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[PDF] from ason.org.npDSS Pokhrel - Agronomy Journal of Nepal (Agron JN), 2010 - ason.org.np
Agronomy Journal of Nepal,(Agron JN) Vol. 1: 2010 107 Community based maize seed production
in the hills and mountains of Nepal: A review D Sapkotaand S Pokhrel Crop Development
Directorate, Department of Agriculture, Nepal Abstract A review on the community based ...
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[PDF] from knust.edu.ghK Osei… - 2010 - dspace.knust.edu.gh
BSc. (Hons.) Agricultural Engineering, Kumasi A Thesis ...
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[PDF] from umn.eduM Bänziger - 2009 - ageconsearch.umn.edu
... Africa (ESA). Specific objectives of the study were to characterize maize seed
production organizations, and identify the bottlenecks hampering the efficient
production and deployment of maize seeds to farmers in ESA. The ...
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[PDF] from narc.org.npKR Joshi - Nepal Agricultural Research Journal, 2009 - narc.org.np
A Marketing Rural Rapid Appraisal Survey (MRRA) was conducted from 12-16 June 2002 in
Bhakimli (1725 masl), Myagdi district. Two factors namely gender (male and female) and wealth
category rich, medium and poor were considered in accessible area of Bhakimli. Semi- ...
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[PDF] from jica.go.jpE Habte, S Gebeyehu, K Tumsa… - Farmers' Access to Seed, 2011 - jica.go.jp
... Dawit Alemu, W Mwangai, Mandefro Nigussie and DJ Spelman. 2007. An Analysis of
Maize Seed Production and Distribution Systems in Ethiopia's Rift Valley. Research report
72, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Addis Ababa. ...
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A Tahirou, D Sanogo, A Langyintuo, SA Bamire… - 2009 - books.google.com
... Bottlenecks in getting new varieties to farmers in drought-prone, low potential areas 28 Figures
1. Maize seed production in selected countries in West Africa, 1997–2006 5 2. Hybrid seed
production in Nigeria And Ghana, 1997–2006 6 3. OPV maize seed production In selected ...
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[PDF] from soils.orgG Rühl, B Hommel, A Hüsken, K Mastel… - Crop Science, 2011 - soils.org
... In maize seed production, border rows of the male parent planted around the
seed–parental field are used as a barrier to foreign pollen influx and to enhance biologi-
cal isolation due to competing pollen supply (Ireland et al., 2006). ...
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[PDF] from iastate.eduK Wang, B Frame, X Xu, L Moeller, K Lamkey… - Maydica, 2009 - agron.iastate.edu
Page 1. ABSTRACT - Plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs) offer promise as efficient
and cost-effective products for the treatment of human and animal diseases. An
advantage of producing pharmaceuticals in maize is the large ...
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PW Wambugu, PW Mathenge, EO Auma… - Journal of New …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
... During the survey, late harvesting, heavy Striga infestation, use of local varieties,
and low soil fertility were identified as some of the constraints that farmers faced
in on-farm maize-seed production. On-station and on-farm trials ...
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L Jing-bao, F Zhi-yuan, X Hui-ling, H Yan-min… - Euphytica, 2011 - Springer
... Gupta et al. 2005; Rodo and Marcos 2003). In the maize seed production industry,
L. Jing-bao Á X. Shang-zhong College of Plant Science and Technology, Huazhong
Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, China F. Zhi-yuan ...
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GP Munkvold - Annual review of phytopathology, 2009 - annualreviews.org
... In maize, Stewart's wilt, caused by the bacterium Pantoea stewartii, is an important
quarantined pathogen that can be seed-transmitted. Therefore, it is important to minimize
the occurrence of the disease in maize seed production fields. ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsM Pavlov, Ž Videnović, Z Stanišić… - Časopis za procesnu …, 2009 - scindeks.nb.rs
... SUMMARY A modern technological process of the maize seed production is developed in Serbia. ...
Ključne reči: kukuruz, postrna setva, prinos, hibridni kukurz, ZPTC 209, ZPTC 260.
INTRODUCTION The maize seed production in Serbia has a 60-year long tra- dition. ...
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LC Marton - Acta Agronomica Hungarica, 2010 - akademiai.com
... improving the success of maize production. Martonvásár was the first to introduce hybrid
maize in Hungary and to elaborate field technologies and processing techniques for
hybrid maize seed production. These successes came at a ...
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[PDF] from ason.org.npDB Gurung, BR Pandey, SR Upadhyay… - Agronomy Journal of …, 2010 - ason.org.np
... 96-109 Gurung, DB, R Dhakal, U Achary and BB Pokhrel. 2007. Community based maize seed
production: A successful model for ensuring food security in the mid western hills of Nepal.
Proceedings of the 25th National Summer Crops Research Workshop, 2007, pp. 315-319. ...
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[PDF] from intsormil.orgP Hamukwala, G Tembo, D Larson… - 2010 - intsormil.org
by Priscilla Hamukwala* Department of Agricultural Economics ...
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[PDF] from unl.eduME Gray, TW Sappington, NJ Miller… - Annual review of …, 2009 - annualreviews.org
... Illinois (113). Pyrethroid repellancy also was suggested as a potential explanation
(57). Maize seed production fields are frequently treated with pyrethroids to prevent
corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) injury. Levine & Oloumi ...
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[PDF] from eiar.gov.etS Fukuda - Farmers' Access to Seed, 2011 - eiar.gov.et
... Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan Abstract The research is a case study based on experiences
of Ethio-Organic Seed Action, an NGO, MARC supported farmers based seed multiplication, and
Sasakawa Global 2000 supported farmers based hybrid maize seed production. ...
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[PDF] from sciencedomain.orgTB Ayinde, RA Omolehin… - American Journal of …, 2011 - sciencedomain.org
... Afr. J. Biotechnol., 2(10), 345-349. Oguntolu, OW (2005). Factors Affecting Participation of Out
growers In Certified Hybrid Maize Seed Production In Giwa Local Government Area. Unpublished
PGDFM Thesis; Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Russell, WA (1974). ...
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[PDF] from enveurope.comC Viljoen, L Chetty - Environmental Sciences Europe, 2011 - enveurope.com
... Eur J Agron 2007, 27:44-51. 29. Burris JS: Adventitious pollen intrusion into hybrid maize seed
production fields. Proceedings of 56th Annual Corn and Sorghum Research Conference 2001
American Seed Trade Association, Washington, DC; 2001. 30. ...
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J Hellin… - Journal of New Seeds, 2009 - Taylor & Francis
... Research efforts are also being directed to QPM and specialty maize, such as baby
corn, popcorn, and sweet corn. Maize Seed Production. A key factor in increased
maize productivity is access to seed of improved varieties. ...
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[PDF] from ifpri.infoDJ Spielman, D Kelemwork… - 2011 - essp.ifpri.info
... Having said this, seed production on irrigated land can mitigate this risk to some extent,
and much of ESE's maize seed production operations and subcontracted production
currently take place on irrigated land in the Awash River basin. ...
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A Vogler, M Wettstein-Bättig… - Agricultural and Forest …, 2009 - Elsevier
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T Berzy, T Janda, Z Hegyi… - Acta Agronomica Hungarica, 2010 - akademiai.com
... Hybrid maize seed production suffered enormous losses, with yields of only 0.2–0.3 t/ha in places,
which was only a fraction of the 1.0–1.2 t/ha average. The situation was further complicated by
poor stands and flowering abnormalities. Page 2. T. BERZY et al. ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsL Stefanović, M Simić… - Genetika, 2010 - doiserbia.nb.rs
... maize. As the consequence, weed suppression in maize seed production turned out
to be very difficult. ... 2000). The growth and development of maize inbreds are very important
in the maize seed production. Flowering of parental Page 3. ...
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T NIU, L TIAN, J LI… - Journal of Shanxi Agricultural …, 2010 - en.cnki.com.cn
... This study analyses the current situation and problems of Shanxi maize hybrid-seed making,finds
the causes and then puts forward the resolving means and strategy.It has great inportance
t;Current Situation and Treatment of Shanxi Maize Seed Production[J];JOURNAL OF ...
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[PDF] from embrapa.brC ANDREOLI, CC CARVALHO… - Revista Brasileira de …, 2010 - rbms.cnpms.embrapa.br
... approach, which can be used by breeders, seed companies, and official laboratories to monitor
purity seed quality in maize seed production. As observed in Figure 5 for the field sample at
3% of contamination, a less intense band of 1,600 bp was found. ...
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[PDF] from nb.rsČ Radenović, M Filipović, D Selaković, M Sečanski… - Genetika, 2009 - doiserbia.nb.rs
... the maize hybrid seed production, eagerness and enthusiasm of the overall research have not
been slowed down, but on the contrary it has been searched for new methods and more exact
approaches in order to complete and enrich breeding and the maize seed production. ...
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[PDF] from maydica.orgBS Vivek, J Crossa… - Maydica, 2009 - maydica.org
... Page 2. Due to an increasing interest in hybrid maize seed production among national agricultural
re- search programs and private seed companies in sub-Saharan Africa, CIMMYT-Zimbabwe has
been conducting various activities related to hybrid devel- opment. ...
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V Dragičević, M Simić… - Zaštita bilja, 2010 - scindeks.nb.rs
... Stefanovic, L., Simic, M., Rosulj, M., Vidakovic, MB, Vancetovic, J., Milivojevic, M., Misovic, M.,
Selakovic, DM, Hojka, ZM (2007) Problems in weed control in Serbian maize seed production. ...
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[PDF] from ugent.beY Devos, M Demont, K Dillen, D Reheul… - Agronomy for …, 2009 - Springer
Page 1. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 29 (2009) 11–30 cO INRA, EDP Sciences, 2008 DOI:
10.1051/agro:2008051 Review article Available online at: www.agronomy-journal.org for
Sustainable Development Coexistence of genetically modified (GM) and non-GM crops ...
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GI Slischuk, NE Kozhukhova… - Cytology and Genetics, 2011 - Springer
... CMS is widely used in maize seed production; therefore, biotechnological approaches, such
as studying molecular genetic polymorphisms of mito chondrion regions associated with CMS,
maize fertil ity restorer genes, and the development of DNA tech nologies for the selection ...
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[CITATION] Dynamics of infestation and losses of stored maize due to the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus Horn) and maize weevils (Sitophilus zeamais …

RH Makundi, NN Swila, RN Misangu… - … And Plant Protection, 2010 - Taylor & Francis
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[PDF] from idosi.orgT Vange… - World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2009 - idosi.org
Page 1. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 5 (6): 714-719, 2009 ISSN 1817-3047 ©
IDOSI Publications, 2009 Correspoding Author: T. Vange, Department of Plant Breeding
and Seed Science, University of Agriculture, Makurdi Nigeria 714 ...
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[CITATION] Genetic purity testing of maize seed using SSR markers

I Buhinicek, M Jukic, H Sarcevic, A Vragolovic… - XXIth International …, 2009
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GM Lueong - 2010 - books.google.com
Page 1. Glory Manambowoh Lueong Land as a Pre-Condition to Access the National
Maize Support Program in Cameroon A study of Exclusion in the North West Region
Page 2. Page 3. GRIN - Verlag für akademische Texte ...
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[PDF] from knust.edu.ghFK Boakye Osei - 2011 - dspace.knust.edu.gh
BSc. (Hons.) Agricultural Engineering, Kumasi A Thesis ...

[PDF] from jica.go.jpB Beshir - Farmers' Access to Seed, 2011 - jica.go.jp
... So, there is a need to ameliorate this situation by linking the two. In this respect, Farmer
Research Group in open pollinated maize seed production and dissemination in the
Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia is a point in case. Farmers ...
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[PDF] from rjas.roZ Hojka, I Đalović… - Research Journal of Agricultural Science, 2011 - rjas.ro
... The maize seed production is mainly performed on soils of higher quality. ... The application
of N fertilisers in the maize seed production represents an important cropping practice
as it significantly affects the yield level and certain seed traits. ...
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[PDF] from Kwena - 2010 -
Page 1. Recurrent Selection for Gray Leaf Spot (GLS) and Phaeosphaeria Leaf
Spot (PLS) Resistance in Four Maize Populations and Heterotic Classification of
Maize Germplasm from Western Kenya Philip Onyimbo Kwena ...
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IA Lobach - Kukuruza i Sorgo, 2009 - cabdirect.org
... The reasons for the high proportion of counterfeit maize seeds on the Russian market
are its high profitability for unfair sellers, the lack of systematic control of maize seed
production and degradation of this branch of agriculture in Russia. ...

M Szymanek - Journal of Research and Applications in Agricultural …, 2009 - cabdirect.org
The storage time and moisture content of some waste fractions (ie, chaff, cobs) during
maize seed production on its heat value were analysed. The heat value was
determined on fractions, which directly left the industrial plant ...
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[PDF] from eur.nlGM Lueong - 2009 - content.grin.com
Page 1. Glory Manambowoh Lueong Land as a Pre-Condition to Access the National Maize
Support Program in Cameroon A study of Exclusion in the North West Region Master Thesis
Dokument Nr. V154063 http://www.grin.com/ ISBN 978-3-640-67436-7 9 783640 674367 ...
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[HTML] from scielo.sa.crM Tadeo-Robledo, A Espinosa-Calderón… - agronomía …, 2010 - scielo.sa.cr
... 2006. Plant breeding and maize seed production at the Agricultural Engineering Department
of the National University of Mexico (UNAM)", in: Book of Poster Abstracts. International Plant
Breeding Symposium. ed. Sophie Higman, Mexico, City, 20-25 august, 2006. p. 118. ...
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