harvest plus
trimming prior to winter; a single propane burn; a double propane burn; power cultivation ...
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[PDF] from oxfordjournals.orgRH Ellis, TD Hong… - Annals of Botany, 1993 - Annals Botany Co
... subsequent investigation. Seed harvest Serial harvests of plants began 7 d after 50 %
anthesis and continued at 5 d intervals until well after the developmental stage when
the seed crop would have been harvested traditionally. Each ...
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[PDF] from hriresearch.orgJG Norcini, JH Aldrich… - Journal of Environmental …, 2002 - hriresearch.org
... 3, 1998 (blanketflower only). All other weeds were removed by hand as necessary. No other
pesticides were used. Seed harvest. Achenes of lanceleaf coreopsis sit loose at the end of the
flower stem and are easily dispersed by wind, rain, or slight vibration of the plant. ...
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M Di Candilo, P RANALLI… - Advances in horticultural science, 2003 - cat.inist.fr
To reduce the size of seed hemp plants, the effects of different delayed sowing dates (30
April, 31 May and 30 June) were investigated in 1999 and 2000 combined with chemical (Cycocel
and Ethrel) and mechanical (polling) treatments. The trials were carried out at Anzola ...
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A Kirilov, N Todorov… - … of the 12th Symposium of the …, 2003 - cabdirect.org
Since perennial ryegrass requires high nitrogen fertilisation when grown for seed, mineral nitrogen
residues (MNR) accumulate in the soil after the seed harvest. When the field is ploughed and
tilled, the MNR each into deeper soil profiles and contaminate the environment. ...

[PDF] from oregonstate.eduWC Young, GA Gingrich… - Agronomy …, 1998 - cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu
... Open-burn also resulted in the immediately after seed harvest had the same effect on fewest
weed seeds and the highest purity of the harvested seed. Treat- ... residue removed, emission of
pollutants from burning harvest. Previous research indicates that even in the ...
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[PDF] from ejhs.deI Demir… - Gartenbauwissenschaft, 2001 - ejhs.de
... Die Saatgutqualität nimmt bei früherem oder späterem Erntezeitpunkt ab. Introduction Two
main factors that affect seed quality in tomato are seed harvest time and seed extraction
method. Seed development studies in tomato showed that the maxi- ...
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[CITATION] Nitrogen and moisture inputs to seed crops of timothy (Phleum pratense L.). II. Split application of nitrogen in the seed harvest year

TS Aamlid - Journal of Applied Seed Production, 1997
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[CITATION] AGRONOMY SECTION-Forage-Effect of post-harvest management on seed production of creeping red fescue, tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass in the …

NA Fairey, LP Lefkovitch - Canadian …, 2001 - Ottawa, Agricultural Institute of …

J Kowalczuk - Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio …, 2001 - agris.fao.org
... Sectio E Agricultura. ISSN, 0365-1118. Vol. No. v. 56 p. 229-235. Abstract (English), The paper
presents the results of a studies concerning the quality of seed harvest of three new Polish
soybean cultivars (Progres, Aldana and Mazowia) using a harvester Z2056 Bizon Super. ...

[PDF] from nb.rsM Savić, K Milošević, R Protić… - Zbornik naučnih radova …, 2000 - scindeks.nb.rs
U borbi za opstanak: covecanstva u prostoru i vremenu uvek se okretalo prirodi, i to onom njenom
delu od kojeg je najvise zavisilo, a to je hrane. Iz tih razloga poljoprivredna proizvodnja, a specijalno
stvaranje novih genotipova i proizvodnja semena imaju izuzetan znacaj, jer se 95% ...
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[CITATION] Rate, timing and split application of glyphosate to control plants of Poa pratensis L. and Festuca rubra L. after seed harvest

PK Jensen - Journal of Applied Seed Production, 1999 - unknown

MH Entz, SR Smith Jr, DJ Cattani… - Canadian journal of plant …, 1994 - pubs.aic.ca
... TS. After the tillers had been counted, and immedi- ately prior to seed harvest of
the remainder of the plot, the plant material within the intensively sampled areas
was cut with a hand sickle, dried at75'C for 72h, then weighed. ...
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D Miyajima - HortScience, 1997 - cat.inist.fr
Seeds of 'Kumamotonokagayaki' (Kk),'Goldenball' (Gb), and 'Purple Gem' (PG) (Zinnia violacea
Cav.) were harvested at various stages of maturity and subsequent seed and plant performance
were evaluated. The largest increase in ovule or embryo length and width occurred from ...
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RS Kalmbacher, FG Martin… - Soil and Crop Science …, 1995 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, US9615296. Titles, Effect of rest period length prior to atra
paspalum seed harvest. Personal Authors, Kalmbacher, RS (University of Florida, Ona,
FL.),Martin, FG,Kretschmer, AE. Publication Date, (1995). AGRIS Subj. Cat. ...
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[CITATION] 8.1 SEED HARVEST 8.1. 1 Introduction Not all the seed that is produced can be harvested (Lorenzetti. 1993), because of the range of seed ripeness, the …

U Simon, MD Hare, B Kjaersgaard… - Forage seed …, 1997 - CAB International
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[CITATION] Seed moisture content as a determining factor of seed harvest time of Snap bean Cv. 4F-89

I Demir, R Yanmaz… - Turkish. Bahce Dergisi, 1994
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[CITATION] Effects of irrigation and harvest management on herbage and seed production of winter annual forage crops in a Mediterranean environment

P Martiniello - … of the 16th General Meeting of the …, 1996 - European Grassland Federation

M Konnert… - Beitraege fuer Forstwirtschaft und …, 1999 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, DE2000T20030. Titles, Genetic structures of a seed harvest -
factors and possibilities for the influence. Original title, Genetische Strukturen einer Saatgutpartie -
Einflussfaktoren und Einflussmoeglichkeiten. Personal Authors, Konnert, M.,Behm, A. ...

[CITATION] Indices for proper stage of seed harvest in relation to seed quality in soybean

RS Dighe, VR Zade, NG Zode… - ANNALS OF …, 1995 - PUBLICATION OF FORUM FOR …
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[PDF] from oregonstate.eduDD Coats, WC Young III… - Agronomy abstracts. ASA. …, 1994 - oregonstate.edu
... the two methods. He also showed that the more complete the residue removal, the
better the chance for increased yields at the following seed harvest. Canode and
Law (1977) concurred with these findings. Their data showed ...
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[HTML] from google.comMD Hare - New Zealand journal of agricultural research, 1993 - books.google.com
... Grasslands Private Bag 11008 Palmerston North, New Zealand Abstract Three post-harvest
management sys- tems, burning, grazing, and straw removal, imposed on the stubble of tall fescue
(Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) immediately following seed harvest produced similar ...
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M Liesebach, BR Stephan… - … fuer Forst-und …, 1993 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, DE93T2610. Titles, [From the forest seed harvest to plantation -
the area regulated by law in Germany]. Personal Authors, Liesebach, M. (
Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Forst- und Holzwirtschaft, Grosshansdorf (Germany). Inst. ...

GV Stoetzer - Forst und Technik (Germany), 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, DE97T2859. Titles, [Seed harvest above the forests].
Personal Authors, Stoetzer, GV (Firma Stoetzer u. Sohn, Herrenburg (Germany)).
Publication Date, (1996). AGRIS Subj. Cat. Forestry production. ...

BS Rosso… - … Herbage Seed Conference. 3. 1995 06 18- …, 1995 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... FPR, EEA Pergamino. Aut. Analit.: Rosso, Beatriz Susana; Bertín, Oscar Darío. Tít. Analit.:
Determination of optimun time for seed harvest of phalaris [Phalaris aquatica L.]. Corporativo :
German Agricultural Society. [Alemania]. DE. International Herbage Seed Production. ...

OD Bertín… - … Herbage Seed Conference. 3. 1995 06 18- …, 1995 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... Localización. FPR, EEA Pergamino. Aut. Analit.: Bertín, Oscar Darío; Rosso, Beatriz Susana.
Tít. Analit.: Determination of optimun time for seed harvest of tall fescue [Festuca arundinacea
Schreb.]. Corporativo : German Agricultural Society. [Alemania]. DE. ...


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