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PH González, P Colnago, S Peluffo… - European journal of …, 2011 - Springer
Abstract Onion downy mildew (Dm) symptoms and damage on seed production fields in southern
Uru- guay were quantified during two seasons as the progress of incidence, severity, and as
the effect of the level of seed-stalks infections on seed yield and quality. In addition, the ...
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[PDF] from ajol.infoM Anisuzzaman, M Ashrafuzzaman… - African Journal of …, 2010 - ajol.info
... A lot of work has been conducted on onion bulb pro- duction but a little information is
available on onion seed production. ... was the more suitable than other two. Mulching
materials also varied in their effectiveness on onion seed production. ...
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[PDF] from fspublishers.orgM Ashrafuzzaman, MN Millat, MR Ismail… - … Journal of Agriculture …, 2009 - fspublishers.org
To cite this paper: Ashrafuzzaman, M., M. Nasrul Millat, M. Razi Ismail, MK Uddin, SM Shahidullah
and S. Meon, 2009. Paclobutrazol and bulb size effect on onion seed production. Int. J.
Agric. Biol., 11: 245–250 ... Paclobutrazol and Bulb Size Effect on Onion Seed Production
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SK Bae - 2008 AHC, 111~ 111 쪽 (총 1 쪽), 2008 - dbpia.co.kr
학술논문 검색, 학술 데이터베이스, 전자저널, 학술대회자료,
단행본, 전문잡지, 논문, 학술논문, 학위논문.

[PDF] from aensionline.comMK Ali, MN Alam, MS Islam, MK Islam… - Research Journal of …, 2008 - aensionline.com
... 2 Abstract: The present study was conducted by the problem of onion seed production in
Bangladesh and similar regions where seed production is possible only in short cool winter period
afterward rapid increase of temperature as well as early shower adversely affected the ...
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I Robène‐Soustrade, B Hostachy… - Plant …, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
... plants (Allium cepa) in Réunion Island. In 2004, a total of 84 leaf samples with
symptoms were collected from two fields: one used for onion seed production and
one for onion bulb production. Samples were screened for the ...
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[PDF] from aensionline.comMK Ali, MF Alam, MN Alam, MS Islam… - J. Appl. Sci. Res, 2007 - aensionline.com
... The split application of three and four time of nitrogen were more effective of plant
height, leaf number, tillers, length of scape, formation of scape, days to blooming and
seed maturity which was favorable to onion seed production. ...
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L Humeau, P Roumagnac, Y Picard… - …, 2006 - Am Phytopath Society
Page 1. Vol. 96, No. 12, 2006 1345 Bacteriology Quantitative and Molecular Epidemiology
of Bacterial Blight of Onion in Seed Production Fields L. Humeau, P. Roumagnac, Y. Picard,
I. Robène-Soustrade, F. Chiroleu, L. Gagnevin, and O. Pruvost ...
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C Sadowski, L Lenc… - Journal of Research and …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
The objective of the research was to determine the efficiency of biopreparations (Biosept 33
SL, Biochikol 020 PC, Bioczos BR) in the prevention of the occurrence of downy mildew of onion
(Peronospora destructor) and health of harvested seeds. Field experiment, in 4 ...

[PDF] from sljol.infoHVC Hewavitharane, J Weerahewa… - Tropical Agricultural …, 2011 - sljol.info
ABSTRACT. Unavailability of good quality seeds of recommended big onion varieties is a major
constraint for increasing the productivity of big onion cultivation in Sri Lanka. The purpose of
this study was to investigate the financial feasibility of big onion production using ...
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P CS - National Conference on Production of quality seeds …, 2010 - erepo.iihr.ernet.in
DSpace. ...
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[HTML] from scielo.brAPD Rodrigues, CFB Piana, ST Peske… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2007 - SciELO Brasil
O presente trabalho teve como objetivo fazer um estudo nos sistemas de produção de semente
de cebola convencional e agroecológico. Foram acompanhadas três propriedades nos municípios
de Candiota e Hulha Negra, RS, de produção agroecológicas e duas convencionais, ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsZ Ilić, L Šunić, L Milenković… - Selekcija i …, 2006 - scindeks.nb.rs
VOL. XII, No. 3-4 (2006), STR. 65-72, NOVI SAD UDK: 631.53: 635.25 UTICAJ
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C Anchala, A Deressa… - … of the Crop Science Society of …, 2006 - agris.fao.org
Onion (Allium cepa L.) is one of the most important vegetable crops in Ethiopia. It is used almost
daily as a spice and vegetable in the local dish regardless of religion, ethnicity and culture. It
also plays a significant role as import substitution and hence generates foreign currency ...

[HTML] from hec.gov.pkMS Jilani - 2004 - eprints.hec.gov.pk
... Chapter-12 deals with the effect of bulb sizes viz. small (2.5-3.5 cm) medium (3.5-4.5 cm) and
large (<4.5 cm) on bulb sprouting morphological and reproductive growth parameters and seed
production of different cultivars of onion. ... 2.6, Seed Production, 34. ...
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Y Banu - 2005 - doaj.org
... These results approved that utilization of honeybees on onion seed production would effectively
increase the seed quality and quantity. Journal: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. Issn:
10288880. EIssn: 18125735. Year: 2005. Volume: 8. Issue: 1. pages/rec.No: 123-126. ...
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RKS Kushwaha, GN Singh… - Encyclopaedia Of …, 2005 - books.google.com
... per cent. Keeping in view the importance of onion seed production and marketing in increasing
vegetables export potential of India, an attempt has been made to examine the effect of size of
onion bulb on its seed production and quality in the context of export. ...

[PDF] from uaeu.ac.aeFH Al-Sahf - Emirates Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2002 - cfa.uaeu.ac.ae
... GA3. However, the effect of GA3 on onion seed production is attributed to the
increase in the number of inflorescences per plant, and/or syncronization of pistillate
and staminate patterns ( Corgan and Montano, 1975). Plant ...
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[HTML] from google.comR Voss, M Murray, K Bradford, K Mayberry… - 1999 - books.google.com
ONION SEED PRODUCTION IN CALIFORNIA 2 Bulbing occurs when the leaf bases swell to
form storage tissue. Bulbing is trig- gered by increasing day lengths during the first growing
season. Varieties adapted to California will initiate bulbing at day lengths from about 12 to ...
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CS Pathak - Hybrid seed production in vegetables: rationale …, 2000 - books.google.com
... This review deals with the floral characteristics, male sterility, production of hybrid onion and
method for onion seed production.(Article copies available for a fee from The Haworth Document
Delivery Service: 1-800-342-9678. E-mail address: getinfo (< ihaworthpressiiic. ...
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... inflorescences plant -1 . Using eight traits, based on Pseudo Hotelling's T 2 test and
cluster analysis, the genotypes were classified in three groups. Keyword: BULB SIZE,
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N Ali, MA Baloch… - Sarhad Journal of Agriculture ( …, 1998 - agris.fao.org
... Closest plaiting and larger bulbs are recommended. Hot and humid areas like Peshawar, however,
are not fit for onion seed production. Type, Summary. Availability, NARC (Pakistan). Availability
number, 2001000348. Serial Title, Sarhad Journal of Agriculture (Pakistan). ...
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HS Tacikayan - 3. Turkish National Horticulture Congress in Turkey, …, 1999 - agris.fao.org
3. Turkish National Horticulture Congress in Turkey, Celik, H.Halloran, N.Marasali, B.Demir,
I.Soylemezoglu, G.Demir, K.Ilbay, MEOktay, Y. (Ankara Univ., Faculty of Agriculture, Ankara
(Turkey). Div. of Horticulture).- Ankara (Turkey): Ankara University, Sep 1999.- ISBN ...

A Ruggeri… - … Symposium on Agrotechnics and Storage of …, 1994 - actahort.org
SOWING DATE AND GA3 IN ONION SEED PRODUCTION A.Ruggeri, F.Branca Istituto di Orticoltura
e Floricoltura Università di Catania Via Valdisavoia, 5 - 95123 Catania (Italy) Abstract The reproductive
performance of onion "seed to seed" crops was studied in the Mediterranean area at ...
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[CITATION] Onion seed production-a profitable crop enterprise today in West Bengal

BL Direct

RL Msika, JE Jackson… - I International Symposium on Edible …, 1994 - actahort.org
2.7. Irrigation This was by flooding and furrows were constructed across plots. 2.8. Trellising
Plants were trellised using eucalyptus poles and string such that at an advanced stage the trial
had 3 strands of string holding the plant at the base, centre and top. 2.9. Weeding, pest ...
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G Ayala, J Oscar, A Hernandez Livera… - 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, MX9700631. Titles, [Effect of fertilization in onion seed production.
II. Physiological quality and storage conditions]. Personal Authors, Ayala G, Oscar J.,Hernandez
Livera, Adrian,Estrada Gomez, Julio Arturo,Juarez de la C, Abraham. ...

G Ayala, J Oscar, JA Estrada Gomez… - 1996 - agris.fao.org
The NPK fertilization level effects were evaluated in 1993-94 in onion (Allium cepa cvs. Cojumatlan
and Red Burgundy) for seed yield and quality. With 153-37-14 combination was obtained the
highest yield (750 kg/ha); there were statistical differences for physical seed quality; but ...

AA Gamie - Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Egypt), 1996 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, EG1998002840. Titles, Effect of bulb size and plant density on
the onion seed production under upper Egypt conditions. Personal Authors, Gamie,
AA,Abd-El-Rehim (Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo (Egypt). Field Crops Research Inst.),Imam, MK. ...

JP Jaiswal… - LARC Working Paper, 1996 - agris.fao.org
... The objective of these experiments was to study the feasibility and potentiality of
cauliflower and onion seed production in LARC's RCA. AGRIS 2011 - FAO of the United
Nations. Loading... Loading 0... Loading 0... Loading 1... Loading...

PM Kimani, JLW Kariuki, R Peters… - … Symposium on Alliums …, 1993 - actahort.org
7-11°C induced flowering in some varieties. Cultivar variation has been observed in response
to storage temperatures. Sinnadurai (1970) reported a cultivar in Ghana which flowered satisfactorily
without low temperature treatments. In an extensive review of literature, Peters (1990) ...
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N Morales, J Vietinghoff, M Angeles Peres… - … of phytopathology and …, 1994 - agris.fao.org
Go to AGRIS search. Archives of phytopathology and plant protection (1994). Erwinia herbicola -
a new pathogen of the onion seed production (Allium cepa L.) in Cuba. ...
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OS Abu-Grab - Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research (Egypt), 1993 - agris.fao.org
AGRIS record. Record number, EG9501103. Titles, Irrigation and fertilization management
in onion seed production. Personal Authors, Abu-Grab, OS,Abd-El-Maksoud, HH,El-Batal,
MAA (Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo (Egypt). Field Crops Research Inst.).


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