مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی - potato seed production

مرجع جامع گیاهان زراعی

TS Roy, T Nishizawa… - Asian J. Plant Sci, 2008 - en.scientificcommons.org
A field experiment was carried out to evaluate True Potato Seed (TPS) production and its relative
economic return as influenced by supplemental nitrogen (N) at a range of 0-250 kg ha-1 and
planting density at a range of 8-16 haulms m-2 in potato mother plants (Solanum ...
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[PDF] from sciencepub.netA Badoni… - Report and Opinion, 2009 - sciencepub.net
... techniques. Potato seed production programmes in many countries have been boosted
by using these techniques. In recent years the first multiplication steps in seed
production programmes are speeded up by using in Page 13. ...
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TS Roy, T Nishizawa… - Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 2007 - doaj.org
Three levels of nitrogen (0, 225 and 300 kg N ha -1 ) and 4 levels of potassium (0, 125, 175 and
225 kg K ha -1 ) fertilizers were applied to potato mother plants (MF-II) for the production of high
quality True Potato Seed (TPS). The effect of N and K application on the quality of TPS ...
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ES Hegazy - Agro-Food Co. Ltd., Egypt, 2009 -
... 5. Taking into consideration distance between different varieties of seeds potato (5 meters or
physical barriers) and distance between potato seed production and commercial production
should be as follows: 1000 m from north and west Side 500 m from South and East side ...
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TS Roy, T Nishizawa… - Journal of Agronomy, 2007 - doaj.org
The combined effects of different levels of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers on flowering and
yield components of True Potato Seed (TPS) were investigated using crosses of ♀MF-II and
♂TPS-67. Twelve combinations of 3 N (0, 225 and 300 kg ha -1 , respectively) and 4 K (0, ...
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[DOC] from orgprints.orgI Skrabule… - 2006 - orgprints.org
The regulation about using only organically grown seed material for organic crop production
has been enacted in Latvia since January 1 st , 2006. Unfortunately seed producers are not able
to supply demand yet. The seed growing in organic conditions is more complicated as in ...
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C Chatot, JY Abgrall, R Roudaut… - … Internationale sur les …, 2006 - cabdirect.org
... This subscription does not give access to all CABI Full Text products, please read the CABI Instant
Access FAQs for more information. Buy Instant Access ». Title Integrated potato late blight
management: large scale use of DSS-MilPV in potato seed production in Brittany. ...

[PDF] from tarlabitkileridernegi.orgG ÖZTÜRK… - Turkish Journal of Field Crops, 2010 - tarlabitkileridernegi.org
Page 1. 141 Turkish Journal of Field Crops, 2010, 15(2): 141-147 A COMPARISON
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[PDF] from usamv.roA NISTOR, N CHIRU… - New researches in …, 2009 - biotehnologii.usamv.ro
... and col., 1998). In vitro propagated potato plantlets are commonly used in potato
seed production programmes for production of in vitro tubers, greenhouse production
of minitubers, or field planting. The routine multiplication ...
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I Skrabule - Latvian journal of agronomy, 2008 - agris.fao.org
The application of mineral fertilisers and pesticides is not allowed in organic farming. The exploitation
of some crop management methods were evaluated in potato seed production. The choice of
the potato variety that is able to use the nutrition from soil effectively and is resistant to ...
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卢学兰, 谢开云, 梁南山, 何卫… - 种子, 2010 - scholar.ilib.cn
找不到?搜一下! 首页 > 学术期刊: 种子SEED 四川省马铃薯生产与种薯需求分析Analysis on Potato
Seed Production and Requiremnt of Sichuan Province. 添加收藏. 四川省马铃薯生产与种薯需求分析
Analysis on Potato Seed Production and Requiremnt of Sichuan Province. ...

GS Backian… - Philippine Journal of Crop Science, 2007 - agris.fao.org
The study documented farmers' experiences and innovations in producing potato seed tubers
using rooted stem cuttings and generation zero tuberlets as planting materials. Information was
gathered from ten case studies based on qualifications as seed grower, seed buyer, and ...
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In this study the effects of irrigation method, variety, and planting date on the production of true
potato seed (TPS) were investigated in Golgeh Rokh Agricultural Station in Khorasan Province
. Statistical design was a strip split plot with three replications. The irrigation methods ...
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BF Tatoy, FN Abragan, AS Tumapon… - Philippine Journal of …, 2005 - agris.fao.org
A farmer-managed research that aimed to generate appropriate field bulking technologies using
minitubers for potato production was conducted at Miarayon, Talakag, Bukidnon
[Philippines]. Through this research, a potato seed system through field bulking using ...
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G Ravichandran, N Natarajan… - 2005 - indianjournals.com
Investigations were carried out during Summer 2003 and 2004 at Muthorai on sandy loam soils
in RBD with six treatments (P1 : Seed tuber soaking in panchakavya (3%) + spraying panchakavya
(3%) at 8 days interval, P2 : Seed tuber soaking in panchakavya (3%) + spraying ...

[PDF] from acss.wsWW WAGOIRE, R KAKUHENZIRE… - African Crop Science …, 2005 - acss.ws
... African Potato Association Conference Proceedings 5, 83 - 89. Sikka, LC, Ewell, PT
& Alacho, F. 1997. Potato seed production in developing countries: a Uganda experience.
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings 3, 121 - 129. ...
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PS Naik… - Potato Journal, 2003 - indianjournals.com
In a vegetatively propagated crop like potato, use of healthy seed is the most important component
for harnessing maximum benefits. The seed requirement for potato crop is very high due to high
seed rate (3–4 t/ha). With continuous increase in the area under potato cultivation and ...
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[PDF] from wur.nlS GUTMANN - PPO-Special Report no. 10, 2004 - library.wur.nl
... Fungicides treatments against potato late blight must be done when environmental
conditions reach risk points and only so. The follow-up of such activities is described
for three consecutive potato seed production cycles in Brittany. ...
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[HTML] from google.comME Tapia - Challenges and opportunities for organic agriculture …, 2004 - books.google.com
Organic potato seed production in the Andes: from traditional knowledge to modern practice
Mario E. Tapia Slow Food, ANPE, Peru Email: mariotapia@ amauta. rep. net. pe Introduction
Potato is considered one of the most valuable food for humankind. Its economical ...
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J Gopal, V Kumar… - Potato Journal, 2004 - indianjournals.com
The possibilities of developing short duration True Potato Seed (TPS) families vis-à-vis potential
of their parents to produce TPS were examined by evaluating a number of cultivated potato clones
over years for characters relevant to this aspect. Results showed that out of early foliage ...
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[HTML] from google.comF Trehorel, DA Bernard Lejeune… - … and opportunities for …, 2004 - books.google.com
... FNPPPT). It aims at assessing the feasibility and the critical points of an organic
potato seed production scheme by defining the relevant environmental conditions
and varietal traits and by studying the effects of seed origins. ...

MD Upadhya, R Cabello, R Falcón… - … : Potatoes, Healthy Food …, 2002 - actahort.org
... Page 4. 374 Association Triennial Conference, CIP, Lima, Peru. Upadhya, MD, Thakur, KC, Juneja,
A. and Kadian, MS 1984. True potato seed production: Flowering, quality and economics. In:
Report of the 28 th Planning Conference, International Potato Center, Lima, Peru. ...
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S Singh - Indian Horticulture, 2003 - agris.fao.org
To fill up wide gap between demand and supply of healthy seed lies in technology of production
of "Home Grown Seed" by farmers to make the country self-sufficient in seed requirement.
Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and parts of Madhya Pradesh in plains, and high ...
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[PDF] from psu.eduC CHATOT, S GUTMANN, L LEFEVRE… - PPO-Special Report no. …, 2003 - Citeseer
... accurate monitoring. PPO-Special Report no. 9 (2003), 39-46 Page 40. 40 Keywords:
Monitoring, late blight, potato seed production, field validation. Introduction French
potato crops cover annually 170 000 ha. Major production ...
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I Ahmad, IA Khan… - XXVI International Horticultural …, 2002 - actahort.org
... The depth of planting did not affect yield significantly. The planting depth and subsequent
earthing-up are important agronomic practices in potato seed production/multiplication. The initial
depth of planting influences the rate of emergence by the germinating tubers. ...
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J Gopal, V Kumar… - Potato Journal, 2001 - indianjournals.com
Thirty-one early bulking tuberosum accessions as females and 8 accessions as males were
evaluated for their suitability in TPS production at CPRS, Kufri (HP). On the basis of % pollination
success, number of seeds/berry, number of seeds/flower pollinated, average berry wt. ...
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F Khan, MA Ansari, MA Wahid… - Sarhad Journal of …, 2002 - agris.fao.org
Improved seed of potato variety Desiree from Punjab Seed Corporation, Sahiwal produced during
Autumn-1992 was planted in seed plots during summer- 1993. The produce was stored in pits
and mud houses (under factorial experiment ie considering the years as replication group ...

K Zarzynska - Fragmenta Agronomica, 2002 - agris.fao.org
... Dela Cruz, AA (Southeast Asian Program for P ... (May 1996) in English. -, Farmers'
potato seed production management practices in utilizing rooted stem cuttings and
tuberlets by Backian, GS; Gayao, BT (Jun 2007) in English. ...

N Šuljaga - Sjemenarstvo, 2005 - hrcak.srce.hr
Sažetak Institute for Potato Stara Sušica was founded in year 1984, encouraged by prof. dr.
sc. Marko Mohaček. Institute for Potato Stara Sušica was a part of Bc Institute and Faculty of Agriculture
Zagreb and now we are independent company. Through 55 years we were working on ...
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A Sebastiano, D Carputo, F Consiglio… - Journal of Genetics & …, 2001 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, IT2002062645. Titles, FDR and FDR + SDR 2n pollen
for true potato seed production [Solanum tuberosum L. - First Division Restitution -
Second Division Restitution]. Original title, Polline 2n FDR ...

IP Chaubey… - Potato Journal, 2001 - indianjournals.com
[ij] [ij] [ij]. Users online: 644, Email id Password. Journal Home. Current Issue.
Archive. TOC. Prev Article. Next Article. Registration.
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D Njualem, P Demo… - African Potato Association …, 2000 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... 1 / 1 Seleccione referencia / Select reference. Serie : African Potato Association Conference
Proceedings [Uganda]. Título : Past and current status of potato seed production systems in
Cameroon. Autor : Njualem, D.. Demo, P.. Koi, JT. Deffo, V.. P. imprenta : 2000: 5 : 113-117. ...
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N Mawlah, S Saumtally - African Potato Association Conference …, 2000 - orton.catie.ac.cr
... 1 / 1 Seleccione referencia / Select reference. Serie : African Potato Association Conference
Proceedings [Uganda] . Título : Effect of interrupting the growth cycle on potato seed production
in variety spunta. Autor : Mawlah, N.. Saumtally, S.. P. imprenta : 2000: 5 : 163-166. ...
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[PDF] from srce.hrG MORAR, S VÂTCĂ… - Journal of Central European …, 2003 - hrcak.srce.hr
... The results of researches was demonstrated that potato seed production can be obtained in the
same quality with those produced into the seed traditional areals, when specific elements of
classical technology are respected, as they are: in field isolation, early picking up and ...
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MI OLTEAN - Journal of Central European Agriculture, 2003 - hrcak.srce.hr
... The results of researches was demonstrated that potato seed production can be obtained in the
same quality with those produced into the seed traditional areals, when specific elements of
classical technology are respected, as they are: in field isolation, early picking up and ...
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D Milosevic - 2000 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, YU2002000156. Titles, [Potato seed production in
Yugoslavia at the end of the second millennium]. Original title, Semenarstvo krompira
u Jugoslaviji na kraju drugog milenijuma. Personal Authors, ...

FN Ezeta - Revista Latinoamericana de la Papa, 2000 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Revista Latinoamericana de la Papa (2000/2001). Potato seed
production in Latin America. Ezeta, FN(Representante Regional para Latinoamérica
y el Caribe). Record number, CO2007U00001. Title (Spanish ...
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